2013 Autumn Colors in Holmdel Park
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Many deer often seen in Holmdel Park
Some mallards cruising leisurely on the pond in Holmdel Park

Sometime a hawk will show up in the sky.
秋高氣爽,閒雲輕飄, 南歸秋雁, 長風萬里送秋雁,大雁在空中鳴叫,氣勢磅礴的遷徙
飛翔隊伍 ,群雁高飛南去, 流動風景線, 形成一幅野趣天成的優美畫面。

Raptors and geese migrate overhead in the autumn season.
平湖秋色, 意境非凡,散步湖邊,如入夢鄉。

It is a magical time of the year with gorgeous autumn foliage near the pond in Holmdel Park.
金黃  秋之韻。

Brilliant yellow and orange colors of autumn leaves.
漫步林間, 享受色彩繽紛的秋天的美景, 那份浪漫與寧静, 使人恍入世外桃源一般。
每到秋風起,紅葉如火焰般照亮半邊天,煞是撩人, 我們就忍不住想出去踏秋賞紅葉。

Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show of colors in Holmdel Park in New Jersey. Forest lights up with
color, the leaves burst into romantic flames of reds, oranges, yellows, gold and blended combinations. It is
nature and landscape photographer's dream. It is about seeing the change of seasons play out on nature's
grandest stages.
濃濃秋意,落葉滿地, 一層層柔軟厚實的紅葉織毯。

The falling leaves drift by the window. The autumn leaves of red and gold. I see your lips, the summer kisses.
The sun-burned hands I used to hold. Since you went away the days grow long.  And soon I'll hear old
winter's song.  But I miss you most of all my darling. When autumn leaves start to fall.  -- Autumn Leaves
湖邊多姿多彩的絢麗秋色, 五顏繽紛,倒映在平靜的湖面,湖光如鏡,如詩如畫,攝影

The tranquil pond in Holmdel Park showcasing a beautiful spectrum of autumn colors and reflections.
湖岸秋色, 夢鄉的黃金樹, 鮮明艷麗, 風光極美, 令人感到平靜與安寧。
秋葉泛黃,氣度醇美,色彩富麗, 金黃的艷色。

Brilliant hues of yellow and gold in Holmdel Park.
紅葉千姿百態, 美麗極了!

Spectacular bright red color of autumn leaves.
秋景如畫的湖邊風光,如彩虹般多采多姿, 完美的倒影,美得令人陶醉, 一場視覺的饗

Nature's gorgeous color displays in Holmdel Park.
落日為秋葉染上了金色, 黄昏戀曲,迷人色彩,鮮豔亮麗動人,多美的秋天啊!

The autumn leaves of red and gold.
一片深秋景色, 倒映湖面,視覺盛宴,富詩情畫意, 讓你由衷覺得是在欣賞一幅藝術
絢麗秋色, 迷人色彩, 風貌獨特。

The whole landscape comes aflame, a fantastic experience to remember.
湖邊秋色, 絢麗多姿,鮮明耀眼的深秋金黃色。
秋天濃豔紅葉, 紅艷似火, 人們追逐隨秋漸深之翩然紅影,夢幻紅葉絕境之美。

The splashiest show in nature.
深秋大草原,遍地綠草如茵, 景色令人心曠神怡。
一片深秋景色, 視覺盛宴
深秋時節,濃濃秋色, 待到紅葉濃時再聚首, 品茶觀紅葉敘舊。
鮮明耀眼的深秋金黃色浪漫與寧静, 嫵媚動人。
秋色高峰, 一片金黃, 引人無限的遐思。

Spectacular autumn golden leaves of lust forest in Holmdel Park.
自然豐盈的色彩,到處都是拍攝絕贊地點, 令人流連忘返。
散步湖邊,風光旖旎,清淳幽靜,風韻柔媚, 讓人享盡湖賓秋色!

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Location: Holmdel Park is located at the intersection of Longstreet Road and Roberts Road in Holmdel,
New Jersey, USA. The entrance gate is from Longstreet Road.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Holmdel Park

Map: Click here for detailed park map of Holmdel Park
豔陽高照, 秋正濃。

Crisp autumn weather and glorious foliage.
秋葉鮮紅, 最為顯眼,身置其中,如入夢鄉!
深秋時節, 夢幻紅葉, 絢麗的秋裝。

A spectacular display of radiating colors.
大藍鷺 張開了巨大的翅膀降落瞬間, 更見羽毛的美。

This great blue heron just flew in for landing.
大藍鷺在湖邊 的精彩表演,守株待魚,靜靜等待,聚精會神,鎖定目標, 快、狠、準 的

This great blue heron just caught a fish.
Vivid autumn leaves

Awash in autumn colors.
Forest lights up with colors over the large green lawn.