Spring Wildlife Activities in Holmdel Park
and Other Shore Locations in New Jersey
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天高雲淡,矯健的魚鷹,展翅飛翔英姿,不停地在湖上空中盤旋偵察。 威風無比。

Wow! A pair of ospreys (Fish Hawks) flying above the larger Lower Pond in Holmdel Park when I
came to do my walking exercise in the afternoon of April 20, 2013. I always come with my camera
because there are often interesting wildlife activities in Holmdel Park to see and to take pictures.

In the spring season of previous years, usually I see only one osprey at a time in Holmdel Park. But
this time, it is special, two ospreys show up simultaneously above the pond looking for fish to catch.
There were also several cormorants swimming on the Lower Pond and diving into the water to catch
fish from time to time.

Then one of the two ospreys landed and
perched high on a tall tree near the
smaller Upper Pond. The osprey seemed
to be looking down for a fish in the
Upper Pond from this high position.

This method is very similar to what bald
eagle usually does from a tall tree near a
lake or river. Usually, osprey hovers in
the air (like a helicopter) and looks down
for fish. It is unusual to see osprey uses
eagle's way for fishing.
This gave me an opportunity to zoom in for a closer view of the osprey perching on the tree.

Holmdel Park is located at 44 Longstreet Rd, Holmdel, New Jersey 07733, Phone: (732) 946-3758

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Holmdel Park
Zoom in even more for a close up view of the osprey on the tree. I am using my compact super-zoom
camera, Canon PowerShot SX50 IS, with 50X optical zoom.
屏息凝視著水面, 兩腿上的彎爪銳如銀鉤。

This view shows the powerful legs and the talons of the osprey.
A black bird also show up near the much bigger osprey.
風捲狂飚從天降,鷹來神速如疾風,以迅雷不及掩耳之勢,一個俯衝下來, 從湖面再騰

Then the osprey found a fish in the Upper Pond, took off from the tree branch, dived into the Upper Pond, and
came up with a big fish in its talon as shown in these two pictures.
公園裡湖邊 很多散步的人 和 釣魚的人 都看到了這場 魚鷹俯衝下水抓大魚的精彩表演,

I was standing on the hiking trail between the Upper Pond and the Lower Pond in Holmdel Park watching and
taking pictures of the osprey in action. There were several people fishing on the Lower Pond near me and
there were several other people doing walking exercise not too far from me. We all saw this osprey got a big
fish and we were all very excited and were talking about this interesting even.
忽然這隻鸕鶿冒出水面上,嘴裡含著一條鱒魚, 大家才了解是這一條魚上勾了,這隻鸕
鶿在水裡抓到這條鱒魚,鸕鶿把鱒魚 魚線 和魚竿 全部都拖入水裡。

During such excitement about the osprey and the big fish, one of the fishermen screamed saying his fishing
pole on the pond side was being pulled into the water. Wow! Some thing in the water was powerful enough
to pull his entire fishing pole into the water and disappeared into the water. Then, this cormorant emerged
from the water with a trout in its beak near all of us. We, then realized that the trout took the bait and got
hooked on the fishing line and this cormorant under the water got this trout and pulled the trout and the entire
fishing pole into the water.
一有魚 右邊又出現第二隻鸕鶿 可能是要來搶魚的,所以第一隻鸕鶿就向前衝想逃走。

Then there was another cormorant on the right edge of this picture chasing the first cormorant with fish,
probably trying to steal the fish from the first cormorant. The first cormorant with the fish lunged forward to
try to get away from the second cormorant behind. Notice again that there seemed to be a fish line on the
back of the neck of the first cormorant.

The second cormorant from behind was catching up and getting close to the first cormorant. So, the first
cormorant with fish dived into the water.

Then the second cormorant also dived into the water chasing the first cormorant under the water.
幾分鐘後,兩隻鸕鶿都冒出水面上, 可是兩隻鸕鶿都沒有魚, 我猜想在水裡那條魚就可

A few minutes later, the two cormorants re-emerged to the water surface. But neither cormorants had the fish
in their beaks. I guess that once under the water, the fish could struggle, fight and escape.
魚線 和魚竿,他們技術不錯 ,把水裡的魚線 和魚竿聯同那條鱒魚全部勾拉回來, 所以

Then, two other fishermen used their fishing poles to cast their fishing lines and hooks into the water to fish for
the lost fishing pole and the line of the first fisherman. They were successful and retrieved the fishing pole and
line and even the trout on hook back for the fist fisherman. So, the first fisherman was very happy to have his
fishing pole, fishing line and the trout back as shown in these two pictures.
公園裡湖邊連場精彩好戲,一場緊接一場, 我們散步的人和釣魚的人都看得很興奮很高

Several people, fishermen and I were all very happy seeing all these exciting events happening so fast one
after another between the two ponds in Holmdel Park.

我的照相機 (Canon PowerShot SX50 IS) 的運動模式 (Sport Mode ) 對焦速度非常快又

The Sport Mode with burst shooting of my camera is very good for taking all these action photos happening
very fast, one after another. This camera in Sport Mode focuses very fast and takes a burst of 10 pictures in
0.7 second.

Later on, an osprey show up again and was flying above the pond for a while.
Then the osprey landed and perched on another tree branch for a while.
Then it took off from the tree branch into the air for action again.
湖畔櫻花盛開, 倒映在平靜的湖面上,繽紛浪漫, 如詩如畫。

The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom in Holmdel Park in these couple weeks in the spring
season and were very beautiful, especially with reflection from the pond. This is viewed from the
hiking trail between the Lower Pond and the Upper Pond.
Zoom in for close up views of two varieties of beautiful cherry blossom in Holmdel Park.
Two days later when I came to Holmdel Park for walking exercise again, an osprey show up again in the sky
above the Lower Pond looking for fish to catch.

This time I turned on the movie mode of my camera to take a movie clip of this osprey in action over the Lower
Pond to catch fish as shown in the following YouTube movie at:


In its first dive into the Lower Pond, the osprey was not successful and did not get the fish. So, the osprey
took off into the air again, hovering in the air for a while looking for a fish, then dived into the Lower Pond
again. The second dive was successful and got a trout as shown in the following three frames extracted from
the movie clip:

Extracted three frames from the movie showing the osprey with a fish in its talon.
In addition to the osprey catching fish, I also saw this beautiful egret near the Upper Pond in Holmdel Park on
April 22, 2013. This egret seemed to be shading its long white feather which are scattered in bundles on the
An egret at the edge of the Lower Pond.
Two mallards were on the Upper Pond.
Then they walked from the Upper Pond across the hiking trail to the Lower Pond.
A green heron perching on a tree near the upper pond.
One of four ospreys in action at Cattus Island Park located at 1170 Cattus Island Blvd., Toms River, New
Jersey 08753. It is a peninsula in Jersey shore near Toms River and juts into Barnegat Bay. We came here
in the afternoon of April 8, 2013 for bird watching.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Cattus island Park
Two ospreys on the nest in the salt marsh wetland on Cattus Island Park on April 8, 2013.

From the main parking lot, we followed the main trail and reached the Cooper Environmental Center. But the
front door was locked and had a sign indicating that it was closed which was quite discouraging to us, the first
time visitors. However, we were lucky to meet a bird photographer there and he has lots of experience birding
in Cattus Island Park. He told us that the main hiking trail for bird watching is behind the building of Cooper
Environmental Center and there are trails on both sides of the building to reach the main hiking trail behind. So,
we followed him into the main hiking trail to enjoy bird watching and photography.
Another osprey nest in the salt marsh wetland in Cattus Island Park.
An egret looking for fish to catch on Cattus Island Park on April 8, 2013.

A kingfisher was also hovering in the air looking for fish to catch at Cattus Island Park.

The kingfisher found a fish and was diving from mid-air down into the water to catch fish. The
kingfisher is much smaller than the osprey, but its action is much faster than that of osprey.
翠鳥從水面再騰空飛起時, 嘴裡含著一條小魚。

The kingfisher in Cattus Island Park came back up in the air with a small fish in its beak, a success!

On May 5, 2013, I also saw kingfisher diving into Lower Pond to catch fish in Holmdel Park.

We went to Shark River Tidal Basin and estuary near Belmar, New Jersey for bird watching on the afternoon
of April 19. 2013 and saw many swans as viewed from the Maclearie Park. It is an 800-acre large body of

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Maclearie Park and Shark River Tidal Basin in
We were very happy to see loon, bufflehead and merganser on the Shark River Tidal Basin and estuary.

In this trip, we visited three areas on the southeast shore of Shark River Tidal Basin and estuary including
Shark River Island, Belmar Marina and Maclearie Park. In the future, we may visit the areas on the west
shore, north shore and Shark River Inlet/Channel plus jetties of Shark River Tidal Basin and estuary.
Beautiful cherry blossom in Holmdel Park on April 14, 2013.

More photos and stories of spring and summer wildlife activities in Holmdel Park are on my web pages at:






Notice that there seemed a fishing line on the back of this cormorant with a fish in its beak.

Both were underwater.
The red tailed hawk (紅尾鷹) also show up in Holmdel Park again. I saw the red tailed hawk previously on
April 9, 2013 perching high on a tree near the Lower Pond as shown near the end of my web page at:

One of four ospreys in the air over Cattus Island Park.

Map: Click here for detailed Park Map of Cattus Island Park
Two more views of the red tailed hawk soaring over Holmdel Park.

The male red-winged blackbird with its scarlet-and-yellow shoulder patches puff up is singing its songs that we
often hear in Holmdel Park. The recorded various kinds of song of red-winged blackbirds and their behavior
can be heard and seen at the following two YouTube websites:


(There are fishing lines tangled among these tree branches above the ponds in Holmdel Park.)

Many swallows are flying above the surface of the Lower Pond in Holmdel Park
Merganzer (秋沙鴨)。