More on Spring in Holmdel Park in New Jersey
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Blooming flowering trees near the Lower Pond in Holmdel Park in New Jersey, USA in spring time. In 2006 and
2008, I came to Holmdel Park in early April when the pink cherry blossom and yellow forsythia were in full
bloom. The photos of beautiful cherry blossom around the pond in Holmdel Park are on my Travelogue web
page at:


In 2009, I came to Holmdel Park in late April when cherry blossom and yellow forsythia had faded away while
many other kinds of flowering trees were blooming as shown on this new web page.
There are also many blooming beautiful flowering trees in the fenced-in David C. Shaw Arboretum near the
pond in Holmdel Park.

While I was enjoying these beautiful flowers in late spring of 2009, a big fish hawk (osprey, 魚鷹, 鹗) show up
and was hovering over the Lower Pond in Holmdel Park looking for fish to catch.

The hovering osprey was looking down into the pond searching for fish to catch as shown in these two photos.

The hovering osprey changed its hovering position over the pond several times in search for a fish

The osprey pulled in its wings and was continuing its dive from mid-air down into the pond.

After diving into the pond and catching a fish, the osprey took off from the pond and was carrying the fish in its
talons as shown in this photo.

A turtle was basking in the sun on the pond.
A Red-Winged Black Bird

Then the osprey found a fish and started to dive from mid-air with head down as shown on this photo
(side view of the osprey).

With the fish in its talons, the osprey was flapping its wings hard to gain height above the pond.

With the fish in its talons, the osprey was flying away from Holmdel Park to go back to its nest to feed its baby
ospreys. The spring season is a very busy season for the parent osprey to catch several fish every day to feed
its hungry and rapidly growing baby ospreys in the nest.

In 2007, we were near an osprey nest near the visitor center of the Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. At
first, we saw only two young ospreys in the nest flapping their wings, jumping up and down and chirping osprey
sound rapidly. We were wondering why these two ospreys were so excited on the nest. Then we saw the
mother osprey flying in carrying a fish and landed on the nest. Then, we realised that the two young ospreys
high on the nest must have seen their mother flying in with a fish at a distance before we, standing low on the
ground, could see the mother osprey coming. The young ospreys were so excited because good meal was
coming as shown on my Travelogue web page at:


In April 2008, I saw a different kind of fishing bird, cormorant, swimming on the Lower Pond and catching fish
from the pond in Holmdel Park as shown on my Travelogue web page at:

More flowers in Holmdel Park in late spring in 2009.
絲婀娜,搖曳生姿,自然瀟灑,極具風流,嫵媚動人, 春景特色。

The weeping willow over the Upper Pond in early spring of March 27, 2009.
陽光燦爛,望著這一大片金黃色充滿生機的迎春花,茂盛艷麗, 如璀

Forsythia on March 31, 2009.
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I am not sure about the identification of this duck seen in the smaller Upper Pond in Holmdel Park on March 30,
2013. (May be American Wigeon, in Eclipse Plumage. Most ducks shed their body feathers twice each year.
Nearly all drakes lose their bright plumage after mating, and for a few weeks resemble females. This hen-like
appearance is called the eclipse plumage.)
A cormorant in Holmdel Park on April 2, 2013.

Many deer (> 20) grazing on the lawn in the Activity Center off Longstreet Road at the northeast corner of
Holmdel Park, in Holmdel, New Jersey, USA at about 6 PM on April 4, 2013.

Map: Click here for detail park map of Holmdel Park and location of Activity Center at Northeast corner

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Holmdel Park
Wow! What a surprise to see so many deer in this secluded area of Holmdel Park at about 6 PM.

I was driving on the Longstreet Road and saw couple big birds flying in the sky. So, I pulled off the road and
parked my car at the entrance gate of the Activity Center hoping to get out of my car for better view of the big
birds (may be hawks). The entrance gate was closed and locked. Nobody else was in that Activity Center area
at about 6 PM. (The main gate of Holmdel Park closes at 8 PM, but the entrance gate at Activity Center
closes at 4 PM.)
Zoom in even more for closer look of some of the big herd of deer in Holmdel Park. (I am using my compact
super-zoom camera, Canon PowerShot SX50 IS, with 50X optical zoom. The price of such compact
super-zoom camera is about US$400.) In winter season, even larger herd of deer can often be seen in
Dorbrook Park Recreational Area in Colts Neck, New Jersey, USA as shown on my web page at:

When I was doing walking exercise on the large grass field (marked as  Start XC Races on Park Map) in
Holmdel Park in early spring in 2013, I saw lots of deer droppings all over places on the large grass field. But
we usually do not see those deer in the day time when there are many visitors. Those deer must be hiding in
the woods during the day time and come out to graze on the large grass field in the evening when all visitors
are gone.

I went to Holmdel Park again on April 7, 2013 at 7:30 PM to look for those deer. I saw a few grazing on the
lawn of Activity Center, more than 10 deer grazing on the grass field (marked as Finish XC Races on Park
Map) near the woods south of Activity Center and just south of Holmes-Hendrickson House, and more than 10
deer grazing on the field north of Activity Center and near the junction of Longstreet Road and Crawfords
Corner-Everett Road.
A heron wading at the edge of the Lower Pond in Holmdel Park looking for fish to catch on April 4, 2013.

When I got closer, the heron took off and was flying over the Lower Pond to a different location away from

The Sport Mode of my compact super-zoom camera is very fast to capture such action photos, and I
practiced well to match the speed of Sport Mode to be able to handle such action photo situation when it
happened suddenly as shown on my web page at:

Zoom in across the Lower Pond  for another view of the heron at the other side of the Lower Pond in
Holmdel Park. (Sometimes I find this heron hiding in the secluded small wetland north of the smaller Upper
Pond in Holmdel Park.)
More flowers in Holmdel Park in late spring of 2009.
Two pairs of ring-necked ducks in the Lower Pond in Holmdel Park on April 4, 2013.  They often dive and
disappear  into the water to eat something.
Zoom in on one of many black birds high on the tall trees near the smaller Upper Pond in Holmdel Park on April
4, 2013.

It is fascinating to watch and to listen to many black birds high on the tall trees near the smaller Upper Pond in
Holmdel Park on April 4, 2013. They are busily playing, chittering, warbling, whistling, and chatting
(presumably) with rich vocabulary and with some amazing vocalizations loudly signaling the arrival of spring
time. They are music to my ears.
More flowers in Holmdel Park in late spring in 2009.
水波隨風靜靜擺盪,一對鸕鶿嘻游滑行, 潛水功很棒,潛入水裡可以好幾分鐘才出水

A pair of cormorants on the Lower Pond on April 4, 2013.
Zoom in for a closer view of the ring-necked ducks.
Zoom in on the beautiful forsythia
A red tailed hawk perching high on the tall tree near the Lower Pond on April 9, 2011.
天上展翅的雄鷹, 沖霄高天去。

Sometime a red tailed hawk shows up in the sky over Holmdel Park.
Some more deer were seen on April 11, 2013 at about 5:30 Pm at the edge between the grass field and the
brush/woods. It is between the Lower Pond and Ranger Residence and south of Slade Slope.

Sometime one or more cormorants take off from the pond into the air over Holmdel Park.
A fisherman was pulling in a fish on hook.
Long Street Farm in Holmdel Park
Swallow on bird house/nest.