Late Spring in Holmdel Park
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A great blue heron just flew in and was landing at the edge of the Lower Pond in Holmdel Park in New Jersey
when I was doing walking exercise in the afternoon of May 22, 2013.

Zoom in for a close up view of the great blue heron.

After I walked around the Lower Pond and arrived at the trail area between the Lower Pond and the
Upper Pond, I saw the great blue heron caught a sun fish.

The great blue heron was preparing to swallow the sun fish.

The great blue heron was swallowing the sun fish.
吞嚥下整條魚, 美餐一頓。

With enlarged neck size, the great blue heron was swallowing down the sun fish.
迷人的池景泛著碧綠,翠池倒影,綠樹為堤,静悄悄,景致青碧秀麗, 四周有一條環池
步道在池旁蜿蜒,來此散步,可遊賞湖光水色,人間仙境,心搖神迷, 讓更多熱愛大自

On May 22, 2013, the charming pond in Holmdel Park is surrounded by lush and tranquil greenery and
towering trees with the sound of water flowing from the Upper Pond into the Lower Pond. If you love
taking walks through the forest, then you will love the lush greenery surrounding the pond to take in
all the beauty. This is the place where I come back to again and again. Simply lovely.
春神翩然來臨時,就是杜鵑花粉墨登場盛開的季節, 讓我們想念起台灣大學校園裡,椰
林大道的杜鹃花,夾道盛放,一片紅艷,開得既熱烈又絢麗, 爭芳鬥艷,嫵媚動人,把
開在小溪旁,多美麗啊!” 這是我們從小唱到大的歌曲。

The magnificent pink azalea in Holmdel Park was blooming in late spring.
花花綠綠, 爭相展妍,熱鬧滾滾。

The magnificent purple rhododendrons in Holmdel Park was also blooming.
欣賞水池中的魚群, 魚兒自在游弋,或悠然潛游,或縱身騰躍 ,漣漪搖弋 魚影浮。

On May 22, 2013, the air temperature was above 80 degree Fahrenheit. The hot temperature and the
increasing length of daylight time were stimulating many sun fish in both Lower Pond and Upper Pond in
Holmdel Park into their spawning frenzy such that we could see many busy sun fish in their spawning activities
in the pond similar to those more detailed photos and video near the end of my web page for May 26, 2011 at:

Garden benches create cozy meditative corner near the pond to sit and contemplate. Some people were
sitting under the shade near the pond and reading books, a romantic and memorable experience with Zen

Some people, including me, were doing walking exercise around the pond while some other people were
這邊人太多,所以大藍鷺要換地方了,呼拉一下騰空而起,展翅飛翔,絕塵而去, 誘得

However, there were too many people near the Lower Pond. So, the great blue heron took off and flew
to a more secluded area in the Upper Pond.
Several black vultures were riding the thermal updraft and were circling high above Holmdel Park.
Autumn foliage in Holmdel Park is spectacular as shown on my web page at:

Early Spring in Holmdel Park with Cherry Blossom is also very beautiful in a very different way as shown on my
web page at:

More photos and stories of wildlife activities in Holmdel Park can be seen on my web pages at:


Holmdel Park is located at 44 Longstreet Rd, Holmdel, New Jersey 07733, Phone: (732) 946-3758

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Holmdel Park

In the afternoon of May 26, 2013, I was very excited to see the very intelligent green heron at the Upper Pond
in Holmdel Park again.
A boy was fishing and caught a bass (or a trout?). His father helped him to un-hook the fish and then released
the fish back to the pond in Holmdel Park.
燕子秋去春回,春暖花開、柳枝發芽的時候, 它們又飛回原來。

There are many swallows flying in Holmdel Park.
燕子翅膀很長,尾巴像張開的剪刀,體態輕盈, 飛行速度快, 在空中捕食飛蟲的能手。

These swallows are small but fly very fast and change direction very fast to pursue a meal of flying
insects. It is quite a challenge to take good pictures of such fast and erratically flying swallows.
映入眼簾的一片綠意, 碧草如茵、步道兩側林蔭密佈,綠翡翠,大片清茂幽林,如夢,

A corner of green and beautiful Holmdel Park on May 27, 2013.
阿娜多姿地展現它的妖嬌嫵媚,絢爛晶瑩剔透,姿態優雅,看著此情此景, 十分誘人。

A romantic vision of nature's beauty.

More pictures of many fast and erratically flying swallows in Holmdel Park.
Another guy caught a sun fish. He un-hooked the fish and released the fish back to the pond.
波光嵐影、交映生姿,碧綠的湖水微波輕漾,有幾分悠遠與淡然,意境清幽, 風景秀

Beautiful and serene Lower Pond in Holmdel Park

More views of many swallows flying in Holmdel Park
質樸美感,春意盎然,景色秀麗, 如詩如畫, 讓身心與大自然融為一體, 真是可以刺激
詩人靈感的好去處, 引人駐足欣賞。

Charming open view in Holmdel Park. Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the
風和日麗,一幅屏屏翠色相偎的山水畫,景色淡然雅致,世外桃源, 夢幻仙境。
湖邊,陽光明媚,幽深秀麗,平靜的湖面光可鑑人, 那份浪漫與寧静, 大自然蘊藏了無

The nectar bearing, intensely fragrant white flower clusters of locust tree near the Upper Pond in Holmdel Park.

The two 100-foot tall locust trees bloom so profusely in late spring making the entire tree appear white near
the Upper Pond in Holmdel Park. They're beautiful and heavenly smelling, besides delicious. They come in
large clusters, and there are lots of them. An average full-sized locust tree produces a few hundred pounds of
flowers in late spring.
在這個槐花飄香的季節, 蝶形花冠,盛開時成簇狀,重疊懸垂,一串串潔白的槐花綴滿
花開花落,落英繽紛, 風舞槐花落滿池,花落池塘水生香。

The Upper Pond is practically all covered by the locust flowers.
湖邊紫花和花紅熱鬧登場相互爭豔,陽光下、微風裡,閃爍著、舞動著, 燦爛繽紛。

Abundance of romantic lakeside wild iris and other colorful flowers. The sweet scent of flowers play
in the air.
鶯啼燕語報新年, 燕子飛行時似一根剛離弦的箭,“嗖”地一聲發射出去,有時只能看見
張開翅膀保持平衡, 細長的脖子、修長的雙腿,具備了模特兒高挑體型的必備條件, 流
技術高明, 百發百中。
綠鷺很聰明,釣魚技巧跟漁夫一樣高超,會用麵包塊當作餌釣魚,請看這三個 YouTube

Green heron is very intelligent and knows how to use a piece of bread as bait to lure and to catch fish as
shown in the following three YouTube movies:

前有一方水池 ,清明如鏡可鑑,倒影正看,别有韵味,風景靈秀,讓人迷醉。

Wow! Fabulous! Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the tranquility in the colorful and lovely gardens in
Holmdel Park.
Celebration of beauty at its best .
姿,這時候的花香特別濃郁, 非常開心。
那兩塊紅,像黑武士配戴著紅色肩章, 神韻飛揚。

Two of many red winged black birds in Holmdel Park.
Some more beautiful views in Holmdel Park.
寧靜的湖泊, 心曠神怡,令我感到平靜與安寧, 讓人從靈魂深處生出浪漫情懷,靜靜地
享受大自然, 留連忘返。
平静的水面和完美的倒影,林木青翠,綠如翡翠,有著清秀自然的美, 靜觀湖景,凝思
遐想, 人間仙境


Zoom in for close up views of a red tailed hawk soaring high above Holmdel Park.
鷹的兇猛與雄偉, 嘴、眼與爪都無比鋒利, 堅毅剛強的性格,博大豪邁的精神風貌。
A newborn baby deer lying quietly on the open grass area in Holmdel Park on Tuesday afternoon, May 20, 2014
Another view of the Baby Deer.
Some swallows fly low over water surface, skim their bodies against the water surface making a splash, scoop
up water with open mouth, then rise quickly while shaking off water droplets. Some people say that the
swallows are taking a bath or catching insects on the water surface.
I took a movie of these swallows in action over the pond in Holmdel Park as shown in the following YouTube