Spring Flowers and Many Birds in
Quarry Lakes Area in San Francisco Bay Area
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紫荊花 花開的時候,滿樹滿枝都是花兒,佇立於綠油油的草地上,濃綠襯著紫紅,美麗

A spectacular spring-blooming of many Ace of Hearts Redbud trees in Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation
Area located at 2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA 94536 in the east side of San Francisco Bay Area.

We came here several times on April 8, 2019,  March 13 and June 14, 2020, March 22 and 23, 2021 to
enjoy walking exercise and watching many beautiful flowers and many kinds of birds in action. There are
several hiking trails around several lakes in Quarry Lakes area.
One of many Ace Of Hearts Redbud trees blooming beautifully along the street in Fremont.

One of many Ace Of Hearts Redbud trees blooming beautifully on the street in Fremont.

California poppies blooming beautifully at the entrance gate of Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area.

There were lots of rain in California in last few months from the winter of 2018 continued into the spring of
2019. As a result, there are spectacular  "Super Blooms" of wildflowers over huge areas in several places in
southern California.

Such spectacular spring Super Blooms have been attracting huge crowds of nature and flower lovers to
those areas such as Lake Elsinore and Walker Canyon near Interstate Highway 15 and about 70 miles
southeast of Los Angeles,
Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve near Lancaster, Carrizo Plain National
Monument, etc. as shown in
here,  here, here , here, here,  here, and here.

In addition to the Super Blooms of huge areas of California poppies in southern California, San Francisco
Bay Area also has its share of large area of blooming beautiful California poppies in Coyote Hills Regional
Park as shown on my web page at:


Furthermore, we also get our share of spring flowers blooming beautifully in San Francisco Bay area as
shown by some more samples on this website.

Zoom in for close up view of Ace Of Hearts Redbud.
春暖花開的日子,粉紅色的紫荊花怒放,花園內萬紫千紅, 繁花滿樹,春色滿園, 別有
紫荊花開放的驚艷,那迷樣的紫紅,如夢如幻的花花世界, 令人沉醉!
紫荊花不開則已,一開傾城, 百花盛開時-美麗的春天已經到來了。
芳草綠,漫步紫荊花 園的爛漫情懷,誰不喜這片春光!  醉人的戀情,依依的思念,鍾
紫荊花樹競相怒放, 絢麗多彩,那麼鮮豔, 公園內萬紫千紅、百花爭妍,千姿百態,公
園的春天是一場知覺及視覺的饗宴, 庭徑漫徘徊,綠襯蕊蕊香。
春風吹開了花朵,繁花纍纍, 多麼引人入勝!
紫荊花開滿天紅,姿態優美瀟灑,燦若雲霞, 嫵媚動人。
度 。
動人, 讓遊客身心完全放鬆。
靜看春花綻放, 不論您從哪一個角度取景,每個畫面都有如夢幻般的詩畫。
熱情的紅, 清新的綠。
Many Canada geese are very active in this area, floating on the Quarry Lakes, taking off from the lakes,
foraging in the nearby farm fields and flying all over the sky in this area.
Two of many Canada geese flying overhead while visitors are hiking and enjoying the beautiful flowering trees
and watching many birds in the sky and on several lakes in this area.
Many Canada geese flying overhead while visitors are hiking and enjoying the beautiful flowering trees and
watching many birds in the sky and on the lakes in this area.
Four of several Canada geese took off from lake water surface to fly to the nearby farm field for feeding.
One of many Canada geese flying overhead while we were enjoying the beautiful flowering trees.
In addition to many Canada geese, we also saw two White-tailed Kites (hawks) hover their rapidly beating
wings in the mid air hunting for its prey in this area.
The White-tailed Kite (hawk) is a stunning hunter that can be seen hovering over fields looking down for their
prey below. It is quite an amazing sight to see. The White-tailed Kite hunts mostly small rodents, voles, field
mice, pocket gophers, harvest mice, rats, shrews, young rabbits, snakes, lizards, frogs, large insects and
sometimes baby birds on tree nests.

I took several movie clips of the air show of a white-tailed kite, many Canada geese, two black crawls, many
gulls, and a cormorant in actions over Quarry Lakes area, combined them and upload them to a YouTube
website at:


This movie helps us understand why white-tailed kite (hawk) is called a kite.
When the kite found its prey, it dived from mid air down to the ground to catch its prey.

A Map and more information on Quarry Lake Regional Recreation Area are available
The kite (hawk) is diving down to catch its prey.
Since white-tailed kite sometimes raids the nests of other birds on tree tops to snatch their baby birds in the
nests, the mommy bird and the daddy bird will take off from their nests up into the air to attack the invading
white-tailed kite. This picture shows a mommy black bird and a daddy black bird are attacking the white-tailed
kite in the air.  

I took a movie of this pair of black birds attacking the white-tailed kite in the air as shown on the YouTube
movie above.

The pair of black birds are attacking the white-tailed kite in the air.

I have seen similar situations of a red tailed hawk being attacked by several mommy birds and daddy birds in
the air over Holmdel Park in New Jersey as shown on my web page at:

A view of one of several lakes in Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area. This is Horseshoe Lake among
several Quarry Lakes. There were also other water fowl, such as American coots on the lake.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area.
Some people were fishing on Horseshoe Lake among Quarry Lakes.
Some Canada geese on the beach of Horseshoe Lake among Quarry Lakes.
Brilliant purple ice-plant flowers along the street in Fremont.
On the street in Fremont.
Many Canada geese are flying from Quarry Lakes to forage on the nearby farm fields.
There were only a few visitors, but many Canada geese were flying all over the place in this area.
Many Canada geese were flying everywhere in Quarry Lakes area.
The rapidly beating wings enable a white-tailed kite to hover in the air with a stationary body as if it were
attached to a kite string.
As a bird of prey, the white-tailed kite sometimes shows its two powerful legs and talons extended downward
in the air.
I took several movie clips of these Canada geese flying all over the places in various directions and combined
them into a movie in the YouTube video above.
Fremont 路邊的樹也開滿了花。
We came to Quarry Lake Regional Recreation Area again in the summer season on June 14, 2020. We saw
many Canada geese on the water and on the beach of Horseshoe Lake again.
Many Canada geese are also on the grassy area eating grass near Horseshoe Lake.
There are also many seagulls on the beach of Horseshoe Lake.
A cormorant is busily swimming and diving into the water to catch fish in Horseshoe Lake.
The Jacaranda trees with blue-purple flower clusters are blooming beautifully on the street in Fremont,
California in the summer season.
There are also many beautiful red flowers along the streets in Fremont in the summer season.
Some people are fishing on Horseshoe Lake from the wheel-chair accessible fishing pier.
Some Canada geese flying above Horseshoe Lake.
The wheel-chair accessible fishing pier on Horseshoe Lake.
One of several colorful Mallards in Quarry Lakes area. We came to Quarry Lakes area again on March 23,
2021 and saw many gulls in action on Rainbow Lake as shown in the following YouTube video:


It seems that these gulls were chasing a school of fish in Rainbow Lake and were busily catching fish.
However, it was a very windy day on March 23, 2021 so I muted the loud wind noise in this movie clip.
More waterfowl on Horseshoe Lake and Rainbow Lake.
Many flowers blooming beautifully in the Demonstration Garden near Rainbow Lake and the parking lot.
The Purple Lotus Temple (紫蓮寺, a Buddhist Temple) located at 35489 Lotus Pond Common, Fremont, CA
94536 near Quarry Lakes. A much better picture can be seen on its website at:

The Purple Lotus Temple is on a 5.5-acre lot sandwiched between the northeastern edge of Quarry Lakes
Regional Recreation Area and the Union Pacific and BART railroad tracks. The two-story temple is just over
55,000 square feet, with the school, called the Dharma Institute, measuring in at about 32,500 square feet.
The temple includes overnight quarters for 120 people (monks and guests) and a main hall designed to
accommodate up to 150 people for gatherings. The temple's design maximizes the view toward the adjacent
beautiful Quarry Lakes Park.
In residential areas in San Francisco Bay areas, many people plant lemon trees or orange trees or other fruit
trees in their front yards or back years. As we drive around on the streets in Fremont, we often see lots of  
lemons, or oranges or other fruits hanging on these fruit trees.
Some waterfowl on Rainbow Lake.
Another kind of waterfowl (may be Grebe) on the lakes.
Some of the background sounds in the air show YouTube movie above is the stepping sound of some people
walking on this metal walkway of the wheel-chair accessible fishing pier.