Colorful Spring Wildflowers on Coyote Hills
in Fremont, California
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曼妙春光,加州罌粟花 不開則已,一開傾城,非常壯觀,山坡上 清新綠油油的草地上  
橘黃色的加州罌粟花爭相怒放 ,滿滿生機, 花海迷人,雖盛大卻不俗豔﹐ 美遍了每一個

Thanks to our friend, Grace, for bringing us to the right place in Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont,
California in early April 2018 to enjoy watching many kinds and colors of wildflowers blooming on the slopes of
Coyote Hills covered by rolling grassland.  

Wow! This park is gorgeous with such large field of orange colored California poppy in full bloom on hilltops!

Coyote Hills Regional Park is located at 8000 Patterson Ranch Road, Fremont, CA 94555.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of and extensive hiking trails on Coyote Hills
Regional Park

More detailed Park Map with hiking trails can be seen here and here.

This large park is located along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay near Fremont, Union City, and Newark
in Alameda County. The park has 1,266 acres of marshland, several hills covered by rolling grassland and
extensive network of hiking trails.

Many purple lupines on Coyote Hills.

Zoom in for a close up view of the purple lupine.

Coyote Hills Regional Park is one of the best places in San Francisco Bay Area for people who love outdoor,
nature and scenic areas. The waters to the west and south of Coyote Hills are part of the Don Edwards San
Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It's great for bikers, hikers, runners, bird watchers, wildflower
watchers and photographers.  There are plenty of things to see and to do, especially when all those lovely
colorful wildflowers are blooming. There are at least 10 trails: some are paved flat trails for leisure stroll and
some are scenic but  steeper dirt trails for a good workout. The panoramic views are fantastic if you're able to
hike up to the hilltops.
山坡上最搶眼的就是橘黃色的加州罌粟花, 會被這遍野的浪漫迷醉。

This large field of blooming California Poppies is a bay area gem! It is on the top of a hill behind the visitor
center in Coyote Hills Regional Park.

One of several rolling hills and gorgeous landscape in this park. Hills are lush green during the spring months.  

One of the hilltops in this park used to be the base of Nike missiles air defense system to protect San
Francisco in 1959 to 1963 timeframe.

The Bayview Trail makes a big loop trail around this big park and is a paved multi-use trail with little elevation

The Red Hill Trail runs along the spine of the main row of several hills that comprise Coyote Hills. If you're on
tops of the higher hills you can see all the way to San Francisco and Mt Tamalpais on a clear day.
Awesome inland view from the top of the hill behind the visitor center. It's a fantastic place for photography
of scenery, wildflowers and wildlife.

I took a panoramic picture of the awesome view from a hilltop on coyote Hills as shown on the following web

Zoom in on one of several egrets in action on the wetlands below. It has very natural environment for many
birds, ducks and other wildlife.
A view of the Dumbarton Bridge over San Francisco Bay and Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National
Wildlife Refuge. This Regional Park is quite large. Several hiking trails lead to several hilltops for incredible
panoramic views of San Francisco Bay, mountains on all sides of the bay,  marshlands and hiking trails on

I took two video scans of the panoramic view on the hill tops in Coyote Hills Regional Park as shown in the
following YouTube websites, one is on the morning of April 3, 2018 and another one is on very windy late
afternoon of April 1, 2018:


Comparing these two video recordings indicates that the windy afternoon with no stagnant smog in the air on
April 1, 2018 provided better visibility to see mountains far away.
Some visitors on the hiking trail on the hills.
Fantastic marsh views. Perfect if you're into wetland bird watching.  Some visitors on the level hiking trails
and boardwalk in the Marshland below.

When we were driving on Patterson Ranch Road approaching Coyote Hills Regional Park, we saw this huge
field of yellow wildflowers on the roadside.
Great views of East Bay mountains plus the same large field of yellow wildflowers as viewed from a hilltop  
when we were at a higher elevation.
Some seagulls on the water in the marshland below.
Zoom in to see more seagulls on the water very far away.
Zoom in for a closer view of Dumbarton Bridge from Coyote hills on April 3, 2018. (I was using a compact
super-zoom camera with 65X optical zoom.)
A view of the San Francisco Bay from one of the hill tops in Coyote Hills Regional Park.

Take the time to step out of the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay area and enjoy this wonderful
place. I was quite impressed and enjoyed very much all these colorful wildflowers along the hiking trails on
April 1 and April 3, 2018
and on April 2, 2021.

If you are on east side of San Francisco Bay, make sure you come here to enjoy the nature
in the spring

The California Poppy is the rock star of West Coast blooms — lightly scented, easy to spot, and graced with
broad petals in various shades of orange, red, white, gold, and pink. It proliferates in vast quantities across
meadows and hillsides all over the state of California.
路邊山波上,一大片野花爭相怒放, 花形與顏色搭配得好,則美得無法用言語來形

In addition to California poppy, several other kinds of wildflowers with different colors are also blooming
beautifully accompanying the California poppies on Coyote Hills.
轉眼又是一春,卻是賞花好時節, 橘黃色花朵搭配上嫩綠的草葉片,真美!。

We came to this park three times: first time in late afternoon at 4 PM on April 1, 2018 and the second time in
the morning at 10 AM on April 3, 2018. The first time was too late in the day and most California poppy
flowers were closing up ready to sleep at night. The second time from 10 AM to 12 noon was fantastic. All the
gorgeous California poppies were wide open in full bloom.

The third time was in the morning of April 2, 2021. There were also many California poppies blooming on April
2, 2021, but were not as many and not as intense as those in 2018 because the winter of 2020-2021 did not
get as much rainfall as those in 2017-2018.
Lots of blooming orange colored California poppies and purple colored lupines on Coyote Hills.

These blooming wildflowers also attract some bees.
橘黃色浪漫浸透整個山坡,綠坪如茵, 大片大片的加州罌粟花。

The abundant clusters of California poppies delight the eye and lift the spirit.

The variety in wildflowers and colors stuns the imagination.
From the parking lot near the visitor center, the shortest trail to reach the large field of California poppies is to
take this steep trail made of wooden railroad tile steps. It is slightly south of the visitor center and of the
portable toilet on the parking lot area.
Continue up the steep trail with railroad tile steps.
Continue up the steep trail and steps, notice the vertical wood post on the right side.
The small sign on the vertical wood post indicates that this steep trail is part of Muskrat Self Guided Trail
Continue up the steep Muskrat trail with railroad tile steps for about 125 feet in elevation gain to reach the
large field of California Poppies on the top of the hill.
This is a view from the top of the steep Muskrat trail with railroad tile steps. The portable toilet on the parking
lot area below is visible from here.

數千加州罌粟花佇立於綠油油的草地上,恣意盛放橘黃色花海, 十分爛漫。

Many beautiful California poppies are waiting for you and welcoming you on the top of that steep Muskrat
trail with railroad tile steps.
Nice combination of colors of wildflowers in the spring season.
Many colorful ducks (may be shovelers) are busily feeding on the water in the marsh below.
A large and dense group of colorful ducks with their head down in the water are busily feeding on something
in the water.
This picture was taken in my first trip in the late afternoon of April 1, 2018. In the late afternoon after 4 PM,
most California poppy were closing up ready to go to sleep at night.

So, I have to come back again in the morning at about 10 AM of April 3, 2018 to see all these gorgeous
California poppies wide open in full bloom.
Another kind of duck on the water.
用我的 緊湊型超級變焦相機 拉近一看,旁邊另外一個更高的山頭上 也是一大片的綠草

Standing on the parking area near the visitor center and using my compact super-zoom camera to look up
and zoom in
near the hilltop of the Red Hill behind the visitor center, I saw more California poppy near Red
Hill Top.
So, visitors may have to prepare to hike up to these higher hilltops to explore these additional fields of
California poppies and to enjoy more spectacular panoramic views.
Lots of wildflowers along the hiking trail.
黃花如散金, 為這一片黃,沈醉!我們仍追逐著如散金的黃花,樂此不疲!

Roadside huge field of yellow wildflowers. The background is the southern part of the long chain of rolling hills
in Coyote Hills Regional Park.
Mid-range of the chain of rolling hills in Coyote Hills Regional Park.
Zoom in on the mid-range of rolling hills in Coyote Hills Regional Park.
So far, I toured only a small portion of this large park. More pictures and video taken by other visitors of other
parts and on higher hilltops of the park can be seen on the
Yelp review website.

The first wave of spring wildflowers in Fremont, California in February-March time frame are shown on my web
page at:


Beautiful and colorful wildflowers on the roadside of Interstate Highway 15 (I-15) in Arizona-Nevada area can
be seen on my web page at:

如粉如黛, 似帛似紗。

Blooming wildflowers everywhere.
Comments from my friend and my son: These pictures remind us of the famous
landscape oil painting known as "
Poppy Field at Argenteuil" painted in 1873 by Claude
Monet, the famous French Impressionist artistic painter. He was most interested in
capturing the optical effects of sunlight on the colors and shapes of nature. It evokes the
resonant atmosphere of a stroll through the fields on a summer's day, walking through a
field of thick grass and red poppies cloak the bank. It is now among the world's most
famous landscape paintings of the 19th century.

It also reminds us that there are different species of poppies with different colors: red
poppies in Argenteuil and orange colored California poppies.

Inspired by several famous oil paintings by Claude Monet on red poppies on green grass
field, the sculpture artist, Seward Johnson, created an area of red poppies on a small hill
of thick green grass field with a sculpture of "Woman with a Parasol" on top of the
poppied hill in the "
Grounds for Sculpture" in New Jersey.
一塵不染的橙色,天生韻味,從花瓣細蕊中展現雅緻,別具一格的美, 人見人愛。
天使般的加州罌粟花, 美麗的花朵漫山開遍。
遊人們紛至沓來, 一見數千加州罌粟花恣意盛放 就被它們完全震撼住了。
野花之鄉,與花草相伴,爛漫又明媚, 吮吸著新鮮空氣,令人神清氣爽。
Brilliant California poppies among the lush green thick grass.
盡情享 受著陽光,完全陶醉在大自然中。充足的陽光沐浴 在山坡上,使得花朵顯得更加
Coyote Hills as viewed from Antelope Hill in Fremont, about 10 miles southeast of Coyote Hills.
Zoom in even more on one of the higher hilltops in Coyote Hills Regional Park.
The entire chain of Coyote Hills on east shore of San Francisco Bay as viewed from Dumbarton Bridge on
May 16, 2016. In early April, 2018 the grass on Coyote Hills were green with many wildflowers. But by May
16, 2018, the entire chain of Coyote Hills, especially the west side, had all turned into the iconic golden
brown color of California.
Zoom in for a closer view of Dumbarton Bridge from Antelope Hill in Fremont.
Coyote Hills as viewed from San Mateo Bridge on February 14, 2020.
Coyote Hills as viewed from Bailey Ranch Road or Mystic View Court on Hayward Highland in Hayward,
California  about 18 miles northeast of Coyote Hills.
More California Poppies near the top of the Red Hill.
Two white pelicans were flying high above Coyote Hills on the morning of April 2, 2021.
When we were driving on Patterson Ranch Road approaching Coyote Hills Regional Park, we saw many
on the roadside.
Some people hiking up to the top of the Red Hill.
One of several colorful wild turkeys foraging in the field of California poppies as seen on April 2, 2021.
Two white pelicans and several turkey vultures and seagulls were circling high in the sky above the Coyote
Hills on April 2, 2021.
Another way to go from the visitor center up to the field of California poppies is from the junction of Patterson
Ranch Rd & Quail Trail to take
the Quail Trail which is a more gentle hiking trail more suitable for senior people.
Near the top of the steep Muskrat Trail with railroad tile steps.