Air Show of Hawk being attacked by
Group of Smaller Birds in Holmdel Park
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藍天艷陽下,紅尾鷹張開寬大的翅膀在天空中巡曳,  單打獨鬥稱孤膽英雄, 秉性剛烈無

I come to Holmdel Park in Holmdel, New Jersey for my walking exercise frequently. From time to time, I see a  
red tailed hawk soaring high in the sky over Holmdel Park.
小鳥群起圍攻低空盤旋的紅尾鷹。紅尾鷹常來空襲樹上的鳥巢 ,搶走鳥寶寶,這種強盜
行為 使紅尾鷹成為小鳥們的公敵。

But sometime the hawk is flying low at the tree top level, or lower. Many local small birds are threatened and
alarmed in such situation. Such low flying hawks are hungry, are hunting, and may be coming to raid their
nests to grab their baby birds. The mammy birds and daddy birds become very brave to protect their nests
and baby birds. Many of such small birds gang up in the air in a pack like neighborhood gangsters to mob and
to harass the invading hawk. On June 5, 2015, I saw several events of such air show of many small birds
attacking a big hawk in the air in Holmdel Park.

In this picture, three small birds are chasing and attacking the red tailed hawk. The two above are preparing
to dive bomb on the red tailed hawk below. These small birds are more agile and can outmaneuver the large
hawk in the air. Small birds can change direction more quickly in the air and can climb high above the hawk
quickly to prepare for dive bombing.

The two small birds are getting closer behind the hawk.

Three small birds line up above and behind the hawk to take turn to attack.

The lowest one of the three hits the hawk.

Another one hits the hawk.
Usually such air show is quite far away. I use my compact super-zoom camera with 65X optical zoom to zoom
in. I also use the Sport Mode with Continuous Shooting of the camera to take such series of action photos of
air show. In Sport Mode, the camera takes several shots in every second and keeps taking pictures this way
until I release the shutter button.

The three small birds keep on chasing and attacking the big hawk.
One more small bird join the group of four attacking the hawk.
Three small bird are getting very close to the hawk.
Two small birds hit the hawk simultaneously.

Still chasing for more attacks.
Three small birds are getting close behind the hawk and one more is high above preparing to dive.
More attacks.
More attacks.
兩隻紅翼黑鳥 也來攻擊紅尾鷹。

In another event on the same day of June 5, 2015, I was surprised to see two red winged black birds were
also attacking a red tailed hawk.
The crows were not much smaller than the hawk.
公園裡連場扣人心弦的精彩好戲,一場緊接一場, 我們散步的人, 看得很興奮很高興。

In yet another event on the same day of June 5, 2015, two crows were attacking a red tailed hawk.

The crow was dive bombing from above.
The crow hits the hawk in the air.

醉心於飛羽攝影,有了很豐富的收穫, 滿意的踏上歸途。

It is a good series of air shows to watch while doing my walking exercise in Holmdel Park.

Another similar case of a red tailed hawk being attacked by group of small birds at Holmdel Park are on my
web page at:


More details on the capabilities of my compact super-zoom camera for such action photography are on my
two web pages at:


Crow attacking hawk in the air.

The hawk turns its head back to look at the crow attacking from behind.
非常敏捷的小鳥,輕快靈活,已經追上來很接近, 聚精會神,準備進攻,别逃! 别
紅翼黑鳥: 那兩塊紅,像黑武士配戴著紅色肩章,也非常愛唱歌。

This is the way that we usually see the red-winged black bird singing song in Holmdel Park.