Many Beautiful Roseate Spoonbills (玫瑰紅琵鷺),
Dolphin and Other Birds in Port Aransas, Texas
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Beautiful Pink Roseate Spoonbill
姿態優雅 顏色華麗迷人的玫瑰紅琵鷺, 是珍貴的嬌客。

One of more than 30 beautiful flaming pink Roseate Spoonbills at Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center (also
known as Port Aransas Birding Center) located at south end of Ross Avenue, Port Aransas, Texas, Phone:
(361) 749-4158. It is home to numerous species of birds, including many roseate spoonbills.

Direction: Set destination of GPS navigator at Junction of Ross Ave. & Sandollar Circle, Port Aransas, Texas,
then continue southwest on Ross Ave for two blocks to reach Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center on the right
驚豔一瞥,玫瑰紅琵鷺展翅騰空, 腳很長,喙長而呈竹片狀。

One of the roseate spoonbills in the air. Port Aransas is on the Mustang barrier island along the Texas coast
of Gulf of Mexico.
Fantastic flaming pink color of roseate spoonbill.

On January 29 and after the 1.5-hour boat tour for dolphin watch, we came to visit Leonabelle Turnbull Birding
Center in late afternoon for bird and wildlife watching.
休息時,玫瑰紅琵鷺 常在水邊成一字形散開, 長時間站立不動。

There are many roseate spoonbills and shorebirds here at the marsh’s edges. Roseate spoonbills are
frequently seen in the company of other water and wading birds

老神在在,紋風不動. 莫非也和我們一樣,貪戀著這美好的暖暖冬陽。
Boardwalk and Observation tower
The raised boardwalk, observation platform and observation tower over the large pond, wetland, mud flat, and
marsh of Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center. The boardwalk extends into a freshwater marsh associated with
the adjoining wastewater treatment plant. Little fresh water is available for much of the year on barrier islands
such as Mustang, and the ponds here offer a consistent supply of water for a wide variety of wetland wildlife.
The boardwalk here allows for close observation of many kinds of birds and other wildlife. The observation
tower halfway down the boardwalk permits a panoramic view of the large pond and the surrounding flats.
A free viewing scope is mounted on the tower and a free ADA-compliant scope is available at another viewing
box along the boardwalk. Many birds here become very used to all the people and spend a lot of time within
just a few yards of the boardwalk and are very easily photographed.
Many shorebirds on the flats.
One of two big alligators about 9 feet long was sun bathing on the flat.
green winged teal

One of many very colorful green winged teals on the pond.
玫瑰琵鷺在淺水區覓食,涉足及將扁平的喙放入水中 左右搖擺尋找食物。

The roseate spoonbill spends a lot of its time in muddy shallow water feeding. It feeds on crustaceans, aquatic
insects, frogs, newts and very small fish ignored by larger waders. It sweeps its open bill from side to side in
the muddy water to sift up food like small fish, shrimp, mollusks, snails and insects. It has touch receptors in
its bill that help it feel its prey. The side-to-side sweeping of open bill creates mini-whirlpools that pull up small
prey from the muddy bottom. Sensitive touch receptors along the bill’s length detect vibrations and signal the
bill to close quickly on prey swept inside the spoon. They hunt for food by touch instead of sight, a crucial
adaptation for a bird that feeds in muddy or vegetation-clogged water.
One of several Moorhen with red bill on the Pond.
Two white pelicans flying over the pond as viewed from the observation tower. From the observation tower
one can also see the Corpus Christi Ship Channel at a distance.
white pelicans in flight
Many birds on the flat and the pond.
Parking area for visitors of Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center. The parking area is next to the fence of
wastewater treatment plant located at south end of Ross Avenue, Port Aransas, Texas.
The Sign and the Kiosk near the fence about Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center.
海豚出現了! 全船乘客情緒頓時沸騰,心花怒放, 距離近得讓大家驚呼連連。

One of hundreds of playful dolphins that we saw on the 1.5-hour boat tour from Port Aransas starting at 1:30
PM on January 29, 2015.
brown pelican in flight
We also saw some pelicans and many other birds flying above or near our tour boat.
I used the Sport Mode of my compact super-zoom camera to catch the action photos of these dolphins and
birds in action. In Sport Mode, the camera focuses very fast and as long as the shutter release button is
pressed down and kept down, the camera keeps on taking several shots in every second until I release the
button.  So, after 13 days of winter birding and wildlife photography trip along Texas Gulf Coast, I got more
than 9,000 action photos for me to pick and choose on my PC screen for presentation on my Travelogue
Sometimes the dolphins were very close to our tour boat such that we could see them up close.
Sometimes, the dolphins are far away. In those cases, the 65X optical zoom (with equivalent focal length of
1,365 mm) of my compact super-zoom camera, Canon PowerShot SX60 HS, is quite useful to zoom in to get
nice and clear pictures.
晴空萬里,海面上一大群鳥 低飛而過。

Many pelicans and cormorants are flying above the water.
讓人驚奇的還有數量不少的,另外一大群鳥站在海邊, 多到數不清。

Many cormorants and pelicans on the beach/shore as seen from our tour boat.
many pelicans and comrmorants on shore

One of many white pelicans flying over our tour boat.
While we were waiting for the tour boat in the harbor of Port of Aransas, we saw this brown pelican got a fish.
This brown pelican in the harbor also got something in its bills. We were not sure if somebody in the harbor is
feeding these pelicans by through something for them to eat.
This is the sign of Deep Sea Headquarters located at 440 West Cotter Avenue, Port Aransas, TX 78373.  This
is where we bought the ticket and got on the tour boat, Kohootz Dolphin Watch Cruise Boat (Phone:
361-779-3188), in the harbor for dolphin watch cruise. It is the first building next to the Ferry terminal. Again
for interested visitors, it is important to call ahead of time to make reservation because of the limited capacity
of the tour boat and they only make the trip if at least 10 people reserve for the trip.

Map 2: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Deep Sea Headquarters in Port Aransas

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center and Deep Sea Headquarters at Port Aransas are only 1.2 miles apart and
5 minutes of driving between them.
幾隻頗有玩興的瓶鼻海豚在船頭忽左忽右、忽上忽下地領著我們遊船跑, 配上藍藍的海

It was fun to see these dolphins playing with each other in the wild. They were rolling all over each other and
swimming ahead, on the side or under the boat.
Lydia Ann lighthouse near Aransas Pass.

The majority of Texas’ 400-mile-long coastline is protected by a necklace of barrier islands and peninsulas,
broken only by a few openings or passes, which provide access to protected bays and harbors. Aransas
Pass is one such gap, located between Saint Joseph Island to the north and Mustang Island to the south. The
pass leads to the port of Corpus Christi, located twenty miles or so to the west.

We were very happy to see more than 30 beautiful roseate spoonbills, hundreds of playful dolphins, and many
other kinds of birds in the water, on the shore and flying in the sky in the afternoon of January 29, 2015.

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These dolphins are playing with each other under water.
Many Pelicans and cormorants on the water.
white pelican in flight
天高雲淡,成群結隊, 奮飛碧霄而去。

A flock of white pelicans in the air.
A flock of American Avocets.

One of several brown pelicans flying just above water.

Beautiful to watch.
海豚出水面噴氣的畫面, 配上藍藍的海水,很讓人震憾。
海豚噴完氣後 水氣在空中的照片。
遨翔碧空的優美風姿,風雲同路, 自由地翱翔。
Roseate spoonbill is named for its pink feather and spoon shaped bill. The eyes and legs are red.
The Polly Anna is a 100 ft Gulf shrimp boat/trawler docked in Port Aransas at the harbor in Roberts Point
Park near the Ferry landing. Normally seen docked during the day, the Polly Anna goes out all night, and  
returns next morning at about 9 AM. Fresh shrimp from her overnight catch can be bought right at the dock at
great prices right from the boat.

Three more shrimp boats dock in Aransas Pass at Conn Brown Harbor.
Such large number of fishing birds and dolphins here means that there are lots of fish in the water here to
attract and to support such large number of fishing birds and dolphins to live here. Lots of fish, large number of
birds and dolphins all like it here means that the water and the environment here are very clean and healthy.
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Our friends had also seen many roseate spoonbills in Merritt Island National Refuge in Florida.
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