Spring Wildflowers and Fantastic Sunset View in San
Francisco Bay Area in California
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春回大地,遍地花開,山波上大片大片的野黃花, 勃勃生氣。

In February and March 2018, many yellow wildflowers started blooming beautifully on the roadside hills of Old
Mission Park near the corner of Cam Del Campo and Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont in San Francisco Bay
area in California. The top of the hills is the Old Mission Park.
冬去春來,一大片野黃花爭相怒放, 點燃了路邊山波, 天生韻味,微風過處,送來縷
縷清香、若有若無、沁人心脾, 置身在花海中,真是一種心情的釋放。

Nature's beauty! Vision of beauty and joy! Huge carpet of blooming vibrant yellow wildflowers on roadside
hills in February and March, 2018 in Fremont, California, making the entire hill appear yellow.
路旁的野花無拘無束地怒放著, 洋溢蓬勃生機,天然的藝術之美, 讓我們在湛藍的天
Zoom in for a close-up view of the magnificent blooming beautiful yellow flowers. Celebration of Spring. It is
花開時節,滿山遍野, 黃色花海迷人, 被這遍野花的浪漫迷醉。

Wow! Fabulous place. Forget the shops, look at nature instead.

Two young ladies enjoying the beautiful sea of gorgeous yellow wildflowers.

Thanks to Joe Cheung for pointing out that these may be rapeseed flowers. One variety (genetically modified)
is used to produce Canola oil for human consumption.  It may be what the Chinese call
油菜花 (Rapeseed

Also thanks to Poching Liu for pointing out that there used to be a lot of 油菜花 (Rapeseed flowers) in silicon
valley. Twenty years ago there were a lot of  
油菜花 in the now Silicon Valley industrial park. That is why
Poching thinks they might be
油菜花. Some photos of 油菜花 (Rapeseed flowers) can be seen here.

Also thanks to ChingChun Hsieh for pointing out that
棣棠花 (Kerria japonica) is also yellow in color and may
also be a possible candidate for the yellow wildflower in Fremont. Some photos of
棣棠花 can be seen here.
Charming view from the Old Mission Park on the top of the hills. So abundant and so delightful.

The hill at the far side in this picture is the Antelope Hill where many wild turkeys are roaming in the residential
area in Fremont as shown on my web page at:


and hundreds of goats are grazing on the grasslands in the spring season as natural lawnmowers on the
Antelope Hill as shown on my web page at:


Two more young ladies immersed in the sea of gorgeous yellow wildflowers.
Another close up view of the yellow wildflowers. A sensation.
It is so romantic to be with your sweetheart and surrounded by the lovely sea of yellow wildflowers. This is the
place where photographers come back to again and again for the romantic views.
The hiking trails and yellow wildflowers on the Old Mission Park. A lovely place to walk and enjoy the amazing
blanket of yellow wildflowers.

Lush yellow wonderland of blossoms! Explosion of yellow color.
Breathtaking bloom! Absolutely delightful!
A quick flash of color that comes after the winter. It’s like starting over, it’s like a rebirth and new life.
The hiking trails and yellow wildflowers on the Old Mission Park. A lovely place to walk and enjoy the amazing
blanket of yellow wildflowers. Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the tranquility.
In March 2018, the Interstate Highway 680 going through Fremont area also has lots of yellow wildflowers
on both side of highway.
After this first wave of massive wildflowers in February and March, more wildflowers of other kinds and
colors (e.g., orange colored California poppies) will be blooming at other hills or canyons or central valley in
California in the next couple months.

On April 1 and 3, 2018, I visited Coyote Hills Regional Park and saw lots of second wave of spring
wildflowers as shown on my web page at:

On the afternoon of April 11, 2018, we came to tour another big open space known as Sunol Regional
Wilderness to see beautiful landscape, lush green mountains, gorgeous trees, rock formations, nice streams  
and more variety of spring wildflowers. It is 6,859 acres of wilderness east of Fremont and spans Sunol,
Pleasanton and Livermore in California. The visitor center is located at 1895 Geary Rd, Sunol, CA 94586.
We saw some orange colored California poppies high on the slope near the top of the mountain.
I zoomed in for a closer look of the California poppies high near the mountain top.
We did not climb up to the mountain top for the California poppies, but stayed on the hiking trails in the valley
to enjoy other kinds of spring wildflowers.
Gorgeous trees along the stream and the hiking trails in the valley.
A stream of clean and clear water.
A bridge across the stream.
A woodpecker with red cap may be feeding its babies in the nest in the hole on the tree.
The woodpecker flew to another tree nearby.
One of several nice hiking trails in Sunol Regional Wilderness.
Another hiking trail is an unpaved dirt road (Ohlone Road). There are two or three parking lots along Geary
Road near the entrance of this wilderness area. From the last parking lot, we got on this hiking trail (Ohlone
Road) and walked east for about 35 minutes to reach Little Yosemite Falls. This unpaved dirt road and hiking
trail goes much further beyond Little Yosemite Falls.
When we were hiking on this unpaved dirt road, an ambulance and several other emergency vehicles rushed
to Little Yosemite Falls. We were told that a lady broke her leg or ankle in Little Yosemite Falls and needs to
be rescued.
Two views of the rocky Little Yosemite Falls area.
Emergency firemen carrying stretcher working in the Little Yosemite Falls area to rescue the injured lady. We
were told not to go down there to look for the waterfalls to avoid interfering with the emergency rescue work in
progress. We just stood on the top of the cliff and took a few pictures of the area.
Then, we spent another 35 minutes to hike back to the last parking lot while watching and taking more photos
of spring wildflowers along the way.
More woodpeckers and many other kinds of birds in this wilderness area.

Fantastic sunset views from Antelope Hill in East Bay area.

As the sun starts to set, a display of vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows streaks across the sky.

More gorgeous sunset views from Antelope Hill in East Bay area.

Fantastic sunset views from Antelope Hill in East Bay area. watching the sun fall behind the horizon, painting
the sky shades of red and pink.

Awe-inspiring beauty of sunset.

Admiring the wonders of gorgeous golden sunset.

The golden sunset casts a warm glow.

Incredibly spectacular fiery sunset !

A gorgeous, memorable and photographic sunset.

The setting sun cast its golden rays down upon the clouds, turning them bright red; fire red. Silhouettes of
birds flying home across the golden sky of amazing sunset.

The sky was dyed pomegranate pink by the setting sun,
又是黃昏夕陽西沈 ,疏林夕照, 晚霞舖滿我的心,帶我進入靈魂的深處。

A sunset view from Antelope Hill in Fremont in San Francisco Bay Area.
Sunset view from Antelope Hill in Fremont