Tour of Mystery Hill in North Carolina
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The roadside sign of Mystery Hill located at 129 Mystery Hill Lane, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, USA 28605,
Phone: 828-263-0507. It is near the Blue Ridge Mountain Range at elevation of about 5,000 feet in northwest
part of North Carolina.

After we finished our 2-week driving tour of Florida in January 2014 and when we were driving north back to
New Jersey, we drove up to the Blue Ridge Mountain to visit Mystery Hill in North Carolina on January 15,
2014 along the way. It was snowing on the mountain when we were touring the Mystery Hill.
The entrance to the Mystery Hill as viewed from the parking lot.
This is the "level" cement platform for demonstration of the mystery of Shrink-and-Grow at this Mystery Hill.
Zoom in on the sign explaining the amazing change of height on this level platform.
So, May Lee and I (Sing Lin) got on the demonstration platform to try this mystery of Shrink-and-Grow. We
asked the tour guide to use my camera to take pictures for us.

In such standing positions, it looked like that I was much taller than May Lee.
But after we switched our standing positions, it looked like our heights were about equal.

More interesting pictures and video showing such mystery of Shrink-and-Grow at several other Mystery Spots
in Oregon, California, Michigan, etc. are available on my web pages at:


The tour guide usually uses a carpenter's (bubble) level to convince the group of tourists watching this height
comparison demonstration that the platform here is level because the liquid bubble in the horizontal tube in
carpenter's level is in the middle position indicating a level platform.

Such demonstration is usually repeated many times every day for many tour groups to see. Sometimes, a
large visitor group comes with large number of visitors surrounding the demonstration and different visitors see
the demonstration from different angles, different distances and different positions. But all visitors see the
same mystery of change in relative height no matter what angle, what distance or what position that the
visitors are looking at the demonstration. Sometimes, the tour guide let two visitors stand on the two ends to
do the demonstration. Such two visitors as demonstrators looking at each other also see the same surprising
change in their relative height. It is quite entertaining to every and all visitors even though nobody, not even the
tour guide, know why the relative height change when the two persons switch positions on the level platform.

So, this is not a special optical illusion that requires the viewer or the photographer to be at certain special
angle or special distance or special position or special trick to be able to see such change in relative height.
Several video programs from several different Mystery Spots in Section 4 on the website above make this
point much more clearly.

My first experience of such Mystery Spot was 22 years ago in 1993 when I visited the Mystery Spot at Santa
Cruz in California. In these 22 years, I have been thinking, investigating and researching on such gravity
mystery. My theory for scientific explanation for such amazing mystery is in Section 5 on my web page listed
above. Due to my scientific curiosity, I often enjoy taking such side tour in my sightseeing trips to visit such
Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills at many different places.
The warning sign before entering the Mystery House of this Mystery Hill.
A view of the interior of the Mystery House. When I was inside the Mystery House, I felt a very strong
horizontal gravity pull. The horizontal gravity pull was so strong that I had to hold on to the hand rail on the side
of the Mystery House to be able to maintain my balance in standing upright. Some more sensitive people feel
nausea and dizzy when they are in such Mystery House. There are other demos of gravity mysteries, such
asymmetrical swing set, in this Mystery House.