My Personal Experience in a Famous Mystery Spot
known as Oregon Vortex in Oregon

By Sing H. Lin, Ph.D., E-Mail: SINGHLIN@GMAIL.COM
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1. Mystery at Oregon Vortex:

1.1. Shrink-and-Grow Mystery

The following YouTube website provides a dramatic video demonstration of the Shrink-and-Grow mystery at
Oregon Vortex located at 4303 Sardine Creek Left Fork Rd, Gold Hill, in southern Oregon, USA:

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Oregon Vortex

1.2. My Personal Experience of Shrink-and-Grow Mystery at Oregon Vortex

I visited Oregon Vortex twice. The first time was in August 2004 and the second time was in June 2016.

On the morning of August 7, 2004, we came to visit this tourist attraction known as Oregon Vortex.

One of several tourist attractions and mysteries in Oregon Vortex is the Shrink-and-Grow demonstration in
the following Pictures 1 and 2 of comparing the relative heights of myself and the lady tour guide standing on
the "level ground".
Picture 2 - In the second picture after we switched our standing positions, the lady tour guide looks taller than
me (Sing Lin). (Picture 2 is also taken by May Lee.)
Picture 3 - The lady tour guide used a carpenter's (bubble) level to convince the group of tourists watching
this height comparison demonstration that the ground here is level because the liquid bubble in the horizontal
tube in carpenter's level is in the middle position indicating a level ground. She moved the carpenter's level
on the ground along the line between the two standing persons and the liquid bubble always stayed in the
middle position of the horizontal tube.

2. More Video on Demonstrations of Shrink-and-Grow Mystery in Other Mystery

The following two YouTube websites provide similar dramatic video demonstrations of the great
Shrink-and-Grow mystery at Cosmos Mystery Area in South Dakota, USA and at Mystery Spot in Santa
Cruz in California, USA:

Notice that in these two demonstrations at Cosmos Mystery Area in South Dakota and at Mystery Spot in
California, the two persons are separated by only about two feet and yet their heights can change so much
when they switch their standing positions.

Such demonstration is usually repeated many times every day for many tour groups to see. Sometimes, a
large visitor group comes with large number of visitors surrounding the demonstration and different visitors
see the demonstration from different angles, different distances and different positions. But all visitors see
the same mystery of change in relative height no matter what angle, what distance or what position that the
visitors are looking at the demonstration. Sometimes, the tour guide let two visitors stand on the two
positions to do the demonstration. Such two visitors as demonstrators looking at each other also see the
same surprising change in their relative height. It is quite entertaining to every and all visitors even though
nobody, not even the tour guide, know why the relative height change when the two persons switch
positions on the level ground.

From my viewpoint, this is not a special optical illusion that requires the viewer or the photographer to be at
certain special angle or special distance or special position or special trick to be able to see such change in
relative height.

3. More Mystery Spots

In addition to Oregon Vortex in Oregon,

I also visited a similar tourist attraction and saw similar mystery three times in 1993, 2012 and 2016 at The
Mystery Spot located at 465 Mystery Spot Road, Santa Cruz, California.

I also visited
Mystery Hill in Blowing Rock in North Carolina on January 15, 2014 and saw the similar

I also visited Confusion Hill at 75001 N. Hwy. 101, Piercy, CA 95587 and saw the similar Shrink-and-Grow
Mystery in June 2016.

Similar mystery also exists at other locations such as:

Cosmos Mystery Area in the Black Hills National Forest at 24040 Cosmos Rd, Rapid City, South Dakota,

Mystery Spot at 150 Martin Lake Road, St. Ignace, Michigan,

Montana Vortex at 7800 Hwy 2 East, Columbia Falls, in Montana, USA 59912,  

Teton Mystery (Spot) at 9800 South US Highway 89, Jackson, WY 83001, etc.

But I have not visited these additional locations yet.

4. My Motivation to Visit These Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills

For many years, I have been driving my own car or a rental car to tour many beautiful national parks and
interesting national wildlife refuges for sightseeing and wildlife watching as shown on the long list on the
home page of my Travelogue website at:


In such driving tours, I often take a side trip to visit a Mystery Spot or a Gravity Hill when they are not too
far from my planned Points of Interest of a beautiful national park or an interesting national wildlife refuge.
Well, this is one of the reasons that I enjoy such sightseeing and photography driving tours that stimulate my
scientific curiosity, thinking and research on such wonders in the nature.

Driving a car and using various information age technologies such as GPS navigator, smartphone, smart car
technologies give me lots of flexibility and freedom to deviate from a planned rigid itinerary in order to visit
some additional Points of interest as shown on my web pages at:


The key reason that I visited some of these Mystery Spots or Gravity Hills more than one time is that I have
been doing research on these Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills for many years with many challenging
scientific questions hanging in my mind. Each additional visit some years later gives me opportunities to gain
deeper scientific insights into these mysteries.

For example, in my second visit to Oregon Vortex in June 2016, I learned from the tour guide that the
Mystery House is Not at the center of Oregon Vortex, but is a few feet away from the center of Oregon
Vortex.  The center of Oregon Vortex is almost like in the eye of a hurricane and is very quiet with almost no
mysteries. But the Mystery House is a few feet away from the center of Oregon Vortex and the effects of
various mysteries are very strong in the Mystery House which is a few feet away from the center of Oregon
Picture 1 - In this first picture, it appears that I (Sing Lin) am slightly taller than the lady tour guide. (Picture 1
is taken by May Lee.)
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