Magnolia Plantation and Gardens near
Charleston in South Carolina
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Very impressive and mystical entrance drive into Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, lined with beautiful large
oak tree along both sides.

We toured Magnolia Plantation and Gardens on the cold winter day of January 4, 2014 on our way driving
from New Jersey going south to Florida.
美國東南部幾州的大樹都長了很多很長的大鬍子,橡樹上幽幽垂下的 Spanish Moss,如
影随形, 這是美國南方的風韻。

Many large trees draped with Spanish Moss in Magnolia Plantation are one of the South’s most majestic

Spanish Moss is neither Spanish nor Moss. It is named for its resemblance to early Spanish explorers’ beards.
It is air plant that gathers its nutrients from the air and rain water instead of absorbing them from the ground.
Spanish Moss does not harm the trees.
冬天正值 山茶花盛開之時,嫣紅嬌豔,風情萬種,嫵媚動人,賞心而悅目,冬天最美的
生命色彩,給 Magnolia Gardens 增添了幾分雅意。

Camellias blooming beautifully in fall and winter in Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. With 20,000 camellias,
this is largest Camellia Garden in USA.
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is one of only five gardens in the United States and only 30 gardens in the
world that has received the prestigious International Camellia Garden of Excellence award from the
International Camellia Society.

The Society has recognized Magnolia as being a preeminent romantic garden where visitors can explore and
enjoy the largest camellia collection in the United States. The large scale Romantic Gardens are designed to
take the viewer to a place where emotion takes precedent over reason. Surprise awaits around every
corner,  designed to appeal directly to the soul.
Beautiful peacock roams free in this plantation.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is located at 3550 Ashley River Rd. Charleston, South Carolina 29414. It is
about 10 miles northwest of Charleston.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Map: Click here for more detailed Map of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

The romantic bridge that spans the swampy water with reflection is gorgeous.
Many Guineafowl in the plantation. I also took a movie clip of these Guineafowl in action as shown in the
following YouTube website:

Zoom in for a closer view of the head of a Guineafowl.
Colorful male Green-Winged Teal in breeding plumage.

We got on the one-hour action-packed  Nature Tram Tour through 600-acre of wetlands, lakes, forests,
and marshes to enjoy Magnolia’s wildlife experience. It’s perfect for those who prefer many wheels to two
Some white ibises busily eating something.

Naturalist guide and visitors on the Nature Tram help each other spot various wildlife in native habitats. You
never know what you might see. One minute you’ll glimpse many ibises and the next you’ll turn your head to
catch a great blue heron stalking fish or frogs.
Great blue heron.

And as you ride through the landscape, tour guide brings plantation’s complex history to life. The Tram Tour
brings to life the true landscape and culture of the old South.
Another view of the colorful Green-Winged Teal.
A boardwalk winds through the swamp allowing an up-close look at the birds and wildlife.
Some waterfowl in the swamp.

With more than 600 acres of wildlife habitats and gardens, it can be difficult to see everything there is to see
on foot. The Nature Tram Tour allows you to view a large portion of these wonderful areas in an entertaining
and educational way.

Many birds on the trees.
Many birds in the air
Many American Coots
Female Anhinga
One of many warm and beautiful camellias in the cold and pale winter season on a cloudy day in Magnolia
Plantation and Gardens.

In the spring season, the gardens here will be much more colorful and spectacular when many other kinds of
flowers, especially azalea, are in full bloom and the green color of tree leaves and grass are more brilliant on
a sunny day as shown at the following websites:


For more photos, click here and  here.

I have also seen similar many beautiful camellias in the winter season when I toured the gorgeous Descanso
Gardens in Los Angeles on December 31, 2012 as shown on my web page at:


The camellias in Huntington Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles are also very beautiful as shown on my web
page at:


Another place that we visited on our return trip from Florida back to New Jersey is Bombay Hook National
Wildlife Refuge in Delaware to watch huge number of snow geese in action as shown on my web page at:

樹、竹林、亭台相映成趣,步步有景, 園內由河流和林地構成的絕美天然景觀非常值

This is the home of the oldest garden in America, opening its doors to visitors in 1870 to view the
thousands of beautiful flowers and plants in its famous gardens.
Huge branches of big tree growing low and horizontally, another one of the South’s majestic sights.