Huntington Botanical Gardens in
San Marino - Los Angeles in California
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Lovely waterlily in the pond in Chinese Garden
Gorgeous Lupin 羽扇豆,魯冰花 in Huntington Botanical Gardens.

More flowers in Huntington Botanical Gardens. My goodness it smelled so good.
The address of Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens is 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino,
California 91108. Phone: 626-405-2100, Website at:


Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Huntington Library, Art Collections, and
Botanical Gardens
Wow! What a beautiful camellia! It is awesome!

One of a collections of 1,200 beautiful camellias along pathways on both sides of the North Vista and on the
slopes of North Canyon, north of the Japanese Garden in Huntington Botanical Gardens.
Fruits (梅果) of Prunus Mume (梅花) trees in Chinese Garden in April in Huntington Botanical Gardens. The
flowers bloom in February and turn into fruits in April.

A photographer's dream! Make sure your camera battery is fully charged before you come and also
bring backup batteries.
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One of several beautiful pomegranate flowers (石榴花) in Huntington Botanical Gardens. I have been drinking
pomegranate juice everyday. It is very good for the health of senior men. I am very happy to have this
opportunity to see pomegranate flowers for the first time.
初春流芳園:翠霞橋橫跨在映芳湖與碧照塘之間, 湖面微波蕩漾,湖
畔垂柳依依, 曲廊亭台,一派幽閒典雅的風光。“流芳園” 之名 來自
曹植《洛神賦》中的詩句 “步蘅薄而流芳”,就像洛神甦醒,留下每一

The beautiful Chinese Garden (流芳園) in Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
in San Marino in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area in California.

On the afternoon of April 24, 2012, we descended from Rim of the World Scenic Byway at 7,000 feet
elevation down to the Los Angeles Basin to attend the mini-reunion luncheon of my classmates in Los
Angeles on April 25, 2012. After the reunion luncheon, we drove to San Marino for an outdoor quick
sample tour of the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden in the famous Huntington Botanical Gardens
for about 2 hours. (This place is huge. Wonderful place to spend a whole day to be able to enjoy this
famous and extensive botanical gardens thoroughly including many other gardens such as Rose
Garden, Shakespeare and Herb Gardens, Desert Garden, Australian Garden, Subtropical and Jungle
Garden, Palm Garden, North Vista, Children's Garden, conservatory, etc.)

The Chinese Garden of Flowing Fragrance (流芳園) at The Huntington where nature's artistry and the
spirit of poetry bloom in harmony. Bridges lead to small islands where pavilions on the opposite shore
can be viewed in new ways from afar.
The distinctive moon bridge in the Japanese Garden in Huntington Botanical Gardens.

As you stroll through its pathways and pavilions, new vistas are revealed as if a scroll of classic
Chinese landscape painting were being slowly unrolled.
蘇州式園林一景一物,都是騷人墨客,低首吟詠怡情養性之處, 皆有

家,和用了850 噸的太湖石景。

Two more views in Chinese Garden. The Chinese story of how one man pursued his dream diligently
for 17 years (經過千山萬水的歷練) to have this beautiful and artistic Chinese Garden built in
Huntington Botanical Gardens can be seen at the following Chinese website:

Chinese Garden
Two more views of Japanese Garden
Water fowl on the pond in Chinese Garden.
Purple iris in Huntington Botanical Gardens.

Gardens are spectacular.  It is a lovely day to stroll the grounds admiring the beauty.
Japanese Garden
The entrance to Japanese Garden

An intricately crafted lattice window may artfully frame an object or a scene in the Chinese Garden
國色天香,花色明亮艷麗的伊藤牡丹花,能直立的芍藥, 牡丹與芍
藥的雜交品種 “混血兒”

Yellow Ito Peony  in Chinese Garden
Another one of a collections of 1,200 beautiful camellias along pathways on both sides of the North Vista and
on the slopes of North Canyon, north of the Japanese garden in Huntington Botanical Gardens.

Wow!  Absolutely breathtaking.  Such incredible beauty, what a place to relax, walk and enjoy the beautiful
The 18th century limestone statues on each side of the North Vista depict characters from classical mythology
and folklore.

This place is simply breathtaking and you can definitely spend an entire day here wandering, sitting about, and
taking in all of the beautiful art, flowers, and sculptures.
One of the contemplation benches in the gardens. So many benches and places to stop, relax and take in the
views. It's such a peaceful place to unwind, enjoy the day and listen to the sounds of nature around you.

The following YouTube video entitled “蘇州園林, SuZhou Gardens” provides detailed and artistic
description with Chinese narration of several renowned Gardens in SuZhou, China:

More beautiful flowers in Huntington Botanical Gardens. The outside neighborhood of the gardens is just as
dreamy. Beautiful homes with immaculate landscaping.

Seriously folks: put it on your schedule and spend an afternoon here.  Be ready to walk a lot, and bring your
camera - but, also be ready to be blown away with the beauty of this oasis.
In the morning of April 25, 2012, we drove to Huntington Botanical Gardens, but it was not open until
afternoon. So, we drove to tour the nearby Lacy Park for one hour before we went to the restaurant to
attend the mini-reunion luncheon of my classmates. There are also many beautiful flowers in Lacy Park as
shown in the picture above. Lacy Park is located at 1485 Virginia Road in San Marino, California.

Map: Click here for an interactive Google Map for location of Lacy Park in San Marino
In Lacy Park, we saw this World War II memorial to General George S. Patton Jr., who is a famous American
hero and one of the most brilliant, decisive and aggressive military commanders in leading his army to the
ultimate victory in Germany in World War II. We then realize that General George S. Patton was born and
grew up in San Marino near Huntington Botanical Gardens and Lacy Park. His father was the first mayor of
San Marino.
Another one of many beautiful flowers in Lacy Park.
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It is absolutely beautiful, one of the most relaxing and engaging places and it makes you forget that
you are in the middle of a big city.
So pretty and well maintained.
There's so much to see! Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking. Have a great day!
曲 廊。

Absolutely gorgeous! One of the best things you can do outdoor on a beautiful day in Los Angeles.
Walking around is absolutely breathtaking. Each and every different area is as beautiful as the next.
It is absolutely fantastic!
This place is amazing!

This place is magnificent. Just absolutely so beautiful! Such a serene and romantic place.
On April 24, 2012, we toured of the Rim of the World Scenic Byway at 7,000 feet above Los Angeles
Basin as described at the following Travelogue web page:


Touring the Chinese Garden in Huntington Botanical Gardens reminds me of the Chinese Scholar's Garden
( 寄 興 園 ) in Staten Island in New York as described on my Travelogue web page at:

After touring Huntington Botanic Gardens, we drove north along East Sierra Scenic Byway 395 to enjoy
the spectacular scenery of Eastern Sierra in eastern California as described on my Travelogue web page

讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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We came to visit Huntington Chinese Garden again on Sunday February 5, 2017 during the Celebration of the
Chinese (Lunar) New Year Festival at The Huntington Botanical Gardens as the Year of the Rooster begins.
Families can enjoy crowd-pleasing lion dancers, amazing performances from a mask-changing artist, plus
choreographed martial arts demonstrations, Chinese music, calligraphy and brush painting demonstrations,
Chinese foods, and much more.
Tourists flock here from all over the world during this time. Many people are watching demonstration of Tai
Chi class at Transcendent Pavilion.
梅花盛開, 春色滿園,千姿百態,爭奇鬥艷,最具迷人色彩, 大放異彩。

The garden erupts with striking pink Prunus Mume (梅花) blossoms in February. The entire area is blanketed
with pink & white petals with fresh fragrances permeating the air.
Many people are enjoying Beef Noodles (牛肉麵) or other authentic Chinese cuisine on the patio or inside this
Menu of Chinese foods at North Court in Huntington Chinese Garden during the Chinese New Year Festival.
Chinese music performance.
A waterfall in Huntington Chinese Garden.
初春 流芳園,梅花爭相鬥艷。

Prunus Mume in full bloom.
People watching Tai Chi demonstration.
欣賞錦鯉在水裡輕游慢舞,有如華爾茲,優雅華麗, 神采飛揚。

Fish in the pond.
Other flowers blooming in Huntington Chinese Garden in February.
春游梅園, 梅花點點,漫步其中小徑, 閑靜中盡是詩情畫意。