Chinese Lantern Festival
in San Francisco Bay Area
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迎來長達一個多月的中國彩燈節,傳統的中國紅燈籠, 華麗繽紛的燈籠藝術 與 燈籠文化的完美展現,為舊金

The tunnel of traditional Chinese red lanterns for visitors to walk through. Many people come here for a
spectacular evening of dazzling lights, colors, shapes, and themes. The Chinese Lantern Festival is a six week
celebration of Chinese culture featuring many massive and inspiring lanterns and live performances. A tradition
that started over 2,000 years ago, the lantern festival is one of Chinese most important celebrations, marking
the return of spring, with the lighting of Chinese lanterns being symbolic of illuminating the future and the
reunion of family.

This Chinese Lantern Festival in San Francisco Bay Area takes place from November 30, 2018 to January 20,
2019 from  5 PM to 10 PM in Alameda County Fairground located at Gate 8 or Gate 12, Corner of Bernal
and Valley Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

More information is available at:

精心設計,美輪美奐的紅燈籠,在夜空中發出瑩瑩燈火,結合了藝術、傳統和文化的中國彩燈, 它們由中國

A holiday themed lantern festival experience that will remind you why you love this time of year.

We came to enjoy the fabulous lantern festival in the evening of December 30, 2018. We bought the tickets
online with computer printout of the tickets to avoid the long waiting line at the on-sight ticket booth.
騰雲駕霧的祥龍, 中國彩燈節, 是中國最傳統的慶祝節日之一, 經過數千年的傳承,燈籠已經成為了一種藝

Feature a gorgeous 400-ft long dragon lantern. These massive lanterns are hand-crafted by Chinese artisans.
The tail of the amazing long dragon.

The Gateway to the Chinese Lantern Light Festival which lights up the night in Pleasanton.
Side view of another Tunnel of Lights for visitors to walk through.
今年的中國彩燈節主題為“野外”(The Wild),栩栩如生的燈籠動物藝術,讓人不經懷疑是否身處森林,從南半

Lanterns of many tigers in animal kingdom.

Impressive lantern of large and small pandas welcoming you to the festival.
Lanterns of snails.
Lanterns of mushrooms.
Dinosaur rides and dragon rides for kids in Dinosaur Empire. Kids love this Lantern Festival. It can be an
amazing cultural experience.
精彩的中國功夫,雜技,藝術和舞蹈 表演。

Captivating performances of acrobatics, Kung Fu / Chinese Martial Arts, and Folk Dance in the amphitheater.
Dragon rides for kids.

Jumping fish.
Jelly Fish (水母)。

It is a rather unique experience.
在帳篷裡面 的是手工藝示範、工藝品市場。

Chinese folk art demonstrations, knot & fabric arts exhibits, hand-crafted souvenirs and gift shops in these tents.

What a fun event! We were amused by all the exquisite lights!
Long waiting line to buy ticket at on site ticket booth. We bought ticket online at:


at home using computer to avoid this long waiting line.  It may also be possible to buy tickets on your
smartphone and walk right in.

It is about 0.25 miles to walk from the parking lot to the entrance gate of the Chinese Lantern Festival or one
may take the shuttle wagon running between the parking lot and the entrance gate.
美食餐車攤販, 在場內向遊人提供亞洲和美式食物。

Several food stands with outdoor picnic tables and benches for visitors to buy foods, drinks, coffee & hot
Chocolate in the Food Zone for the winter nights.
充滿節日氣氛的大型花燈,讓你渡過一個中西交融的 冬日。

Charming Lantern Castle.
The beautiful Wishing Tree.
The Parrot. It is hard to describe how beautiful the lantern lights are without taking these pictures.
Large shark mouth lantern. Another tunnel of lights for visitors to walk through in the submarine world.

The lantern festival was beautiful for a winter night!

So many animals, it was like a night zoo.
Front view of the Tunnel of Lights for you to walk through. Everything is just so colorful and bright!
Apple Tree.
每個彩燈都是由中國 四川 自貢的大師手工製作的,自貢是中國燈籠遺產的中心,使用的傳統延續了幾個世

Bundle up before you go because it is all outside in the winter season.
森林上閃閃發光的藍點, 在夜空中發出瑩瑩燈火,好比將天上的星星給送到眼前。

Another view of the amazing dragon.
巧奪天工的精美作品, 光彩耀目的燈籠!

Treat your eyes to an absolutely gorgeous display! There are plenty of displays and all have a universal
festive feel.
It is a fantastic and fun family outing for everyone to enjoy including thousands of beautiful artistic lanterns of
various forms spreading out on the huge county fairground, many craftsmanship demonstrations, live acrobatic
and folk dance performances, and several food and drink stands. So much fun for all ages. It is a terrific way
for family and friends to get out and enjoy such special and colorful event.
What a beautiful display of lanterns! A joy to walk through. Great way to roll in the new year。
Visitors enjoyed the bright array of lights and adorable displays from panda characters to swans to fairies.
Really cool lantern displays!
The lanterns are very memorable and you can get a lot of good pictures here. Lot of nice bright colors and
cute lantern characters.
The Chinese Lantern Festival is great event that combines lighted sculpture made of silk with performances by
Chinese acrobats, drummers, and other artists.
Pretty astounding performance.
This is a beautiful display of Chinese lanterns in lots of different shapes and sizes. I was in awe at the intricate
artistry that went into creating these delicate and inspiring lanterns.
Treat your eyes to absolutely gorgeous displays.
Some fantastic live performances at the Amphitheater!
It was delightful walking around looking at the beautiful lit-up lanterns.
Lanterns are nicely spread out in the large county fairground so you can walk in a pattern or just ramble.
Beautiful displays.
The lights were fantastic - each display was well done, an impressive display of Chinese lanterns.
Cool performances.
This was such an awesome family event!
It's a great cultural experience and a beautiful event.
What a great  Holiday Event! We enjoyed a leisurely walk through the amazing light displays.
Some of the performances.
Last year we went to see fantastic Christmas Light Shows in San Francisco Bay Areas as shown on my web
page at:


We enjoyed very much both the Christmas Lights Shows and the Chinese Lantern Festival in the Christmas
New Year Holiday Season.