Fantastic Christmas Lights in
San Francisco Bay Area
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In Christmas Holiday Season, there are magnificent Christmas Light displays at several locations in San
Francisco Bay Area. On the night of Saturday, December 16, 2017, we drove to Livermore, Pleasanton, and
San Ramon, California to enjoy the fantastic Christmas Light shows.
The first location that we visited is the world-famous display at Deacon Dave Rezendes’  Home located at 352
Hillcrest Drive, Livermore, CA 94550. Every year, Deacon Dave in Livermore opens his home to over 40,000
people with spectacular Christmas displays. With over 500,000 lights, a waterfall, a creek, a bridge and
several other sights and sounds, it's the place for many people to visit every Christmas.

By the deacon’s count, the bridge in this home has seen 56 wedding proposals.
This majestic Dourov Livermore Christmas Light Display is located at 467 Knottingham Circle, Livermore, CA
94551. This MUST SEE house is a featured stop / attraction on the Concannon Vineyard / Livermore Wine
Trolley Lights of Livermore Holiday Tour. There are several buttons for visitors to press. Pressing the Yellow
button will make the 6-foot JOY sign light up and play some music. Press the Green button for a laser light
show. A different show each time you press the button. ALL BUTTONS ARE FREE. A set of computer
controlled Really Big Lights on the uphill side property line dance and swing to the music.

The sound in the following YouTube movie that I took shows the joy of the visitors, especially children, at
Dourov Livermore Christmas Light Display:

This display boasting more than 500,000 lights has been featured on cable and international TV, with HGTV
once ranking it among the biggest home displays in the United States. It’s about getting people into the
Christmas spirit. It is a gift to the community to enjoy the holiday season.
More details of the display with music of Dourov Livermore Christmas Light Display can be seen and heard at
the following YouTube movies:

There is a long line of visitors waiting for more than one hour to go inside Deacon Dave Rezendes’  Home to
see the amazing displays inside the home. We did not wait on such a long line. The interior displays can be
seen in the following YouTube movies:

I took a movie scan of the magnificent Christmas Light Show here as shown in the following YouTube website:


The sound in this movie shows the happyness of the visitors in the Christmas-Holiday spirit.
This is Widmer World located at 3671 Chelsea Court, Pleasanton, CA, 94588. Santa Claus, reindeer, light
shows, Nutcrackers, moving trains, the biblical scene of Jesus' birth, snowmen, carousel, and thousands of
colored lights shine and shimmer! Bob and Susan Widmer transform the house into a magical land for 37
More details of Widmer World Christmas Fantasy can be seen at the following YouTube websites:

Widmer World was featured on ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight.
This is Santa Bob's World located at 2612 Calle Reynoso, Pleasanton, CA.
More details and action in Bob's World can be seen at the following YouTube website:

This big, colorful, imaginative and joyous home of Sandee and Malcolm Mc Neil is located at 1279 Hearst Ave,
Pleasanton, CA 94566. The story of this Holiday magic home is on the following website:

After touring Livermore and Pleasanton, we drove north to San Ramon because 160 homes on 15 streets in
Vista San Ramon neighborhood participate in the “Festival of Lights.”  Every house in the entire neighborhood
is decorated in various very creative and different ways. The Vista San Ramon is located at the junction of
Alcosta Blvd and Woodland Drive in San Ramon, California. Sample names of the 15 streets in Vista San
Ramon neighborhood are: Longwood Ct, Long Pine CT, Lansford CT,  Ridgeview CT, Hilltop CT, Overlook Dr.,

Many visitors, including us, drove our cars slowly at night to cruise around these 15 streets in Vista San
Ramon neighborhood to enjoy the fantastic Christmas light shows on these 160 homes. I took some pictures
as shown in the following.
In the Christmas-New Year Holiday season of 2012, I toured the community of Seaside in Los Angeles,
California to enjoy fantastic Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights Extravaganza. My photos and the associated
stories from Los Angeles are near the end of my web page at:

These Christmas Light Shows are not all static, some are highly dynamic as shown in the following YouTube

In the following year on December 15, 2018, we came to San Jose to watch tens of thousands of twinkling
holiday lights of Mattos Orchard Lights located at 1545 Stone Creek Drive, San Jose, CA 95142. For the past
10 years, Mattos has transformed the San Jose apricot orchard that’s been in his family for five generations
into a North Pole-themed winter wonderland, including wrapping 60 trees in lights.