The Famous Yellowstone National Park
in Wyoming - Part I
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蒼勁的松樹, 遠方高懸的飛瀑,谷底黃石河水波濤洶湧,浪花飛濺,
無與倫比的奇美景色, 組成了一個完美的畫卷,而且還有中國水墨畫
的感覺,讓你由衷覺得是在欣賞一幅藝術家的藝術傑作, 藝術家景點
(Aritist point) 果然名副其實, 這是黃石國家公園著名的景觀之

The classic view of the Lower Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which is a large
canyon of the Yellowstone River as viewed from the Artist Point at the end of South Rim Trail of the
canyon. The canyon is about 1,000 feet deep and a half mile in width.

Map: Click here to see Map of area of Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Yellowstone National Park

Map: Click here to see detailed Park Map of Yellowstone National Park
宏偉壯觀三百尺高的黃石瀑布,以排山倒海之勢,傾瀉而下斷崖, 聲

Closer view of the Lower Yellowstone Falls viewed near  the bottom of the canyon by taking the
strenuous Uncle Tom's Trail to go down the deep canyon. The Lower Yellowstone Falls is 308 feet

Map: Click here to see an interactive Tourist Map of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Water vapor cloud and lower portion of the Lower Yellowstone Falls as viewed from the bottom of Uncle
Tom's Trail.

My digital camera can take not only still pictures but also movie with stereo sound. Therefore, I also took a
movie clip of the thundering Lower Yellowstone Falls and uploaded it to YouTube website at:

Please click on this YouTube website to see the movie clip on the thundering Lower Yellowstone Falls in

In order to see these close views of the Lower Yellowstone Falls, we took the strenuous Uncle Tom's Trail
from the South Rim Trail of the canyon and went down to reach the bottom of the deep canyon.
大自然用水、火、冰、風在這裡精雕細琢一幅藝術傑作, 山與水結

Another view of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone as viewed from the South Rim Trail.

Sheer cliff of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone viewed from the South Rim Trail.
This is the warning sign at the starting point of the Uncle Tom's Trail. It starts with a zig-zag hiking trail to go
down some distance to reach the top of the 328-step steel stairway to go down the steep cliff. The steel
stairway portion alone is equivalent to going down and up a 33-story tall building. It says that people with heart
or breathing problems should not take this strenuous trail. However, even for healthy people, it is still a
substantial challenge because this whole canyon and the Yellowstone National Park is at about 8,000 feet of
elevation above sea level with thinner air.

As a retiree, I took this Uncle Tom's Trail on August 31, 2008 to go down and up the deep canyon at the
retiree leisure pace. I stop frequently to rest and to catch my breath, especially when we were coming back up
the deep canyon.
Sample pictures of sections of the steel stairway on the Uncle Tom's Trail to go down to the bottom of the
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone to get close views of the Lower Yellowstone Falls.
There are several nice benches
along the steel stairway for
people to rest and to catch their
breath of the thin air at 8,000
feet of elevation above sea level
when they are climbing up the
328 steps along the Uncle Tom's
Trail. I stop and took a rest at
every bench along this long and
steep stairway. These benches
feel especially nice when I really
needed to sit on them to rest.

While sitting on these benches, I
admired some young mothers
who carried their babies in their
arms/chests to go up this Uncle
Tom's Trail, and some young and
tall guys with long legs who took
two stair-steps on each stride to
go up the canyon. This brought
back memories of my younger
days in high school years when I
used to run up and down the
stairways as an exercise.

We also went to the North Rim Trail of the canyon to see the top side of the Upper Yellowstone Falls
with height of 109 feet.

Yellowstone Falls consist of two major waterfalls on the Yellowstone River, within Yellowstone National
Park, Wyoming, United States. As the Yellowstone river flows north from the large Yellowstone Lake it
decreases in altitude and plunges first over Upper Yellowstone Falls and then a quarter mile (400 m)
downstream over Lower Yellowstone Falls, at which point the Yellowstone River then enters the Grand
Canyon of the Yellowstone as shown above.

A view of the crystal clear pristine Yellowstone River several miles before the Upper Yellowstone
Another view of the Yellowstone River several miles before the Upper Yellowstone Falls. It is a substantial
sized river with a lot of water and fish. It is such a big river that plunges down a 109-foot cliff at the Upper
Yellowstone Falls and a 308-foot cliff at the Lower Yellowstone Falls at the beginning of the Grand Canyon of
the Yellowstone.

Unforgettable experience of roaming with the buffalo. We came from Cody, Wyoming into Yellowstone
National Park through the East Entrance on August 29, 2008 on our way to tour Grand Teton National Park
first before we spent more time to tour the Yellowstone National Park. We were greeted by many bisons (i.e.,
north American buffalo) walking along the East Entrance Road of the Yellowstone National Park. Such a
surprising big welcoming party near the entrance gate really set up our expectation to see a lot of wildlife
frequently in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in next few days. Yellowstone is the most abundant
large animal habitat in the lower 48 states. The photos and the associated stories from our tour of the
beautiful Grand Teton National Park are in my Travelogue web page at:

One of the bisons was rolling and wallowing in the sand and dust on the roadside probably to escape the
attacking insects.
More bisons greeted us near the East Entrance of the Yellowstone National Park
These two famous national parks attract many tourists from all over the world. Therefore, in these four days
from August 29 to September 1, 2008 when we were touring these two national parks, we heard all kinds of
unfamiliar foreign languages among all these happy tourists enjoying the fantastic tour.
In these two big national parks, there are many roadside turnout parking lots for tourists to park their cars to
enjoy various wonderful views at various vistas points. In these four days, we kept on running into a French
couple at various vista points. The second time that we met was on top of the Signal Mountain viewing the
Jackson Hole/Valley in Grand Teton National Park. The third time that we met was at the Artist Point at the
end of the South Rim Trail viewing the Lower Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (the
first picture above). The French guy said that "Wow! This view is fantastic. We probably will meet again in
another national park somewhere else at some other future time because both of us are retirees and are
spending a lot of time doing the same thing of sightseeing, wildlife watching and photography in various
beautiful national parks."
Observation platform with guard rails at the Brink of the Lower Falls. This platform is accessible from the North
Rim Trail to see the top part of the Lower Yellowstone Falls.
A picture of me (Sing Lin) at the bottom of Uncle Tom's Trail.
Many tourists stop their cars on roadside near West Thumb to look at something in the woods

Map: Click here to see Park Map near West Thumb area
Children were also very excited and were running to come to see something in the woods
This lady was taking pictures of something in the woods. So, I asked her about what are we looking in the
woods. She, apparently was a foreigner, could not tell me the English name of the animal(s), but just smiled at
me and pointed her finger for me to look at the right direction.

What we saw was a female elk in the woods near the West Thumb.

At another spot a few miles east of Norris, we saw this male elk with antlers. This time nobody stop their
cars probably because the roadside shoulder was too narrow in that section of road. The whole line of many
cars was moving slowly so that everybody got about half a minute to watch and to take pictures of this male
elk. So, I had to take pictures of this male elk quickly from inside our slowly moving car.
Another view of this male elk. It seems that some spikes on one side of the antler are missing. May be those
spikes were lost in a fight with other male elk sometime ago. This elk may be still a young male elk because
its body size and its antlers are not as big as those of bull elk that we saw last summer (August, 2007) in
Banff National Park in Canadian Rockies as described in my Travelogue web page at:


Part II of my Travelogue web page on Yellowstone National Park is at:


A beautiful video of Wyoming including Yellowstone National Park from the air can be seen at:

Many tourists sitting on the benches along a large half circle to wait to see the big eruption of the Old Faithful
geyser in Yellowstone National Park which is the world's first national park.
The Old Faithful geyser was starting to erupt.
氣勢磅礴的老忠實泉, 每間隔 45 - 105分鐘左右噴發一次,噴發時數十米高的雪白水柱
帶著轟轟聲響從地下噴湧而出, 直入雲霄極為壯觀。

The Old Faithful geyser was shooting higher.

Map: Click here to see Map of Old Faithful geyser area
The Old Faithful geyser was shooting even higher now.
It erupts about every 75 minutes but can vary from 45 to 105 minutes. An eruption will last for 1 minute to 5
minutes bursting water 100 to 180 feet (30-55 meters) into the air.

Movie clips of the eruption of Old Faithful Geyser are available at the following YouTube websites:

See the expression of this boy
when he looked down the
thousand feet deep canyon.
Our 13-Day driving tour is a large loop starting and ending at Rapid City in South Dakota, USA. The sequence
of Point of Interest on this large tour loop is the following:

Rapid City in South Dakota --------> Centered at Rapid City for 3 days and toured Mount Rushmore National
Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Badland National Park (NP),  needle mountains and wildlife in Custer State
Park, Wind Cave NP, and Jewel Cave National Monument --------> Roosevelt NP South Unit in North Dakota
---------> Roosevelt NP North Unit in North Dakota --------> Drove on I-94 to go west along Yellowstone River
in Montana --------> Cody in Wyoming --------> Tour Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP in Wyoming for 4
Days ---------> Drove on Highway 14 to go East to see wild horses and touring Big Horn Mountain Range and
Devil's Tower in Wyoming ---------> Rapid City in South Dakota
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