Wildlife Watching in Backyard
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The male red cardinal. I set up a bird feeder on my back porch. It attracts many kinds of birds to come to eat
the bird seeds. It is quite enjoyable to sit in my kitchen to watch and to take pictures of many kinds of birds in
action on the bird feeder and on the trees nearby.
It was snowing such that there were some snow on these two blue jays.
Front view of a blue jay
The very colorful male red cardinal and the less colorful female red cardinal.
Another view of the female red cardinal.
Four mourning doves on the porch
One of several squirrels that are very active in my backyard
A bird got a seed from the bird feeder
Two birds on the bird feeder.
Red bellied woodpeckers with red belly and red cap
With all those busy activities of many small birds and squirrels on my back porch, sometime a hawk will show
up perching on a tall tree in my backyard. The hawk may be interested in catching a squirrel.
A starling eating bread on my back porch. After heavy snow, I throw some bird seeds or bread on the snow
on my back porch to attract many kinds of birds.
A group of black birds eating bird seeds on my back porch
Sometime one or more deer also show up in my backyard.
In the winter season, many wild deer meet up and form a very large herd at the Dorbrook Recreation Area in
Colts Neck, New Jersey during their mating season. Furthermore, there are large number of several different
kinds of waterfowl in the nearby Swimming River Reservoir. The photos and a movie clip of this large herd of
wild deer in Dorbrook and of many waterfowl in Swimming River Reservoir are on my Travelogue web page at:

I had a piece of left over pork chop from a dinner party in a restaurant. I threw the pork chop on my back
porch to see what kind of wildlife would come to eat it. Within a couple minutes, I was surprised to see this
ground hog came to enjoy the pork chop. Usually the ground hog eats grass on the lawn. It was a surprise to
see that ground hog also enjoys pork chop so much as shown in these three pictures.

In the autumn and winter season, we often see very large group of Canada geese flying in their typical
formation over our neighborhood.
Another kind of woodpecker without the red cap
Birds on the bird feeder
House finch on the second kind of bird feeder that I have been using on my back porch.
Many starlings and one other bird eating bird seeds on the snow on my back porch
A male deer (buck) with antlers also show up in my backyard
A red bellied woodpecker on bird feeder showing the vertical red stripe in the belly in addition to the red cap
A side view of the red cardinal
Four birds on the bird feeder. More birds are on the tree branches nearby waiting for their turn. With the bird
feeder, my backyard is very busy with many birds.
Red bellied woodpecker with red cap
After seeing this web page about these wild turkeys, my friend, Carl Lundgren who used to live in the next
town, sent me the following e-mail about this group of wild turkeys:

Guess what?

Those are very likely the ‘wild’ flock that had for several years frequented our yard on Woodhollow Road in
Colts Neck!

Some were white, and one of these built a successful nest next to our house, and led 8 young ones away
across our driveway one evening as we returned home.

They roosted in trees and could fly over our fences.

I understand they also eat ticks, etc., so we just coexisted with them.  The whole group would visit one home
for a day, then visit a distant home the next, etc.

We had many area visitors stop and take pictures.   Delivery trucks had to yield to them many times!

The “worst” event occurred when, as we were selling our home there, a Realtor with prospects --  scheduled
to walk through our house, couldn’t get up and into the driveway for all the turkeys!

ENJOY ! ! !

Carl Lundgren

Carl Lundgren has sold his house in Colts Neck, New Jersey and has moved to South Carolina because his
wife has several family households within minutes of their new home.
A chipmunk eating my cherry tomato on my back porch. The cherry tomato was still green and was not ready
for me yet. But the chipmunk seemed to be enjoying it.
An American Goldfinch which is the State Bird of New Jersey  (Taken on 2009-7-25)
Two American Goldfinch on the feeder
Another squirrel on the tree
Sometimes the mourning doves are on the tree
When this hawk (or falcon?) showed up on a tall tree in my backyard, all those busy small birds and squirrels
on my back porch disappeared hiding somewhere.
Another view of the blue jay on the tree
I also put a plastic tray with water on the bench of the back porch. Many birds are often attracted to come
to drink water. Sometimes, they jump into the tray to take a bath splashing water around. I also put a rock to
hold down the plastic tray so that the strong wind can not blow away the empty tray when the water is dried
A group of about 10 wild turkeys showed up in my backyard. This group has been roaming in my
neighborhood area for quite some time.
This group of wild turkeys also came up to my back porch to eat bird seeds.
Some flew up onto the rail of the porch. (These turkey pictures were taken through the double-layered glass
sliding door such that there were some slight effects and reflections from the glass.)
Zoom in for a closer view of one of the wild turkeys on the rail of my back porch.
This is the last one to jump off and to fly from the rail down to the ground.

I took a movie clip of three of these wild turkeys in action on my front lawn as shown at the following
YouTube website:

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A chipmunk eating bird seed on my back porch.
A rabbit on my lawn
Zoom in for a close up view of the rabbit.
Sound of Many Sparrows:

At about 6 PM on September 20, 2014, many sparrows are coming into this tree to prepare to roost overnight
at the parking lot of Staple/ShopRite shopping center near MacDonald along Highway 35 in Hazlet, New
Jersey. It is nice to hear the sound of many sparrows in this tree. I took a movie clip to record the sound of
many sparrows roosting on this tree as shown in the following YouTube movie:


A list of several good locations for bird watching and bird photography in winter season in or near New Jersey
is on my web page at:

Taken on 2008-12-31
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