When Smartphone is Running Out of Internal Memory,
What Can Be Done To Free Up Some Internal
1. Problem of Running Out of Internal Memory in Smartphone

In early January 2018, the 16 GB internal memory in my Samsung Galaxy S5 (SGS5) smartphone was filled
up to 15.5 GB level. I was worried that it will run out of internal memory very soon.

2. Use Micro-SD Card and Cloud Storage

A few months ago, I installed a 32-GB micro-SD card in my SGS5 for the purpose of moving a lot of my stuff
from internal memory into this 32 GB micro-SD card.

I also installed DropBox (i.e., one of several available Cloud Storage Services) on this SGS5 and in my other
PCs to store and to share a lot of my files among these different devices. For example, my SGS5 can access
wirelessly all those files stored in DropBox by my PCs.

3. Use Samsung Smart Manager App to Free Up Some Internal Memory Spce

Samsung Smart Manager App help users see detailed information about what is taking up internal memory
space, and also provides a simple way of deleting unwanted items. It does a few other things aside from
internal memory storage management.

For example, on May 28, 2018, the internal memory usage of my SGS5 had increased to about 14.5 GB. So,
I ran Samsung Smart Manager and it reduced the internal memory usage down to about 13.5 GB.

Detailed information on the benefits of and how to use Smart Manager can be seen
here,  here, here, and

4. Several Other Methods to Free Up Some Space in Internal Storage of Smartphone

In mid-January 2018, I was not aware of the benefits of Samsung Smart Manager and I did several other
things, listed in the following, to free up about 3 GB of internal memory in my SGS5. After these actions, the
storage in the internal memory of my SGS5 dropped from 15.5 GB down to 12.5 GB.

4A. I spent some time and effort to move all my data, documents, pictures, movie clips, etc. from internal
memory into the micro-SD card.

Procedure to move data to SD Card on SGS5

1.        Open My Files App on SGS5
2.        Tap on the text of Device Storage (i.e., internal memory).
3.        Navigate to the folder you want to move to the micro-SD card.
4.        Long press on the folder, you will feel a slight vibration and then check box will appear next to all the
folders of your data in internal memory.
5.        Check mark all the folders you want to move.
6.        Tap the text of micro-SD Card as the destination for the move

4B. Cleared the Cache (i.e., Deleted all temporary files)

The procedure to clear the cache is described in the following website:


4C. Switch from offline mode to online mode for many of my Microsoft Word files

For each of my sightseeing driving tour, I use my PC to load several Word files of useful information into
DropBox which can be accessed from my SGS5 wirelessly. However, I want to have instant access to such
relevant Word files by my SGS5 in my trip because some trips may be in beautiful national parks in remote
rural areas where there are no 3G/4G wireless Internet service coverage. To make those relevant files instant
accessible, I turn on offline mode for each of such Word files in my SGS5 so that copies of these files reside
in internal memory of SGS5 and I do not have to download them wirelessly from their source in DropBox.

However, over last two years, I accumulated many of such offline Word files in the internal memory of my
SGS5. After those trips are over, I do not need those files to be instant accessible anymore, (i.e., no need for
them to be in the internal memory of SGS5 anymore.) So, I spent some time to switch these files from offline
mode to online mode which means that they reside in DropBox and not in the internal memory of SGS5. This
process frees up substantial amount of space in the internal memory of SGS5.

4D. Deleted all old downloaded files in Download File Folder by tapping “My Files” App, then tapping
“Download history”, then check mark all old downloaded files, then tapping “Delete”.

4E. Moved some Apps from internal memory into Micro-SD card. Not all Apps can be moved into micro-SD
card. Only very small percentage of Apps can be moved into micro-SD card.

4F. Deleted (uninstalled), or disabled or Forced Stop some Apps that are useless for me.
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