Many Colorful Waterfowl in Barnegat Inlet
in New Jersey

On the afternoon of February 18, 2007, we drove to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park on the northern tip of the
Long Beach Island in New Jersey to see many colorful winter water fowl. It was a cold day with air
temperature about 28 degrees Fahrenheit. When we were driving south on Garden State Parkway, there
were icicles on the trees and shrubs along the Garden State Parkway between Red Bank and Eatontown as
shown in the following 2 pictures.
Barnegat Lighthouse and parking lot of Barnegat Lighthouse State Park at the northern tip of the Long Beach
Island in New Jersey.
One of many fat mallards that we saw near the west end of W 8th Street.
Some more mallards near the west end of W 8th Street.
Many mallards on icy water between W 5th Street and W 6th Street.
Several mallards in flight coming in for landing
One of several mergansers that we saw.
Three of a group of geese coming in for landing.
After landing, the three geese were cruising
Some mallards are on the icy water and some are in flight coming in for landing
Another merganser
Two oystercatchers far away
More mallards in flight coming in for landing
An old man driving a pick up truck saw us with camera taking pictures of these waterfowl and told us that he
came to feed these birds. Then he threw a lot of yellow-colored pellets of bird foods for these waterfowl to
Many mallards and some seagulls were busily eating the bird foods thrown out by the old man.
Many seagulls on icy water in Barnegat Inlet
Many seagulls were flying in the sky with a dark cloud indicating snow flurries were coming soon.
From the base of Barnegat Lighthouse, there is a mile-long jetty with strong steel guard rails for visitors to see
beautiful harlequin ducks and other waterfowl. This area usually has fierce wind that typically rolls across the
jetty.  With the fierce wind, it was so cold that I did not walk on this jetty and missed the opportunity to take
pictures of harlequin ducks on February 18, 2007.

I came back again on my second trip on December 30, 2007 and my third trip on January 9, 2008 with mild
wind and I was able to walk on the jetty to see the colorful and beautiful harlequin ducks and to take their
pictures as shown on my Travelogue web page at:  

More pictures of beautiful harlequin ducks near this jetty can also be seen at the following websites:
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A list of several good locations for bird watching and bird photography in winter season in or near New Jersey
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