Summer in Thompson Park
in New Jersey
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On the afternoon of July 29, 2013, I came to the 667-acre Thompson Park in Lincroft, New Jersey for bird
watching and for my walking exercise. When I came to the boat launch ramp at the southern end of 21-acre
Marlu Lake in Thompson Park, a great blue heron just flew in and landed near the edge of the lake.
Then a second great blue heron also flew in.
The second great blue heron landed at a deeper water area. I was not sure if this second heron was standing
in the deeper water or was floating on the water like a goose or a swan.
在湖邊漫步,驚起大藍鷺,呼拉一下騰空而起, 驚鴻一瞥。

After a short while, these two great blue herons saw me, took off and flew away to other part of Marlu Lake.
The main entrance of Thompson Park is located at 805 Newman Springs Road (i.e., Highway 520), Lincroft,
New Jersey 07738.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Thompson Park in Lincroft/Holmdel

The brochure and detailed park map of Thompson Park are available at:

Southern portion of the 21-acre Marlu Lake as viewed from the boat launch ramp.
Then I went into the woods for hiking on Reservoir Loop Trail along the shore of beautiful Swimming River

If you are interested in hiking on this Reservoir Loop Trail, click on the following Link for a Microsoft Word file
with photos and text providing direction to the trailhead of Reservoir Loop Trail
Beautiful Swimming River Reservoir as viewed from the Reservoir Loop Trail. The far end of this view is the
bridge of the Phalanx Road in Lincroft, New Jersey. The left side of this picture is the Brookdale College in
Zoom in on a pair of swans very far away on the Swimming River Reservoir.
Zoom in on another great blue heron very far away flying above the Swimming River reservoir.

In the winter season, one can see many kinds of water fowl on Swimming River Reservoir, such as hooded
merganser, bufflehead, gulls, cormorant, mallard, ring-necked duck, etc. as shown on my web page at:

Parts of the Reservoir Loop Trail in the woods along the shore of Swimming River Reservoir.
More view of Swimming River Reservoir as viewed from the Reservoir Loop Trail.
Thompson Park has extensive 14 miles of hiking trails, including a 4.9-mile paved trail loop like this.
Two views of the green tunnel of trees with unpaved hiking trails in Thompson Park.
When I came back to the Marlu Lake at about 7:30 PM, some people were on boat fishing on Marlu Lake.
Some other people were fishing from the shore of Marlu Lake.
One of several beautiful monarch butterflies along the hiking trails in Thompson Park.
In the afternoon of the following day, July 30, 2013, I came again to explore Thompson Park some more.
When I was hiking on the Reservoir Loop Trail on the west side of Marlu Lake, I saw these two male deer with
new antlers.
Then I went to the north end of Marlu Lake near the junction of Newman Springs Road and Cross Ln where
there is a very nice curvy boardwalk for bird watching.
The north end of Marlu Lake as viewed from the elevated boardwalk is quite beautiful.
We saw another great blue heron at the north end of Marlu Lake.
A mother duck with two babies at north end of Marlu Lake.
Several other ducks at the north end of Marlu Lake.