Spring Flowers in the Garden State
(New Jersey)
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動人, 風情萬種。

The nickname of New Jersey in USA is the Garden State. In the spring season, many kinds of beautiful flowers
are blooming all over the places not only in various arboretum and gardens in many parks, but also in many
suburban residential areas and farm markets in New Jersey.  This web page presents photos of sample spring
flowers in New Jersey.
These close-up photos of flowers were taken by using my compact super-zoom camera, Canon PowerShot
SX10, with 20X optical zoom. Such compact super-zoom camera can achieve "Shallow Depth of Field" which
is very good for taking pictures of beautiful flowers. The flower is in focus whereas the backgrounds are out of
focus and are blurred. The Shallow Depth of Field is achieved by using the long zoom. I stand at a substantial
distance (e.g., 15 feet) away from the flower to take the close-up picture by using the long zoom. It is
important to use either a monopod or a tripod to stabilize the camera for sharp pictures because the picture is
very sensitive to any tiny shake in hand when the camera is zoomed far out to about 20X even through the
camera has built-in Image Stabilizer.

I prefer to use a good monopod instead of a tripod. The benefits and advantages of using a good monopod
are described in my web page at:


Most compact digital cameras cannot rely on only the large aperture size (i.e., small f number) to achieve
Shallow Depth of Field because of the small photo sensor and the small-size lens in such compact cameras.
Instead, they rely on the long zoom of the compact super-zoom cameras to achieve the desired Shallow Depth
of Field. I learned such nice tips of photography from several experts in the Yahoo!Group on photography with
members all over the world and with common interest on the Canon PowerShot S Series of super-zoom

All major camera manufacturers are competing in the market of compact super-zoom cameras. The prices of
such compact super-zoom cameras range from about $300 to $400 as of 2013 depending on the brand, the
camera store and their discount promotional programs.
清麗瀟灑,芳草鮮美,綠意盎然 ,那帶著草根香的清新空氣,令人心曠神怡, 多麼美好

Wedding ceremony often takes place here on the lawn in the Roy DeBoer Evergreen Garden in Rutgers
Gardens at 112 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901  (Garden entrance at the T-Intersection of
Ryders Lane and Log Cabin Road)

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Rutgers Garden

Map: Click here to see detailed Garden Map of Rutgers Gardens
竹林步道漫步徘徊, 風來搖曳生姿,漫步其中小徑,閑靜中盡是詩情

The dense bamboo forest in Rutgers Gardens at 112 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, New Jersey
08901  (Garden entrance at the T-Intersection of Ryders Lane and Log Cabin Road)
Many bamboo shoots are shooting up in the bamboo forest in Rutgers Gardens in the spring season.

The Rhododendron and Azalea Garden in Rutgers Gardens has many large azalea plants that are very
beautiful when they are in full bloom in the spring season.
暖融明媚的春光,熱情的紅杜鵑花 迎春的風姿, 在陽光中微笑,令人

Red azalea on my front yard
滿目純潔的白杜鵑花, 有一種詩情畫意的柔美, 悠遊其間,恍惚中似穿越時空,把人的

White azalea on my front yard
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五月杜鵑花盛開,迎風玉立,絢麗多姿,如此驕艷, 如此風情,有
每年五月 新澤西 處處可見盛開的杜鵑花, 百花爭妍,顏色濃豔,一
團團一簇簇,開得花團緊蔟、美不勝收, 增添了一層迷人的色彩。
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By May, many beautiful pink dogwood flowers are in full bloom in various residential areas in New Jersey.
春天紅花滿枝,茂盛艷麗, 帶來一派盎然的春意。

Zoom in for a close up view of pink dogwood flowers.
園林中草色青青,綠意濃濃, 那滿樹嫩綠的葉子, 清新的翠綠,彌漫著濃濃的香草
味,幽雅細緻, 悠閒雅逸,一副美麗的風景畫。

By May, the winter landscape has transformed into lush green in New Jersey.
那迷樣的淡紫, 如此令人神往。

Purple Rhododendron

Pink Azalea
花間小坐夕陽遲,黃昏紅霞楓葉, 微風吹來,自然瀟灑,嫵媚動人。

Japanese Maple.
There are white dogwood flowers in addition to pink dogwood flowers. They are often planted next to each
other on the yards in residential areas.
Close up on white dogwood flowers and pink dogwood flowers.
樹在春風中吐綠綻芽,清新的綠,隨風飄舞,姿態優美瀟灑, 別有風致。

The new green leaves coming out on trees in the spring season also look very refreshing.
藍天下,陽光穿透花瓣,紅枝橫斜的風韻,姿態撩人,晶瑩剔透繁滿枝, 陽光下燦若雲
霞, 煞是好看。
花開迎春來,花色端莊秀麗,氣質非凡, 將濃濃的春意展現到人們眼前。
幽靜的林間小 道,蜿蜒曲折,鳥語花香,靜靜小石路, 清幽宜人,優雅的賞花去處
,富有情趣,行進其間,或徘徊、或停留,令人遐想萬千,有如夢幻般的詩畫, 意境
萬紫千紅總是春, 如火如荼的怒放,綠葉作為一種溫柔的襯底,  盡情地燃燒火焰般的
路邊的鬱金香,百花盛開,爭研鬥豔 , 美麗的春天已經到來了。
繁花各爭豔, 嬌豔欲滴。
靈饗宴, 感受著春風的撫慰,享受大自然帶來的春意盎然,品味生命中的美好時刻。
的溫馨和詩意, 縱情飽覽風情萬種的春日景觀,夢幻浪漫的美景令人難以忘懷。