Spring Birding at Lake Elizabeth
in Fremont, California
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We came to Lake Elizabeth in Fremont in east side of San Francisco Bay, California on March 6, 2021 for
walking exercise along the hiking trail around the lake and for bird watching. The new green leaves are just
emerging from the tree branches in early spring.
The flowering trees on the lake shore are blooming beautifully.
One of several white pelicans are flying high above Lake Elizabeth.
More white pelicans are flying high above Lake Elizabeth.
Many seagulls are flying near lake surface, some American coots are on the lake shore and some people are
doing walking exercise and watching the bird activities.
More American coots on Lake Elizabeth.
Mission Peak and East Bay Hills as viewed from Lake Elizabeth.
Water fowl in action.
One of several Canada geese descended from their flight and just landing on the lawn near the lake.
More waterfowl (may be Ruddy ducks) with their tails pointing up on the lake.
A bird nest on the tree.
As people walked closer, many American coots on the lake shore rushed out, jumped or flew onto the lake.
Many birds (pigeons, mallards, and American coots) are busily eating something.
Zoom in on one of many mallards.
Zoom in on two of many pigeons at Lake Elizabeth
Many waterfowl are active on Lake Elizabeth and some people are doing walking exercise around the lake.
Many American coots came up from the lake, and are walking across the hiking trail to go to the lawn on the
left side probably to eat something on the lawn.

I took movie clips of these bird activities at Lake Elizabeth, combined them and uploaded them to YouTube at:


Please enjoy the movie of these birds in action at Lake Elizabeth.

Watching lots of interesting bird activities on Lake Elizabeth makes walking exercise around Lake Elizabeth
quite enjoyable.