Spectacular Canadian Rockies Toured
in the Summer of 2019
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青山碧水, 雪山冰川雲霧,湖光如鏡,清澈湖水映照著山丘倒影,嫵
媚動人,氣勢非凡, 絕色美景路易湖, 恍若人间仙境。

Wow! What an amazing color. Lake Louise is world famous for the vivid turquoise glacier-fed lake ringed by
high peaks. The lake is very pretty, especially with the backdrop of the mountains, glistening glaciers and
clouds. It is absolutely gorgeous.

The far side (west end) in this picture is the Plain of Six Glaciers dominated by majestic Mount Victoria and
Victoria Glacier with lots of ice and heavy glacier even in the summer season.

Lake Louise is located at the west end of Lake Louise Road in Banff National Park in Canada.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Lake Louise (North Lakeside)

Using GPS Navigator on Smartphone for Sightseeing Driving Tour

On Google Maps GPS Navigator on my smartphone, I set the destination at: Louise Lake Parking, 111 Lake
Louise Dr, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0, Canada.

During the driving tour, I do not have to enter these destinations into my smartphone because during the
planning stage at home, I entered all these destinations into the Contact List of my Google Gmail System on
my laptop PC. Then the Contact List in my smartphone is synced to the Contact List on my Google Gmail
System automatically through Wi Fi in my home. So, all these destinations are on my smartphone Contact List
ready to be used during the driving tour. I just have to click on a destination on the Contact List and the Google
Maps GPS Navigator in my smartphone is ready to guide my driving to the selected destination.

The instruction for using the free Google Maps GPS Navigator on smartphones is on
my website here.

Since many national parks are in remote rural areas and may not have good coverage of wireless mobile
phone services, so I preloaded the Google Maps of the areas of Banff National Park (NP), Yoho NP and
Jasper NP in Canadian Rockies into my smartphone while I was at home with WiFi before the start of my trip
to Canadian Rockies. The instruction to preload Google Maps into a smartphone is also in my website
indicated above.

We flew from San Francisco Airport to Calgary in Alberta, Canada on June 27, 2019 for 8-day tour of
spectacular Canadian Rockies. This is my second tour of Canadian Rockies. My first tour was 12 years ago in
2007. One of my classmates told me that he toured Canadian Rockies four times because it is so beautiful.

We got a rental car from Calgary airport, drove to the town of Banff and stayed in a hotel in Banff for the night
of June 27. On next morning, June 28, we drove to Lake Louise to start our tour of Banff National Park, Yoho
National Park and Jasper National Park.

The photos and associated stories from my first tour 12 years ago in 2007 were reported on my several web
pages starting at:


Using Smartphone Services in Canada - A Foreign Country

My smartphone service provider, Sprint, told me that my Sprint smartphone service plan (Sprint Unlimited
Freedom Plan which includes Sprint Premium International Experience) covers my usage of smartphone not
only in USA, but also in Canada and in Mexico with no additional roaming charge. I just have to go into Setting
to turn on International Roaming for Voice and Data when I bring my smartphone into Canada and to turn off
Domestic Roaming for Voice and Data.  I do not have to have my smartphone unlocked and do not need to
change SIM Card in Canada. By following the instruction from Sprint, my smartphone indeed works well,
including Google Maps GPS Navigator function, in Canada with no additional roaming charge. My smartphone
is Android based Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

My friend, Yuan Yuan Yeh, was using iPhone 6 with AT&T wireless service plan in this trip in Canadian
Rockies. Her AT&T Smartphone service plan is also "unlimited" which also allows using iPhone 6 in Canada
with no additional roaming charge.

Using Smartphones in Many Foreign Countries

The "Unlimited" smartphone service plans from Sprint and from AT&T described in last two paragraphs are
usable only in USA, Canada and Mexico. For users who go to many other foreign countries frequently, my
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It is a service plan for using unlocked smartphones in more than 200 countries. The user of Google Fi plan
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More details on my experience of using smartphone in Canada are on my
web page here.
奇, 牛奶翠玉色湖水。

Another photo of Lake Louise taken by Yuan Yuan Yeh in these two days. The pristine lake is lovely. Views
are just stunning.  It is a special place to connect with nature and the Canadian Rockies landscapes.  Lake
Louise is one of the most iconic—and most photographed—lakes in the world. Another view in the morning
without cloud can be seen

The awesome golden sunrise view of Victoria Glacier at Lake Louise can be seen
The luxurious Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise resort hotel at the lake side of Lake Louise. Another view of
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise on lake side can be seen
here. Fairmont is a Toronto based luxury hotel

We started planning for this trip only a few days before the trip. When I wanted to make hotel reservations
couple days before the trip, all the regular priced hotels were all totally sold out leaving only the very expensive
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise resort hotel rooms available.

It turned out that staying at this expensive resort hotel for one night saved us from the nightmare of heavily
congested and filled up public parking lot at Lake Louise and the big hassle of being forced to take shuttle bus 5
Km away with 2-hour waiting in order to come to see Lake Louise.

Banff National Park now receives over 4 million visitors a year. They all want to enjoy magnificent Lake Louise,
mostly during the months of June through August and that frankly doesn’t work out too well. The public parking
lot near Lake Louise is usually full and then closed by about 6:00am. Then the queues begin for the shuttle
buses at Park and Ride 5 km away down by the TransCanada Highway 1. If the weather is nice expect to wait
couple hours in line for a shuttle bus at Park and Ride. Just prepare for long wait if you're taking the shuttle bus.
This seems to be Parks Canada’s way to limit the crowds at Lake Louise and at several other major attractions
in Canadian Rockies.

For example, two tourists described their frustrations this way:

"Tried to see Lake Louise at 9am but no luck, public parking lots were all full. But they allow cars to go all the
way up to the parking lot near the lake then route you back down without stopping or seeing the lake."

"We tried to go one day, arrived to chaos and drove around for an hour and a half before getting to overflow
parking lot 5 Km away. We then found out it was a 2 hour wait on long line to get on the shuttle bus! Gave up
and went away."

On the other hand, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise resort hotel has its own multi-level parking garage for its
registered hotel guests. Furthermore, the hotel also provide valet parking services for its registered hotel
guests. This hotel also provides special shuttle bus to take its hotel gusts to visit the beautiful Moraine Lake.

Tourists taking public shuttle bus to visit Moraine Lake can be very frustrating because it may take 2 hours of
waiting time on long waiting line at the overflow Park and Ride, then may be two more hours of waiting time at
Lake Louise Public Parking Lot in order to reach Moraine Lake. Then wait for another 2 hours for return trip to
take the shuttle bus back to the overflow Park and Ride, a total of 6 hours of waiting for the shuttle bus.

I made the hotel reservation at this expensive hotel and the 8-day rental car reservation through Costco Travel
which provides substantial discount from the regular prices.

People canoeing on Lake Louise. A gentle paddle is a perfect way to see the turquoise waters of Lake Louise
up close.
A view from the 6th floor window of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel. Explore it on your own from the
comfort of a bright red canoe, available for rent at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise boathouse. Spend a
relaxing hour or two paddling around the lake’s brilliant green-blue waters and snap your own treasured
photos along the way.

Many tourists were enjoying the beautiful Lake Louise from the lake shore or on canoe or on hiking trails.
青山碧水,詩意的秀麗夢鄉雅景, 只要天氣好,在哪一個角度拍照都

Another view of the brilliant green-blue water of Lake Louise from 8th Floor Window of Fairmont Chateau
Lake Louise hotel. The striking turquoise vivid blue color of Lake Louise. By mid summer, milky glacier
streams pour new rock flours into the lake. The greater density of suspended particles changes the lake’s
color from blue to green. The glacier silt or rock flour is what the light reflects off of in the lake and gives it the
beautiful turquoise colour.
Restaurants in Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel provides romantic, scenic view of Lake Louise while
enjoying your gourmet foods. Fantastic view and awesome services in such restaurants in the hotel.

Lake Louise is also a magical and romantic wedding venues as shown
Zoom in on Victoria Glacier at the far end (West End) of Lake Louise. There are very thick layers of glaciers
hanging on those mountain tops and ledges even in the summer season. With the striking Victoria Glacier
towering above it, it’s breathtaking at every turn for visitors and hikers.
A fully dressed native Indian Chief showed up at Lake Louise.
Many tourists enjoy having picture taken with the native Indian Chief.

There is a 6.3 Km hiking trail (one-way) along the shore of Lake Louise to reach the far end of Lake Louise.
Then there is also hiking trail to go up to the Plain of Six Glaciers to reach the picturesque and adorable  
Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House and the Abbot Pass viewpoint with elevation gain of 2,100 feet. The tea
house is stocked with freshly baked scones, pies, cakes, sandwiches, and a signature blend of tea. The
views along such hiking trails are fantastic as shown and described in
here , here and here. The name Plain
of Six Glaciers comes from the hanging glaciers of Mount Aberdeen, Lefroy and Victoria, as well as the
Lower Victoria and Lefroy glaciers and the hanging glacier on Popes Peak. The wildlife that you may
encounter along the hike are Hoary marmots, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Pika, Mountain Goats and Grizzly Bears.

There is another hiking trail to the beautiful Lake Agnes and Lake Agnes Tea House. The views on these
hiking trails are truly stunning pretty much from start to end.
However, all the garbage containers in these national parks in Canadian Rockies are bear proof because
these national parks are all home territories of wild grizzly bears and wild black bears. Tourists who want to
do extensive hiking in such territories need to have adequate bear safety knowledge and tips to be able to hike
safely without running into surprising and dangerous confrontations with these powerful wildlife.

When we were driving on Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) in Banff National Park and Yoho National Park
including the areas near Lake Louise in the summer season of June and July, the views of towering majestic
snow/ice caped mountains are very impressive.

Thick layer of snow, ice or glacier on the mountain top even in the summer season.
The Fairview Mountain on the south side of Lake Louise.
One of many golden-mantled ground squirrels or chipmunks, birds and other wildlife active at Lake Louise area.
The Big Beehive Mountain on the north side of Lake Louise.
飛珠濺玉的瀑布, 巍峨挺拔懸壁, 飛流直下千尺, 疑是銀河落九

In the afternoon of June 28, we left Lake Louise and drove here to see the 373-meter (1,250 feet) magnificent
Takakkaw Falls which is the second tallest water falls in Canada. It is located in Yoho National Park (優鶴國家
公園), near Field, British Columbia in Canada. This spectacular waterfalls is fed by 350 m thick Daly Glacier
which is fed by Waputik Icefield. This picture is taken by Yuan Yuan Yeh.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing the location of Takakkaw Falls.

The visitor parking lot for Talakkaw Falls is at the north end of Yoho Valley Road. On my Google Maps GPS
Navigator in my smartphone, I set the destination at the junction of Iceline Trail & Yoho Valley Road, Field, BC
V0A 1G0, Canada. From that junction, go north for about 1,000 feet to reach the parking lot at the north end of
Yoho Valley Rd.

From that parking lot, then follow the hiking trail to cross the bridge over the Yoho River to get closer to the
base of Takakkaw Falls.

Takakkaw means "magnificent" in the language of Native North Americans - Cree, and Yoho is a Cree
expression of awe and wonder.
氣勢磅礡的瀑布上段, 轟
轟烈烈,傾瀉而下, 遊客

Zoom in on upper part of Takakkaw Falls.
The falls really are breathtaking. They
come straight off a glacier and are
absolutely majestic.
氣勢非凡傾瀉而下的瀑布中段, 飛珠拋玉,非常壯觀 !

Zoom in on the magnificent Mid-Section of Takakkaw Falls. Great just for the short stroll to witness the water
falling from the glacier. Very impressive!

Zoom in on the gorgeous Lower Part of
Takakkaw Falls. The view of the Falls is
wonderful. The falls sound like a jet
engine. Oh my god what an amazing
place to appreciate the forces of nature.
I took a movie clip of the 373-meter powerful Takakkaw Falls in action with thundering waterfalls as shown on
the following YouTube movie:


It's spectacular,  majestic and powerful when looking at it up close. What an amazing waterfall!
The Yoho Valley Road from Trans Canada Highway 1 is an adventure itself. This is a picture of the sharp
switchback to gain elevation on the 13-Km Yoho Valley Road between Trans Canada Highway 1 and
Takakkaw Falls. This sharp switchback is O.K. for most regular cars and SUVs to handle, but is a serious
challenge for large Recreational Vehicles (RVs), buses or trucks. These large vehicles may get stuck here as
shown on this
picture and will require special backup skill to maneuver through the switchback as shown on
video and on this picture.

The Google Street View for this switchback on Yoho Valley Road can be seen

This narrow, steep and winding road runs up the Yoho Valley passing through a deeply carved valley with
impressive peaks, plunging waterfalls, roaring rivers and hanging glaciers. The scenic drive into Yoho Valley
should not be missed by anyone visiting Yoho National Park. The road still remains an adrenaline-pumping
journey and is definitely not for the faint of lungs, heart, or legs, especially if you have a RV or motorhome.
The attractions in Canadian Rockies are so popular, attract so many tourists in the summer season such that
the parking lots are usually full and many tourists have to park their cars on the roadside for substantial
distance from the filled-up parking lot. Then hike substantial extra distance to visit and to see the attraction.
A bridge for tourists to cross the Yoho River to get closer to Takakkaw Falls. The closer you get the more
amazing the views.
Many tourists hiking from the parking lot to cross this bridge over Yoho River to get closer to Takakkaw Falls.
床,聽那溪石與清泉合奏出自然美妙的樂音, 彷如遺世深藏的一方秘

It is fantastic to see the Yoho River under the bridge with wonderful milky glacier streams.
Part of a long freight train on the world famous Spiral Tunnel (八字形螺旋隧道, 人類智慧的神奇景觀。) in
Cathedral Mountain of Kicking Horse Pass as seen from Upper Spiral Tunnel Scenic Viewpoint which is a pull-
off from Yoho Valley Road about 2.3 Km north of Trans Canada Highway 1.

The Spiral Tunnels in this area are miracles of early 20th century engineering that allowed trains to climb
grades that were previously impassible. The Big Hill on the Canadian Pacific Railway main line in British
Columbia, Canada, was the most difficult piece of railway track on the Canadian Pacific Railway's route. It was
situated in the rugged Canadian Rockies west of the Continental Divide and Kicking Horse Pass. The area has
long been a challenge to the operation of trains.

The essential problem was that the railway had to ascend 1,070 feet (330 m) along a distance of 10 miles (16
km) from the village of Field at elevation of 4,267 feet (1,30 m) climbing to the top of the Continental Divide at
elevation of 5,340 feet (1,630 m). The narrow valleys and high mountains limited the space where the railway
could stretch out and limit the grade of railroad track, hence the later decisions to bore extra mileage of spiral
tunnels under the mountains in order to lower the grades of the railroad tracks.

A graphic sketch of the railroad track and the Spiral Tunnels in this Big Hill area can be seen
here. This
video shows THREE parts of a long Canadian Pacific Railway train at once as it pushes upgrade
through the Lower Spiral Tunnel in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada.

On average, 25 to 30 trains pass through the Spiral Tunnels daily, some of them hundreds of cars long. The
luxurious sightseeing passenger train, Rocky Mountaineer’s, also goes through these spiral tunnels.
The Sign on Upper Spiral Tunnel at the Upper Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint.
Many tourists at Upper Spiral Tunnel Scenic Viewpoint enjoy watching long train in action winding through the
Spiral Tunnels in this Big Hill area.

There is another Lower Spiral Tunnel Scenic Viewpoint 7.4 km east of the village of Field on the
Trans-Canada Highway 1 to see the Lower Spiral Tunnel in Mt. Ogden.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing the locations of Upper Spiral Tunnel Scenic Viewpoint
and Lower Spiral Tunnel Scenic Viewpoint.
這個美麗的翡翠湖是加拿大洛磯山的一個寶石, 冰川的水產生這樣美
麗的翡翠湖顏色, 煙霧繚繞群山,翡翠湖波光嵐影,交映生姿,群

It is gorgeous! Admire the lovely green water of Emerald Lake.  The color of the water here is
amazing and it is a perfect blend of snow-capped mountains, gorgeous sky and unbelievable color
of water. It is a perfect postcard lake.

On the afternoon of June 28, we also drove here to see beautiful Emerald Lake which is located at
the north end of Emerald Lake Road, Field, BC, Canada. On Google Maps GPS navigator on my
smartphone, I set the destination at: 1 Emerald Lake Road, Field, BC V0A 1G0, Canada.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing the location of Emerald Lake
Beautiful flowers in the lake side gardens of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

It is magical to see snow capped mountains partially hiding in the cloud near Takakkaw Falls.

Snow capped Mountain seen along Emerald Lake Road

Snow capped Mountains seen along highways in Canadian Rockies.
On the morning of June 30, we left Lake Louise area, drove north on Trans Canada Highway 1, then drove
north to tour various attractions along Icefields Parkway (i.e., Highway 93). The Icefields Parkway is dotted
with more than 100 ancient glaciers, cascading waterfalls, dramatic rock spires, and emerald lakes set in
sweeping valleys of thick pine and larch forests.  It is one of the world's most scenic drive to enjoy the
splendour of the Canadian Rockies pristine wilderness.
Glistening massive glacier and tumbling icefalls seen along Icefields Parkway 93

The aquamarine-colored Bow Lake and Crowfoot Mountain along Icefields Parkway 93. The views are
spectacular. The setting is gorgeous with beautiful snow capped mountains in the foreground and turquoise
waters. More wonderful views can be seen
here and here.

Bow Lake is the headwaters of the Bow River that runs south through Banff National Park, the city Calgary
and onto the Oldman River ultimately to Hudson Bay. The lake lines the Icefields Parkway and makes a
perfect place to stop and view the Crowfoot Glacier (shaped like a crow's foot), Wapta Icefield, Bow Glacier,
Crowfoot Mountain and Mount Thompson.
詩情畫意的公路風光,處處皆景,這般浩瀚美景, 實在有太多的美麗

Bow Peak (left), BowCrow Peak (right) and glaciers near Bow Lake.  The view was stunning...lake, glacier,
snow capped mountains all in one stop.
Bow Glacier viewed from the short road to Parking Lot for Bow Lake

On the Google Maps GPS Navigator on my smartphone, I set the destination at Simpson's Num-Ti-Jah Lodge,
AB-93, AB, Canada for Bow Lake. There is a parking lot and public toilet facility near this hotel near Bow Lake.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Simpson's Num-Ti-Jah Lodge near Bow Lake
Zoom in on Bow Glacier and Bow Glacier Falls. A close up view of beautiful Bow Glacier Falls can be seen
here. Bow Glacier supplies water for Bow Lake and Bow River from its runoff.
Zoom in even more on Bow Glacier
Zoom in even more on Victoria Glacier from parking lot of Lake Louise.

Bow Glacier viewed from Icefield Parkway 93. Bow Glacier is an outflow glacier from the Wapta Icefield
which rests along the Continental Divide, where water either flows west to the Pacific Ocean or east to the
Atlantic Ocean.
湖邊 藍水,綠草,黃花 伴舞,走不盡的路,過不完的橋,放鬆心態,多駐足身邊的風

Lots of beautiful wildflowers near Bow Lake
While driving north on Icefields Parkway 93 on June 30, 2019, we saw a female big horn sheep licking salty
gravel on the roadside.
Then we saw a group of seven or eight big horn sheep (2 babies and five or six adult female) walking on the
other side of Icefields Parkway 93.
Zoom in for a closer look of the female big horn sheep with their babies walking on the roadside of Icefields
碧湖奇谷 ,山水如畫沁人心。

Peyto Lake and Caldron Peak. The most popular glacier-fed lake, Peyto Lake is also the most visited and
photographed lake in the Canadian Rockies. During the summer, significant amounts of glacial rock flour flow
into the lake, and these suspended rock particles give the lake a bright, beautiful azure-blue colour. The lake
is best seen from Peyto Lake Upper Viewpoint near Bow Summit which is 2,088 metres (6,800 feet) above
sea level. Bow Summit is the highest point on Icefields Parkway 93 from Banff to Jasper and is the highest
elevation crossed by a public road in Canada.

Zoom in on Peyto Lake. So Blue! As it is a glacial lake, in the summer months it is painted in beautiful and
unique blue colors different from any other lakes. The color of the lake is really amazing. The water color is
mind blowing. Peyto lake is the most stunning visually.
天啊!這簡自是美得令人難以置信。山光水色, 群峰競秀, 空谷幽
長,令人難忘的碧藍和純淨, 蒼松挺立,有幸步入仙境的遊客,無
不為之驚艷, 沉浸在那片不可思議的藍,如痴如醉, 這份激動是無

What a beautiful place. Many tourists enjoying the fantastic views from Peyto Lake Upper Viewpoint, the  
brilliantly colored glacial lake, the sweeping valleys and soaring mountains. It is a sight that will remain with
you for the rest of your life.

Enjoyed hearing people react when they arrived and caught their initial view of the lake, valleys and

Peyto lake is located in a convergence of valleys surrounded by majestic mountains and rich forests.

It is about 1 Km of paved hiking trail in the cool forest to go from Peyto Lake lower parking lot to this amazing
Peyto Lake Upper Viewpoint. But it is a very steep uphill hiking trail which is quite challenging for senior
people. I had to stop several times to catch my breath in order to continue to reach Peyto Lake Upper
Viewpoint. The gorgeous views make it worthwhile for senior people to take the extra effort to climb up to
Peyto Lake Upper Viewpoint.

But some younger people were running up this steep trail with ease. They remind me of my younger days
during my high school years, I was doing exercise by running up and down such steep trail or several flights
of stairways.

However, people with disability and tour buses can drive on a paved road to reach the upper parking lot at
Peyto Lake.

On the Google Maps GPS Navigator on my smartphone, I set the destination at Bow Summit on Icefields
Parkway 93, Alberta, Canada. Then turn into and drive up the 300-meter short road to reach the Peyto Lake
lower parking lot.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing the location of Peyto Lake.

Peyto Lake is about 40-Km north from Lake Louise Village. It looks like a jade fallen from heaven.

However, it is noted that this lower parking lot has several huge and deep pot holes which may cause
damages or troubles for regular cars with low clearance.

A Note on the blue color of these glacier lakes

When people hiked up to Beehive Mountain on the north side of Lake Louise and looked down on the Lake
Louise below, the color of Lake Louise viewed down from that high overlook on Beehive Mountain looks very
similar to that of Peyto Lake as shown on
this YouTube video.

Remember that from the lower parking lot, tourists have to hike on a very steep uphill trail for 1 Km to reach
the Peyto Lake Upper Viewpoint to see the very blue and beautiful color of Peyto Lake.

But when we look at Lake Louise almost horizontally from the lake shore, the color of Lake Louise is milky
white-blue jade color as shown in first few pictures on this website.

In other words, the color of these glacier-fed lakes is strongly dependent on the angle of view. The horizontal
view from lake side and the vertical down view from a high overlook Vista Point show significantly different
"blue" colors.
The lower parking lot at Peyto Lake and at other attractions in Canadian Rockies are usually full and very
congested in the summer busy season. Many tourists have to drive back up the entry road and park their cars
on the roadside of the 300-meter road between Icefields Parkway 93 and the parking lot.

However, some tourists finished enjoying the fantastic views and left, thereby freeing up some parking spaces
in the parking lot. So, it is worthwhile to be patient to drive slowing into the crowded parking lot, circle around
slowly and wait patiently for a free up parking space.
The emerald water of Bow Lake, one of the most translucent lakes along the Icefields Parkway.
Zoom in on Bow Glaciers.

Peaceful and beautiful lake nestled in the mountains and surrounded by lush, green forest.

The lake is so peaceful and scenic, truly a sight to behold and gives a glimpse into Mother Nature’s power and

Views are incredible and sensational. The photo opportunities are everywhere.
寧靜的翡翠湖,煙霧繚繞群山,動人的湖水倒影  令人難忘的碧藍和
純淨 。

A very popular spot because of the stunning color of the lake. Emerald Lake is an absolutely beautiful
glacial-fed Lake with vibrant turquoise coloured water. Another view can be seen

Towering majestic snow capped craggy peak of Mount Temple. It can be easily spotted when traveling to
Lake Louise from the east and when approaching from Icefields Parkway 93N. Its massive size comes into
view when driving up to Lake Louise from the Lake Louise village area near the Trans Canada Hwy 1.

For many visitors seeing these magnificent snow capped mountains is part of the highlights of their trip in
Canadian Rockies.

Spectacular photos of people hiking up to the peaks of Mount Temple and other mountains and glaciers in
the areas of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Peyto Lakes, etc. can be seen
A nice 3-D model of the mountain topology, Icefield, glacier and valley around Takakkaw Falls.
雪山包裹在 白茫茫的雲霧之中,姿態壯美,神秘莫測。

These soaring snow capped mountains in the cloud seen on Yoho Valley Road are part of the attractions to
come to Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park.
While driving on Icefields Parkway 93, we saw two white mountain goats.  This may be one of the many
attractions of the Icefield Parkway called Goat Lick. The mountain goats are often seen licking for salty mineral
deposits along the roadside in such area.

Mountain goats usually live high on mountain cliffs, avoiding predators with their death-defying, cliff-walking
stunts. But at kilometre 38 of the Icefields Parkway they can be found right near the road.

A “mineral lick” or pale-coloured mineral rich silt deposit is what attracts them. Mountain goats gather here to
lick the silt for its calcium and sulphate content.

Sometimes, these mountain goats also come down to roadside to lick salty gravels as shown
Mountain goats can be distinguished from bighorn sheep by their white coats, beards, and short black
dagger-like horns that are carried by both sexes. Mountain goats are actually not goats, but belong to a family
of mountain antelopes. Mountain goats live high on mountain cliffs but they frequent the Kerkeslin Goat Lick
which is a rich silt deposit 38 kilometres south of Jasper, Alberta.

Part 2 of my 8-day tour of Canadian Rockies in 2019 is at the following web page:


The following YouTube videos of the tours of Canadian Rockies by tour groups from Taiwan are also
worthwhile to see:




峭岩陡壁, 怪石嶙峋,雲霧繚繞 , 獨特的神秘魔幻景觀。