Seattle Center Tour 2016
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The 605-foot Space Needle in Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington State. It is a landmark of the Pacific
Northwest, and an icon of Seattle. We took the elevator to go up to the Observation Deck at 520 foot level to
enjoy the amazing panoramic views of Seattle.

The 74-acre Seattle Center located at 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109 was originally built for the 1962
World's Fair. It is now a park, arts, and entertainment center in Seattle.

In our Tour of Oregon 2016, We drove from San Francisco Bay Area in California to Seattle, Washington to
visit a friend couple living in a suburb of Seattle first. Since we were near Seattle, we then toured the Space
Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass (i.e., the Glass Museum) in Seattle Center on July 11, 2016. Then we
drove south to tour Oregon.
Two views south, we are staring directly at downtown Seattle from the Observation Deck of the Space Needle.

There were lots of cloud such that we could not see Mt Rainier which is about 60 miles south of Seattle. (It is
cloudy 308 days of the year in Seattle)
A view north from the Space Needle.
A view northwest of Space Needle. The Smith Cove and Elliott Bay Marina packed full of docked boats is
Zoom in on many boats in Smith Cove and Elliott Bay Marina
Two views west to admire Elliott Bay in Puget Sound from the Space Needle.
A view northeast of Space Needle, we could see Lake Union.
A view southwest of Space Needle.

A PanoCam on the Space Needle is available for viewers to enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view at:

A masterpiece of artistic glass sculptures by the glass art genius, Dale Chihuly. This is part of the display in
Chihuly Garden and Glass which is right next to the Space Needle in Seattle Center.

We toured Chihuly Garden and Glass in addition to the Space Needle on July 11, 2016.
Gorgeous glass art work on the ceiling. It is a feast for the eye.

Chihuly Garden and Glass consists of an indoor 7-room museum and an outside garden where the glass art
pieces are incorporated into the plant life. All of the glass art work is magical, breathtaking, and gorgeous.

The biography of Dale Chihuly is available at:

These amazing creations in such glass wonderland are absolutely stunning!
The glass art work of Dale Chihuly is included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide. He has been
the recipient of many awards, including twelve honorary doctorates and two fellowships from the National
Endowment for the Arts. Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle Center is Chihuly's large installations at their best.
Every room is different, as you turn each corner, there's a new discovery to be made. The lighting is perfect, it
makes every part of the building feel like a wonderland and people seem to magically float from room to
room, gazing into the glowing glass works. There are so many great photo shots every visitor can get.  
The exhibit is mesmerizing, beautiful, inspiring, and mind blowing. Watch out, there's one on your right, left,
up, corner, everywhere. There was amazing color everywhere. Literally every tourist was using his/her
smartphone or camera taking pictures at every angle, and admired the amazing sculptures that surrounded
The end of the indoor museum is this greenhouse-type room. It is so beautiful and perfect for photos!
The outdoor glass art garden. It was a genius way to incorporate art and nature together.
Reflection of Space Needle from the glass ball in the garden.
The garden is a feast for the eye.
The garden is very serene. You literally felt like yourself walking inside a fairy tale.

More information on the glass art work of Dale Chihuly is available at:

The International Fountain in Seattle Center is a mainstay from the 1962 World’s Fair. The diameter of the
fountain bowl is 220 feet. This fountain has 137 total mist nozzles, 77 fleur-de-lis', 56 microshooters, and 4
Super Shooters. The height reached by Super Shooters is 120 feet. The best thing about it is that it squirts
out water according to the rhythm of the music that's playing.

The awesome and charming International Fountain is as grand as it is beautiful! It is a wonder piece of
interactive art that can be enjoyed by many children and tourists!  It is the perfect centerpiece to a warm
summer day for many tourists to watch many children running around the International Fountain while the
water spraying out seemingly unpredictably as children danced and played inside the artistic bubbly
amphitheater, chasing the huge spurts of water and laughing and screaming gleefully at the huge explosion of
water that feels as though it will reach beyond the clouds. It's fun to see how high the water will shoot and
exactly how many people will be soaked! It is spectacular when all 137 nozzles are shooting in full force.
Seeing the kids (and adults too) having fun just running through the water is the real beauty of it. It brings a
multitude of people together, and there's plenty of seating around the fountain whether it's on the concrete or
the wooden benches a little farther back.  The music/water show and children playing in the water sprays is
fun to sit and watch!

I took a movie clip as shown in the following YouTube website:

兩天來原以雲氣濃罩,無緣一見 Mt Rainier 的魂,走出Walmart 大門口,驚鴻一瞥,幸
Mt Rainier 嗎?這份激動是無法言喻

Mt Rainier as seen from front door and parking lot of Walmart SuperCenter located at 1401 Galaxy Dr
NE, Lacey, WA 98516 at about 6 PM on July 11, 2016. At the peak elevation of 14,416 feet, Mt. Rainier
is a stratovolcano and is the highest mountain in the State of Washington and of the Cascade Range
of the Pacific Northwest.

However, Seattle is cloudy for 308 days of the year. The two days of July 10 and 11, 2016 when I was
in State of Washington and in Seattle Center, the sky was very cloudy such that I did not see Mt.
Rainier, even from the Observation Deck of Space Needle in Seattle Center. After completing our tour
of Seattle Center, we were driving south on Interstate Highway 5 (I-5) to go to Oregon for our Oregon
Driving Tour. We stop at the Walmart SuperCenter in Lacey to use the toilet and to buy lemonade
drink. When we came out of the Walmart and at the front door of Walmart, we were surprised to see
through a partial clearance of cloud this amazing view of the upper part of massive Mt Rainier while
the lower part of Mt Rainier was blocked by the trees and cloud. This Walmart is about 55 miles west
of Mt. Rainier.

So, we drove to a hill top known as Overlook Point Park located at 1205 Barnes Blvd SW, Tumwater,
WA 98512 in a small park at the junction of Barnes Blvd SW & Blue Sky Dr SW, Tumwater, WA 98512.
We were hoping to get a better view of Mt Rainier from this hill top.
本以為登高望遠,可以看清楚Mt. Rainier,可是Mt. Rainier依舊被雲層緊緊纏裹,不露就
是不露, 不能目睹她的風采, 讓好攝者為之婉惜。

Unfortunately, a thick and black cloud blocked the view of the lower part of Mt. Rainier such that I still
could not get a good picture of Mt. Rainier even on this hill top of Overlook Point Park in Tumwater.

After encountering such challenges in trying to take a good and clear picture of Mt Rainier in the State
of Washington, I begin to appreciate my good luck of getting very nice pictures of Mt Shasta in
Northern California as shown on my web page at:


In recent two months, I got three opportunities to take pictures of Mt Shasta when I drove on
Interstate Highway 5 (i-5) in Northern California: one opportunity when I drove on I-5 south bound in
June 2016, two opportunities when I drove on I-5 north bound and south bound in July 2016.

We then drove south to tour Oregon as described on my web page at: