Rose Garden in Late Summer
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夏末初秋正值玫瑰花盛開之時, 鮮豔的玫瑰花競相怒放, 其花色多樣,品種各異,花朵
大而美麗,千姿百態, 有些品種還帶有芬芳迷人的香氣,如夢如幻,美不勝收, 優雅的

We came to enjoy more than 3,000 gorgeous roses in full bloom representing over 325 different varieties in
Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden in Colonial Park on September 1, 2013 at the end of summer and the
beginning of autumn. Colonial Park is located at 156 Mettlers Road, Franklin Township, New Jersey 08873.
Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden is near Parking Lot A in Colonial Park.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Colonial Park

Map: Click here for detail park map of Colonial Park

新娘與伴娘們婀娜多姿,嬌豔風情萬種,優美的姿態和迷人的風采,別有一番韻味, 藍

Wedding photography was also going on in this beautiful rose garden when we were there.

The variety and amount of roses in this tranquil garden are a feast for the eyes and
迎風玉立、絢麗多姿,抹上一道輕盈緋紅,令人賞心悅目, 歷代文人墨客在詩畫中的渲

It is absolutely beautiful!

A blaze of colour and the views were fantastic.

Enchanted gardens. A lovely place to walk and enjoy a huge range of colours.
輕淡幽雅的花朵,漫步經過花叢,這時候的花香特別濃郁,  給豔麗的玫瑰花園增添了幾
嫣紅嬌豔, 華麗的畫面美景令人興致高昂, 一種親近自然的情懷,就在不經意間,緊緊
嫣紅一片,綻放著夏日中最美的生命色彩, 清新而明媚,賞心而悅目。

Standing in the midst of the roses was so peaceful.  Just stop and smell the roses.
如火如荼的粉豔光彩,這如夢如幻的花花世界! 風和日麗,沐浴在陽光中,縱情飽覽風情

This garden is a hidden treasure and a must see.

Huge variety of roses.

This place is amazing. These roses are amazing in color and depth.

Cozy meditative corner。 Place to sit and contemplate。It's a lovely garden。
嫣紅嬌豔, 絢麗多姿,迷漫著濃郁的浪漫風韻 ,嫵媚動人。

A stroll through this living encyclopedia of 325 varieties of roses is very rewarding.
This is an ultimate collection.
瀰漫的淡淡幽香,撲鼻而來的香味, 浸入鼻端,香中別有韻,將雙眼微閉,一縷縷溫暖

Located behind the Rose Garden is a circular Fragrance and Sensory Garden which has a sunken
walkway so that the flower beds are at wheelchair level. In this way, all visitors can enjoy the flowers,
shrubs, herbs, and scented fragrant plants that grow there.


The lush colors are amazing.
欣賞其纖細優雅的花姿,亭亭玉立, 幽靜清雅,小巧玲瓏, 別有一番韻味。

Spectacular colors!
熱情如火, 富麗堂皇的玫瑰花。

Stunning. We spent several relaxing hours enjoying the beauty and serenity.

Charming and vibrant roses. A feast for the eyes and the noses!。

A feast for the eyes.

The variations in the roses was astounding.
顏色濃豔,千姿百態, 如夢如幻。

Strolling through the rows and rows of roses is both relaxing and enlightening.
Stunningly beautiful. Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the tranquility.
Gorgeous location, wonderful colors and amazing gardens.
Absolutely delightful.
Very impressive and beautiful. Many, many kinds of roses of all colors.
The absolutely comprehensive collection of roses in this garden. An amazing place to visit.
Beautiful!  It's a great spot for a romantic walk and a meditative time.
More beautiful roses than you could imagine! Bring your camera! It is full of heavenly scents and amazing
It is a real treat for your eyes and for your senses.
Stunning brilliance. Beauty Everywhere! Explore many types and colors of roses. A great place for photos.
If you like rose garden, this is a must see.
There were so many gorgeous roses in full bloom in late summer as shown in the following pictures.