Rose Garden in Colonial Park
in New Jersey
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There are more than 3,000 roses representing over 325 different varieties in the Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose
Garden in Colonial Park at 156 Mettlers Road in Somerset in New Jersey, USA.

Nine members of Young @ Heart Club, including me, visited this garden on June 6, 2009 to enjoy thousands of
beautiful roses and to take pictures. We thank May Lee for  suggesting this outing of the Young@Heart Club
when thousands of roses were blooming in this beautiful garden and for suggesting the small Chinese
restaurant nearby for lunch after the garden visit .

On June 26, 2011, I came with about 30 members of Happy Club to this Rose Garden to enjoy again large
number of roses and other flowers and to take pictures again. Therefore, pictures on this web page are taken
on these two dates.
A view of the Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden
We visited this beautiful rose garden again on September 1, 2013 and all these gorgeous roses are still in full
bloom in the late summer season as shown on my web page at:


Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden:

Website at: http://

This rose garden is in Colonial Park with the website at:


Address of Colonial Park: 156 Mettlers Road
Somerset , (Franklin Township), New Jersey  08873
(near junction of Mettlers Road and Colonial Dr.)
Phone: 732 873-2459

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Colonial Park

Detailed Park Map of Colonial Park is available at:


On this map, the Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden is identified as #8 and is near the intersection of
Mettlers Road and the Duck Pond (or Mettlers Pond). Visitors can park their cars at Parking Lot A.
More photos of roses in this rose garden can be seen at May Lee's web page at:

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