Beautiful Roadside Autumn Foliage, Fruit Trees and
Rare Snowfalls in San Francisco Bay Area
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Stunning show of color! The leaves burst into romantic flames of reds, oranges, yellows, gold and blended
combinations. Street lights up with colors.

Beautiful roadside autumn foliage on Antelope Hill in East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area on November 24,
2018. By the week of Thanksgiving, the autumn foliage in San Francisco Bay Area have reached their peak. It
is very colorful and beautiful here and there when we walk along the street or drive on the road in San
Francisco Bay Area.

Season’s splendor! Gorgeous yellows, oranges and reds.

Beautiful autumn foliage in Cupertino in West Bay of San Francisco Bay Area. We came to Ma Ma Chen's
Kitchen in Cupertino to enjoy delicious hometown cuisine on November 23, 2018. The trees in this area were
also very colorful and beautiful.
秋葉泛黃,氣度醇美,色彩富麗, 金黃的艷色。

There is a large bird nest on the tall birch tree.
There are several wild turkeys on the slope of Antelope Hill in Fremont on the Thanksgiving Day.
每到秋風起,紅葉如火焰般照亮半邊天,煞是撩人, 我們就忍不住想出去踏秋賞紅葉。

Autumn becomes ignited. It is quite an enjoyable experience to see so much beautiful colors here and there in
San Francisco Bay Area during the Thanksgiving holiday season. It is a magical time of the year and an
experience to remember.
金黃的艷色,秋之韻, 美得令人陶醉!

Eye-popping wonders of autumn. The nature puts on a stunning and brilliant show of autumn colors.

The leaves burst into flames of reds, oranges, and yellows. It is nature and landscape photographer's dream.

When autumn leaves start to fall.
金秋時節,碧草如茵秋葉鮮紅得如此驕艷,如此風情, 煞是撩人。

Get out there to celebrate the coming of autumn and to enjoy the best of the seasons.

Trees burst into their variegated autumn colors.
深秋景色,一片金黃濃豔 ,意境非凡。

Awash in autumn color.
濃濃秋色,夢幻紅葉, 絢麗的秋裝。

A spectacular display of color and incredible scenery.
Its natural beauty, tranquility, and romantic.

Radiating autumn colors, liquid gold and vivid orange and startling scarlet. It's spectacular!

Autumn's parade of red, yellow and gold. Intensely hued tree is superseded by another burning even brighter.
Driving through these glowing streets is a fantastic experience to remember.

Brilliant autumn red leaves light up the background of evergreen trees.
Wonderful autumn foliage.
Autumn makes its mark in lovely pockets and patches ways: here and there, in San Francisco Bay Area.
A mosaic of rich colors heralding seasonal change.
Autumn color is vivid.
豔陽高照, 秋正濃。
深秋時節,濃濃秋色, 待到紅葉濃時再聚首, 品茶觀紅葉敘舊。
鮮明耀眼的深秋金黃色, 浪漫與寧静, 嫵媚動人。

The autumn season also ushers in the raining season in California and brings the lovely morning fog hugging
the hills surrounding the San Francisco Bay Area.
秋色高峰, 一片金黃, 引人無限的遐思。
秋天是金色的,那金黃色的樹葉千姿百態, 美麗極了!
秋天的樹葉千姿百態,色彩斑斕, 美麗極了!
A fruit tree with many fruits in a residential area in Fremont, California in November 2018.
Zoom in for closer view of many fruits on the fruit tree. In residential areas in San Francisco Bay area, many
people planted various kinds of fruit trees and vegetables on their front yards or backyards.

By the autumn season, these fruit trees are full of many hanging, colorful and delicious fruits. These fruit trees
grow so many fruits that some people often bring their home grown organic fresh fruits to the Sunday church
gathering to share with friends. Some other people bring those fruits to the local Senior Center to give them
free to many senior people. Such tree ripe fresh fruits are very juicy and very delicious.
A grapefruit tree with many grapefruits on the front yard near the garage of a residential house in Fremont.
A lemon tree with many lemon fruits.
A Loquat tree with yellow and juicy fruits of Loquat (枇杷) in the backyard of the same church in Fremont,
Pitaya plants (Dragon Fruit Plant, 火龍果 ) in the backyard of a friend in San Jose, California in November
2018. Pitaya plant is a fast growing climbing cactus that produces large and tasty fruits with neon pink skin.
Another view of the Pitaya Plant (Dragon Fruit Plant, 火龍果 ) in the backyard of a friend in San Jose.
Many persimmon fruits (柿子) on the tree in the backyard of a friend in San Jose in November 2018.
When we drive around residential areas in San Francisco Bay Area in autumn season, we often see lots of
colorful fruits hanging on the fruit trees in the backyard or the front yard.
Many wild turkeys often show up on Antelope Hill area in Fremont, California.
Lots of oranges on this orange tree.

Spectacular sunset as viewed from Antelope Hill in Fremont in San Francisco Bay Area on December 1,
These wild turkeys often like to fly up to the roof to enjoy the fantastic views of San Francisco Bay from the
roof top on top of Antelope Hill.

Wild Turkeys Flying from Street to Roof:

While on Antelope Hill in Fremont, California, I saw some wild turkeys flying from street up to the roof as
shown in the following YouTube website:


I have also seen these wild turkeys fly several hundred feet in the air from one side of the canyon to the
opposite side near Antelope Hill. I hope some day I can get a movie clip of such "longer distance" flight of
these wild turkeys in the air.
院裡有棵柿子樹,柿子紅了, 掛滿枝頭,艷麗的紅將小院裝點得格外好看。。

By December 10, 2018, the leaves on the persimmon fruit (柿子) trees have all fallen off, but many colorful
juicy and delicious persimmon fruits are still hanging on the tree.
Zoom in for closer view of the juicy delicious persimmon fruits.
Zoom in for closer view of orange on the tree.

Spectacular golden yellow ginkgo biloba glowing in the light.
Snow covered peaks of Mission Peak/hills in Fremont in San Francisco Bay Area on Tuesday morning, Feb 5,
2019 as viewed from Antelope Hill in Fremont.

Some wild and unusually cold weather on Monday night, Feb 4, 2019, turned many peaks in San Francisco
Bay Area white as a rare snowfall hit the region. It happened again on Friday February 15, 2019. The last
time that such snow falls happed in San Francisco Bay area was 8 years ago.
Zoom in for closer view.
Zoom in even more.
Another snow covered peak as viewed from Antelope Hill in Fremont.
Zoom in for closer view.
Zoom in even more.
Another Loquat tree with lots of Loquat (枇杷) fruits in the front yard of a friend in Fremont,
又紅了些的柿子樹,被果實壓彎了腰伸出了院子, 在柿子樹下看看哪個柿子紅了熟了,