Prunus mume Blossoms (梅 花) are
Blooming in Snow in Early Spring
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The five blooming young Prunus mume trees on my yard came from different sources such that colors of their
blossoms are slightly different.
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大雪紛飛的季節,她也綻開得繁花滿枝, 越冷她越開花,千姿百態。

There are several young prunus mume trees (梅 花, or MeiHua, Prunus [genus name] mume [species
name]) on the front yard and the back yard of my home in New Jersey, USA. Some of the flower buds
started to bloom in the middle of March, 2011 when the weather was still cold.

One of the cherished virtues of Prunus mume blossom is that it is one of the earliest flower trees to
bloom in very early spring season when the weather is usually still very cold or even snowing. In the
second and the third week of March, 2011, I did not see any other kinds of blooming flowers in my
neighborhood except the blooming Prunus mume blossom on my yard.

This morning (March 23, 2011) when I woke up, Wow! It was snow everywhere outside covering
everything including all the blooming Prunus mume blossoms on my yard. I put on my winter coat,
grabbed my camera and went outside to take pictures of these blooming beautiful Prunus mume
blossom in the snow as shown on this web page.
Chinese songs and poems often associate Prunus mume blossom with snow and cold weather:

“百花誰敢雪中開,梅花獨領天下春”, 踏雪尋梅,  梅花傲霜鬥雪,
冠領群芳,  迎雪吐艷,冰肌玉骨、凌寒飄香,鐵骨冰心,在嚴寒
中,梅開百花之先,獨天下而春, 因此梅常被民間作為傳春報喜的吉
祥象徵, 它以清雅俊逸的風度使古今詩人畫家為它讚美,文學藝術史
上,賞花惜花,梅詩、梅畫數量之多,足以令任何一種 花卉都望塵莫
The pictures of Prunus mume blossoms and their fruits taken on sunny days on my yard in last 2 years are
on my web page at:


More pictures of blooming Prunus mume blossoms in Chinese Scholar's Garden in Staten Island, New York
can be seen on my web page at:

雪中梅,疏影橫斜的風韻, 晶瑩淡雅。
傲雪寒梅, 迎雪吐艷, 凌寒飄香,鐵骨冰心。
早梅淩霜傲風雪 。
冰雪消融時, 珠潤幽香。
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雪裡香梅,先報春來早。蝶戀花 歐陽修 。
曉突然發現這奇麗景象而產生的驚喜之情,梅花喜歡漫天雪, 冰雪

Lots of snow in New Jersey on the morning of March 8, 2013.
風雪梅韻,梅開百花之先,獨天下而春,今朝忽見梅花開 , 香臉半

In early March, all the five Prunus mume trees on my yard have many flower buds ready to bloom
soon. When it snowed on March 8, 2013, some of the buds on one of the five trees were just
opening up. The slanted light streaks in the background were the wind driven falling snow.

Some of the flower buds were just opening up in the snow on March 8, 2013.
雪裡已知春信至,寒梅點綴瓊枝膩。漁家傲 李清照。

Many red flower buds on the Plunus mume trees on my yard ready to bloom in a few days when it snowed
on March 8, 2013.
Some of the flower buds just started to open up in the melting wet snow.
Snow on the dogwood tree in my backyard on the morning of March 8, 2013.
前村深雪裡,昨夜一枝開。 ( 唐: 齊己。 一字師: 鄭谷。)