2013 Spring Flowers in New Jersey
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等到春暖花開的日子,繽紛多彩的鳶尾,絢麗多姿,如此驕艷, 婀娜
多姿,嫵媚動人, 香氣淡雅,風情萬種。

Gorgeous iris (鳶尾花) at Presby Memorial Iris Gardens located at 474 Upper Mountain Avenue, Upper
Montclair, New Jersey 07043 on the sunny day of May 16, 2013. Tel: 973-783-5974 .

We visited Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, Van Vleck House & Gardens and Peony's Envy Flower Farm
in New Jersey on the sunny day of May 16, 2013 to enjoy many beautiful spring flowers.
純白色的鳶尾花,清新淡雅脫俗,展露出獨特的魅力, 白色鳶尾代表純真。

Stunning white iris.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Presby Memorial Iris Gardens
紫藤花開迎春來,花色端莊秀麗,氣質非凡, 將濃濃的春意展現到人們眼前。

Very showy display of beautiful pendulous purple flower clusters of enchanting wisteria in full bloom
in Van Vleck House & Gardens located at 21 Van Vleck Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042 on May 16,
2013. Phone: 973-744-0837 or 973-744-4752.
串起花鈴嬌欲醉, 披垂搖曳,渾可忘世。

The vibrant blue and purple colours of the enchanting wisteria.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Van Vleck House & Gardens
春天紫藤花滿枝,茂盛艷麗, 帶來一派盎然的春意, 綠蔓穠陰紫袖低,客來留坐小堂

The vine of the massive 74-year old Chinese Wisteria climbs around the pillars of the back portico
and on the walls of the Mediterranean villa style of Van Vleck House. This is one of natures most
elegant displays. It took my breath away. The delicate fragrance of Chinese Wisteria in the air is
euphoric, intoxicating and puts a smile on your face.
It is hard to take your eyes off the wisteria
when you're standing in the fairy-tale environment with the flowers dangling overhead.

Fabulous rhododendrons in the enchanting gardens of Van Vleck House & Gardens.
鮮紅的牡丹花, 國色天香, 百花王。

Gigantic dinner-plate-sized peony (牡丹花, 富貴花) flowers in Peony's Envy Flower Farm located at
34 Autumn Hill Dr, Bernardsville, New Jersey 07924 on May 16, 2013, Phone: (908) 578-3032.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Peony's Envy Flower Farm
繁花各爭豔, 嬌豔欲滴。花形似翩翩起舞的蝴蝶, 鳶尾花開花的季節,你就可以看見一隻

Simply spectacular!!
風中吐綠綻芽,清新的綠, 別有風致,讓人們陶醉其中,怡然自得,景觀尤為美麗。

Splendid view of a showy brightly red maple among green trees  in the enchanting gardens of Van
Vleck House & Gardens.
幽靜的林間小道,蜿蜒曲折,鳥語花香,靜靜小石路, 清幽宜人,優雅的賞花去處 ,
富有情趣,行進其間,或徘徊、或停留,令人遐想萬千,有如夢幻般的詩畫, 意境深

There are hidden meandering paths that lead from one section to another among the flowering gardens that
offers serenity and plenty of secluded space.
清麗瀟灑,芳草鮮美,生機勃勃,綠意盎然 ,那帶著草根香的清新空氣,令人心曠神
怡, 多麼美好的春光!

Peony's Envy is a nursery and display garden in Bernardsville, New Jersey. The gardens are laid out
over an 8-acre wooded property with trails that meander throughout the collections of 50,000 peony
plants with over two hundred and fifty distinct cultivars. It is open to public from May 1 to June 15
when peonies are blooming.
On May 16, 2013, in addition to the blooming peonies, the huge sea of peony buds waiting to open in this farm
is quite spectacular.

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Blooming iris on some flower beds in the glorious iris gardens on May 16, 2013. But there are some beds with
huge number of buds waiting to open in next couple weeks.
White and Pink Azalea in Van Vleck House & Gardens.
We enjoyed the unique lunch experience in the classically elegant Highlawn Pavilion Restaurant which sits on
the crest of the Eagle Rock Lookout Cliff located at 1 Crest Dr, West Orange, New Jersey 07052. This dining
space has to be experienced to be believed, it's a gorgeous space with enormous windows over the cliff for
spectacular panoramic view of New York City Skyline. The food is excellent. Desserts defy description. It is a
formal dinning room. The gusts are expected to dress accordingly. Highlawn Pavilion in one of northern New
Jersey’s most magical and romantic wedding venues.
A portion of the spectacular panoramic view from Eagle Rock Lookout Park and from the enormous windows
of Highlawn Pavilion Restaurant.
Stunning, beautiful, enchanting.
萬紫千紅總是春, 如火如荼的怒放,綠葉作為一種溫柔的襯底,  盡情地燃燒火焰般的生

More flowers in Van Vleck House & Gardens.
雍容華貴,端麗高雅, 濃郁的香氣和嬌豔的姿容。
園林中紫藤盛開,草色青青,綠意濃濃, 那滿樹嫩綠的葉子, 清新的翠綠,彌漫著濃濃
的香草味,幽雅細緻, 悠閒雅逸,一副美麗的風景畫。

Years in the making; A wall of lovely flowers, Blooming marvellous.

Brilliant yellow!

饗宴, 感受著春風的撫慰,享受大自然帶來的春意盎然,品味生命中的美好時刻。
溫馨和詩意, 縱情飽覽風情萬種的春日景觀,夢幻浪漫的美景令人難以忘懷。
百花盛開,爭研鬥豔 ,一片勃勃生機 ,美麗的春天已經到來了, 彰顯出生命的力量與色


The massive twisted, woody and knotted trunk and twining stems of the 74-year old Wisteria climbs around
the pillars of the back portico.
Magnificent peony display farm with lush greenery. There is no better time than right now to be happy.
紫藤的株莖蔓蜿延屈曲,開花繁多,串串花序懸掛於綠葉藤蔓之間, 姿態優美,別有
韻致, 自古以來中國文人皆愛以其為題材詠詩作畫。


A romantic vision of nature's beauty!
春季紫花爛漫,別有情趣, 具獨特風格, 有芳香, 醉人的戀情,依依的思念。
多彩多姿, 色彩絢爛,像天上虹一樣美麗。
愛麗絲 (Iris) 在希臘神話中是彩虹女神, 她是眾神與凡間的使者。
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Manhattan at night as viewed from Eagle Rock Lookout on January 30, 2016