Fantastic Panorama from Scenic Overlook
on I-80 in Allamuchy, New Jersey
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Panoramic view of Allamuchy-Panther Valley in autumn season on October 22, 2013 as viewed from Panther
Valley Scenic Overlook on I-80 East Bound at Mile Post 19 and about 1 mile east of junction of I-80 and Route 517
in Allamuchy Township in western New Jersey.

This is once suggested by Lady Bird Johnson to be one of the best vistas in New Jersey, overlooking a
spectacular panorama west towards Jenny Jump mountain and the Delaware Water Gap. It is a gateway and
panoramic window to the Skylands of New Jersey! What a beautiful view! This is our beautiful NJ!

Thanks to the Interstate Highway System for creating such a beautiful Scenic Overlook which provides the visitor
an opportunity to 'Take it All in', thus getting a clearer perspective of a region's natural beauties.

While at the overlook, safely away from the hustle and bustle of the busy highway, a visitor can repose and begin
to look for all the smaller pictures in details within the vast panorama, whether it be a tiny farm amid its vast
surroundings or a large distant mountain range framing the distant horizon creating a beautiful border between the
landscape and the sky!   

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of junction of I-80 and County Road 517. The Scenic
Overlook is about one mile east of this junction on I-80 east bound.

Fantastic panoramic views from Twin Lights at Highlands and Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook in Atlantic Highlands
in New Jersey are on my web page at:

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