Breathtaking Rocky Shore of Pacific Grove at Its Best
with Spectacular Spring Flowers
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In the spring season from late April to mid-May, the pink ice-plant flowers are in full bloom in the mile-long
Perkins Park which is the oceanfront park along Ocean View Boulevard with the beautiful rocky shore of
Pacific Grove in California. There is a trail to walk along with many benches to sit and look at the views. This
makes for a pleasant and relaxing stroll.
Stunning rocky shore of Pacific Grove in California. It is next to Monterey, the famous 17-Mile Scenic Drive,
and near Pebble Beach, and Carmel.
The Magic Pink Carpet springs up along breathtaking coastline of Pacific Grove. The magenta ice plant
flowers blanket the rocky coast for a truly neon spectacle set against the blue Pacific Ocean.
Close up views of the magic carpet of ice-plant flowers.
Perkins Park was named for local resident Hayes Perkins, who planted the first pink ice plant along this
section of the waterfront.
The drapery of the ice-plant pink flowers down over the cliff of the rocky shore.
It is magic pink carpet every where you look.
Some seagulls and cormorants on the rocks.
A line of several seabirds flying just above the waves.
There are also other kinds of flowers along the shoreline of Pacific Grove.
Some people were fishing on the Municipal Wharf in Monterey.

We came to tour Pacific Grove on May 1, 2017. We arrived at Municipal Wharf in Monterey at about the lunch
time. So, we had lunch in a restaurant near Municipal Wharf. I had Fish-and-chip with Tartar source which is
very delicious.
A guy caught a fish from the Municipal Wharf.
The flowers on the front yards of the homes along the Ocean View Blvd are also very beautiful adding more
diversity to the flowers and colors along the Ocean View Blvd.
We toured Pacific Grove on May 1, 2017. It was a sunny day with blue sky and blue ocean. It was a gorgeous
perfect hiking day!!! Visitors enjoy not only the beautiful flowers on one side of the Ocean View Blvd, but also
spectacular ocean plus lots of seabirds and other wildlife in action on the other side: the majestic beauty and
the salty breeze, breath it all in. It will make your soul smile. Who wants to be indoors when it is so beautiful
outdoor here?
The rugged coastline in this area is a sight to behold. Gorgeous breathtaking scenery. Crystal clear blue water
and beautiful rock formations. Listening to the wave's crash against the rocks. Don't forget to keep your eye
out on the ocean as there are Dolphins, otters and seals that pop up here and there to say Hi ! There are often
a large group of seabirds busily chasing a school of small fish in the water in a feeding frenzy. I took a move
clip of such action of a group of seagulls and cormorants on Monterey Bay near Pacific Grove on May 1, 2017
as shown in the following YouTube website:


The following YouTube video shows humpback whales, sea lions, and seabirds feeding on anchovies as seen
from shore at Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, California


In the extreme case, the huge number of seabirds in action of feeding frenzy on Monterey Bay can be seen on
the following YouTube websites:

Lots of rocks and great views of the ocean.
Pacific Grove is also known as the Butterfly Town because it is one of several winter sanctuaries of huge
number of beautiful monarch butterflies as shown on my web page at:

On the west side of Pacific Grove, the name of the coastal road becomes Sunset Drive. The red and white
wildflowers along Sunset Drive.
Zoom in for closer views of red wildflowers along Sunset Drive.
In the one and half hour drive from San Francisco Bay Area to Pacific Grove, we also saw many large areas
of bright yellow wildflowers on the roadside or on the rolling hills.
This is the first time that I visited Monterey Harbor and got on the Municipal Wharf by mistake. I should have
visited the nearby Old Fisherman's Wharf which has more nice seafood restaurants, shops and whale
watching boat tour operators as shown on the web page of my second visit at: