Beautiful Columbia River Gorge and
Interesting Wildlife on Oregon Coast
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眼底,遠眺右側懸崖上皇冠點的觀景樓(vista house)也一目瞭然.

此地(女子論壇州立公園)是整個河谷最佳的觀景點,山水人傑地靈,峽谷 風情萬種,
絕佳的拍照點,此處絕對值得一遊, 這種地方一定要自己開車來,想停就停,慢慢欣
賞, 不多遊幾次是遊不完的。

Breathtaking vista of Columbia River Gorge as viewed from Chanticleer Point which is also known as
Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint located at 39210 E Historic Columbia River Hwy,
Corbett, OR 97019. (Columbia River Mile (RM) 127.5)  The view is absolutely breathtaking and it's one of
the best spots to soak in a view of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

It is in the western part of the 50-mile long Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. When one drives
on the Historic Columbia River Highway (i.e., Hwy 30) starting at Corbett going east to tour the Columbia
River Gorge National Scenic Area, this is the first unforgettable view of the Gorge. About one mile away,
the Vista House on Crown Point appears to be small but is visible on the right side above the high cliff in
this picture.

We started such tour from Corbett on the Historic Columbia River Highway on July 11, 2016.

The mighty Columbia River is 1,243 miles long and originates from Columbia Lake as its headwater in
Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. I toured the Canadian Rockies including the Columbia Lake in 2007  
as shown on my web page on


On our return trip in 2007 from Canadian Rockies to Seattle, Washington, we drove on the scenic Highway
97 in Washington State and essentially followed the Columbia River as shown on my web page at:


So, our tour of Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in 2016 is the tour of the last and very beautiful
section of the mighty Columbia River just before it empty into the Pacific Ocean.
胡德雪山拔地而起,直衝雲霄,蔚為壯觀,有如天柱峰,一片仙氣飄渺, 此情此景正是
畫中最佳寫照, 很感動!

On the eastern part of Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in the town of Hood River, we saw this
stunning view of majestic Mt. Hood which is a stratovolcano with peak elevation of 11,250 feet and is the
highest mountain in Oregon.  We drove on Eastside Rd in Hood River intended to drive up to the Panorama
Point County Park to enjoy the panoramic views including both Mt Hood in Oregon and Mt Adams in southern
Washington State. We arrived at 5:30 PM, but the Panorama Point County Park was closed at 5 PM such that
we could not drive up to the hill top. We walked a little bit beyond the closed entrance gate and was happy to
see this fantastic view of Mt Hood.

In February 1965, I flew from Taiwan to USA for the first time going to the University of California at Berkeley
as a foreign student. The airplane flew from Taiwan to Tokyo, then supposed to land in Seattle, Washington as
my port of entry into USA. But Seattle was covered under heavy fog at that time such that the airplane was
diverted to Portland airport in Oregon as my port of entry into USA. While in Portland airport in February 1965,
I saw the beautiful view of Mt Hood about 40 miles away. It was my first very impressive symbol of Beautiful
America.  So, I am very happy to see this beautiful symbol of America again from my viewpoint on July 11,
2016. The view of Mt Hood to me is almost like the view of the Statue of Liberty to many other immigrants.
誰將依天劍,削出倚天峰,仰望峰姿,巍峨聳立, 顯其挺拔, 霧氣不斷飄移變化,勢欲

Zoom in some more for closer views of the majestic Mt Hood.
The Hood River-White Salmon Bridge about one mile away as viewed from the unpaved parking lot next to
Hwy 14. One can also see the Mt Hood while driving on this bridge from White Salmon to Hood River.
馬特諾瑪瀑布 “飛流直下三千尺”的震撼之美,在上下瀑布交接處, 有一座懸於半空中
的班森拱橋 Benson Bridge,懸在165公尺的峭壁上 造型非常優美,站在上面可觀賞瀑
布全貌, 遠觀有著悠然致遠的豪氣意境。由下仰視倒覺得像是銀練穿玉環,頗有畫龍點

Zoom in on the mid-section of Multnomah Falls.
碧藍和純淨的哥倫比亞河,藍天白雲,兩岸蒼勁的山體與墨綠的森林, 如詩如畫, 而從這

Nice pristine clean blue water in Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area as seen from the Interstate
Highway 84 (I-84) along the Columbia River. A nice feature of the Columbia River is having nice pristine clean
blue water from its Headwater of Columbia Lake in Canadian Rockies all the way through 1,234 miles of its
length into the Pacific Ocean such that there are lots of salmon, big sturgeon and other fish thriving in this
mighty, beautiful and clean river.
開車到這條河邊,驚鴻一瞥,奇峰出奇雲, 氣勢非凡, 氣象萬千, 卻永遠銘刻於心,難

We came to tour Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area on the following day of July 12, 2016 again and
were very happy to see this "million dollar view" of Mt Hood from a large unpaved parking lot next to Lewis and
Clark Hwy (i.e., Hwy 14) in the town of Underwood on the Washington State side of Columbia River. It is about
one mile west of Hood River-White Salmon Bridge and the town of White Salmon.
有峰突起, 風景絕佳, 讓人嘆為觀止。

Zoom in on the "million dollar view" of Mt Hood from the unpaved parking lot next to Hwy 14.

馬特諾瑪瀑布(Multnomah Falls)是
Oregon 第一瀑,從山頂懸崖直瀉而下

Spectacular cascading Multnomah Falls on
Columbia River Gorge

Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in
Oregon with height of 620 feet. As the
largest and most famous waterfall along the
Historical Columbia River Highway, this is
also the state's most visited natural
attraction. The Historical Columbia River
Highway passes straight through the
parking lot of Multnomah Falls.

The scenic Historical Columbia River Highway
enables visitors to get up close and personal
with several beautiful waterfalls along the way
including Latourell Falls, Sheppards Dell Falls,
Multnomah Falls, Bridal Veil Falls (新娘面纱瀑
布), Wahkeena Falls, and Horsetail Falls.
當時修築公路的建築師有感於這裡秀麗的景色, 於是提議在這裡建一個休息站, 讓旅客
能夠欣賞這壯麗的風光,造型優雅 的觀景樓 (Vista House) 雄踞皇冠點崖上,已有百

The Vista House on Crown Point located at 40700 Historic Columbia River Hwy, Corbett, OR 97019. It is about
one mile west from Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint. The banner indicates that Historic
Columbia River Highway, known as ​King of Roads, turns 100 years old in 2016. The centennial celebration
invites many visitors to enjoy viewing magnificent vistas and waterfalls of majestic Columbia River Gorge.
迷人, 讓人覺得有如置身仙境一般。

I used the movie mode of my camera to scan the magnificent Multnomah Falls vertically as shown on the
following YouTube website:


In autumn season, Multnomah Falls is even more beautiful and can be seen here.

Some more pictures of several beautiful waterfalls in this area can be seen at the following websites:



味,你將終生難忘此景 。

Two fantastic views of Columbia River Gorge from the Vista House on Crown Point.
煙霧繚繞大氣磅礴的的攔河大壩,大型水力發電廠, 船閘 與水利大工程, 是治理哥倫比
Dam)和發電場,藉此將俄勒岡和華盛頓 兩州連結在一起。水聲轟隆猶如身臨瀑布。


We toured the Bonneville Lock and Dam on the Columbia River, located nine miles east of Multnomah Falls and
about 40 miles east of Portland, Ore. The dam provides hydropower to the Pacific Northwest and navigation
lock to improve navigation on the Columbia River. In addition to the impressive powerhouses, spillway, and
navigation locks, visitors come each year to view the fish ladders that help the native salmon and steelhead
navigate the dam on their journey upriver to spawn.

A map of Bonneville Lock and Dam is available at:


The fish ladder consists of a series of steps and pools which provide a gradual upward climb over the dams to
help adult salmon in their migration upstream to their spawning areas.
There is a separate facility to help the juvenile salmon to bypass the hydroelectric turbine and the dam in their
downstream migration into the ocean. It seems to me that this picture is the end of such bypass system for the
juvenile salmon to get back into the Columbia River below the dam.
The side window for visitors to watch the salmon going up the fish ladder.

Several ospreys (fish hawks) are actively circling over the river near the dam to try to catch fish.
Bonneville Fish Hatchery located at 70543 NE Herman Loop, Cascade Locks, OR 97014 is next to the
Bonneville Lock and Dam. So we also visited this fish hatchery. There are lots of rainbow trouts in the ponds
The Sturgeon Viewing Center in Bonneville Fish Hatchery provides opportunity for visitors to watch sturgeon
白鱘魚 ) which is the largest fresh water fish in North America and can grow up to a length of 20 feet and a
weight of 1,800 pounds. They have been known to live past 80 years. There are many sturgeon in the clean
and mighty Columbia River.

The largest sturgeon in this Sturgeon Viewing Center has a name of Herman and  is approximately 10’ long,
425 pounds and over 60 years old.
A 1912 picture of a 673 pound white
sturgeon caught from the Columbia River.
哥倫比亞河峽谷景觀, 美景真是無時不在,只等著有心人去掬取, 另一幅屏屏翠色相偎
的山水畫,又舒放於天地之間。「一夫當關,萬夫莫敵」的雄豪之氣, 峽谷奇觀。一條絕

Columbia River Gorge as viewed from the Hood River-White Salmon Bridge.

A video of beautiful scenery on a boat tour on Columbia River from Astoria going east to Pasco, then branch
into Snake River in Idaho to continue east to Lewiston in Idaho can be seen in the following YouTube website:

After we completed our tour of Columbia River Gorge, we drove west to the rugged coastal area of Oregon
along Hwy 101 to enjoy wildlife watching and wonderful views of coastal scenery.

July is in the breeding season and tens of thousands of seabirds are nesting on the off-shore bird
rocks/islands at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area located at 750 NW Lighthouse Drive, Newport, OR
97365 • Phone: 541-574-3100.
The offshore islands here are spring-summer home for more than 60,000 nesting seabirds (mostly Common
murres ). In other seasons, these seabirds live on the ocean and these bird rock/island will be bare. But in
breeding season from April to August, these seabirds pack on these islands to mate, to lay eggs, to incubate
eggs and to raise their babies.

It was a very windy day and the wind gusts were so powerful that I had difficulty holding my camera with long
zoom steady to get sharper and better pictures. I used the 65X optical zoom of my compact super-zoom
camera to zoom in to get such close up views of many seabirds nesting on the bird island.
Huge number of seabirds on Colony Rock near the lighthouse.
Huge number of seabirds on Colony Rock near the lighthouse.

In June 2016, we also saw hundreds of thousands of seabirds nesting on the off-shore Castle Rocks near
Crescent City in California as described on my web page at:

Similar densely packed seabirds on the top of another nearby off shore bird rock known as Flattop Rock.
Whale Watching from Shore (從海岸觀看鯨魚):

During the summer months some resident gray whales feed in the shallow waters very close to the shore
around the headland. Gray whales usually make a series of shallow dives, blowing (spouting) water every 30
to 60 seconds, then dive deeper that last 3 to 5 minutes. So visitors can watch from shore such whales in
action not too far from the shore. We enjoyed watching whales at several coastal locations in Oregon
including Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, Boiler Bay State Wayside, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area  
and Sea Lion Cave Area. There is NO need to get on a boat to enjoy such whale watching from shore. I took
several short movie clips of whale watching and connected them as shown on the following YouTube website:


In June 2016, we also saw similar whale activities near the shore in Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge near
Crescent City in California as shown on my web page at;

In addition to the densely packed common murres, there are also many cormorants nesting on the rocky shore
An adult cormorant was feeding three big babies on the nest on the cliff ledge near the Sea Lion Cave. I
took a movie of this adult cormorant and the three big babies in action as shown on the following YouTube


The young are fed fish which are regurgitated by the adult birds (so this food is usually partially digested)
and the chicks retrieve the food from the throats of the parent.
Many seals sun bathing on the rocks in Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area.
In the summer season, many sea lions sun bathing on the cliff ledges at Sea Lion Cave Area, only a few sea
lions stay inside the Sea Lion Cave.
In the summer season, many sea lions and cormorants sun bathing on the rocky ledge at Sea Lion Cave Area,
only a few sea lions stay inside the Sea Lion Cave. This is their rookery where breeding, birthing, and
congregating goes on.
Huge number of seabirds nesting on Colony Rock near the lighthouse.
More sea lions on the rock.
Sea Lion Caves located at 91560 U.S. 101, Florence, OR 97439 are a connected system of sea caves and
caverns open to the Pacific Ocean. It is 11 miles north of Florence on the beautiful and rugged Oregon Coast.
Sea Lion Caves is America's largest sea cave. The cave soars to the height of a 12-story building and
stretches the length of a football field. It is the natural home to a colony of sea lions and a diverse array of
other marine life and shore creatures. Stellar sea lions gather in this natural amphitheater, usually during fall
and winter. In the spring and summer, they breed and have their young on rock ledges just outside the cave.

A better picture of the sea lion caves in the winter season with many sea lions in the cave can be seen on the
following website:

位在 Cape Perpetua 海岸的雷神之井,是由岸邊的岩石深洞與衝進來的海浪而成的迷人

Thor's Well in Cook's Chasm in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area located two miles south of Yachats, OR on
Highway 101. It is essentially a huge salt water fountain and large 20-foot deep sucking hole operated by the
Pacific Ocean's power. This natural spectacle is at its best when it’s the most dangerous to watch – at high
tide or during winter storms.

I used the Sports/Action Mode of my camera to take the following series of pictures to show Thor's Well in
I also took a movie clip of Thor's Well in action as shown on the following YouTube website:


The following YouTube movies show Thor's Well and the Spouting Horn in more dramatic actions during
period of high tide:

Devil's Churn in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area along Hwy 101 about two miles south of Yachats, OR. This is a
special place for visitors to experience the roiling, thunderous, hair-raising power of the sea. It is a notch in the
Oregon Coast that catches a wave and funnels it inland for many yards until it becomes an off-white, frothy pile
driver. If the wave rushes in fast enough, it rams the end of the churn and sends up a tall plume of foam and
spray. This is not to be missed.

Unfortunately, we came at the time of low tide which is not a good time to watch Devil's Churn and      
Spouting Horn at their best.

The following two YouTube movie provides better demonstrations of the Devil's Churn, Thor's Well and      
Spouting Horn in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area:

浪漫美麗半月形的海岸線, 形成一道如畫的風景,美國 101 號公路是一條風光如畫的海
濱公路, 蔚藍太平洋上過來朵朵浪花拍打在礁石上。

Beautiful coast line at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
得天獨厚的浪漫美麗海岸線, 潔白燈塔叢立在碧海藍天之中,顯得清

Spectacular view of the coast and the bay between Heceta Head State Scenic Viewpoint, its lighthouse
and Sea Lion Caves.
濱海公路 101 在這附近是沿著濱海的懸崖峭壁,有點像台灣的蘇花公路,地貌奇特,懾人

The rocky shore in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area near Devil's Churn.

When the powerful wave hits the rocky shore hard, it throws spray high into the air.
I enjoyed very much this driving tour of Oregon in July 2016. My previous driving tours of Crater Lake National
Park and other parts of Oregon are in the following web pages:


The modern information age technologies including smartphone, GPS navigator and modern smarter car are
very helpful to make such driving tour for sightseeing much easier, more fun with more freedom. The benefits
of using such information age technologies in such sightseeing driving tour are described on my web page at:


A sunset view from the Oregon Coast.
Busy Activities of Many Seabirds

The large number of seabirds nesting on the bird island are very busy flying from the bird island to the nearby
ocean to catch fish, then fly back to their nests on the birds island to feed their babies. I took the following
movie clip to show such busy activities of these seabirds on the bird island, flying off the bird island, flying
over the ocean, floating on the ocean surface and diving into the ocean to catch fish:


Notice that many seabirds, appearing as tiny black dots, are floating on the waves on the water surface.

It was very windy day and the wind gusts were so powerful that I had difficulty holding my camera with long
zoom steady to get steady and smooth movie. You can also hear very loud wind noise in this movie.

In July 2005, we went to watch million of seabirds on and near bird islands in Witless Bay in Newfoundland in
eastern Canada. We were on a tour boat that got close to the bird island for visitors to get close up views of
busy activities of million of seabirds on and near the bird island as described on my web page at:


I copy my experience from that Boat Tour Bird Watching trip when we were close to the bird island as follow:

"When our tour boat got close to this bird island, there were so many seabirds flying very fast like arrows
shooting in many directions above us, near us and below us. These seabirds fly at speed up to 55 miles per
hour and flap their wings up to 400 times per minute. These seabirds use their wings to fly not only in the air,
but also under water to catch fish. The seabirds can swim to depth of 200 feet under water. Their small wings
are a compromise between flying in the air and flying under water. Because of their small wings they have to
fly very fast in the air to get enough lift.

Some birds are landing on the water, some are swimming on the water, some are diving into the water to
catch fish and some are running on the water to take off. There were so many fast actions going on
simultaneously in various directions such that it was hard for me to decide which direction to point my camera."

In July 2011, we toured the Bonaventure Island off the coast of village of Perce at the eastern end of the
Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec Province in eastern Canada. We enjoyed very much watching hundreds of
thousands of seabirds, gannet, in action on and near this fantastic bird island as described on my web page

延不斷,山光水色,相映如畫, 天地間透著靈氣。

I took a movie scan of the panoramic view from the Vista House as shown in the following YouTube website:

美麗藍綠色的哥倫比亞河,河水晶瑩,清澈可人, 山清水秀。