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Many waterfowl (probably mergansers) on Swimming River Reservoir on February 3, 2008. In winter season,
large number of many kinds of waterfowl from north migrate south to Swimming River Reservoir and other
lakes in New Jersey.
We also saw a bald eagle () in flight over the Swimming River Reservoir. But it flew away so fast that I did
not have a chance to get a better picture. For many years, there was no bald eagle in Lincroft, Colts Neck and
Holmdel area in New Jersey as far as I know. It is only in recent few months that I heard about appearance of
bald eagle on Swimming River Reservoir. I was, therefore,  very happy to see the bald eagle over the
Swimming River Reservoir in February 2008 and again in February 2011.
On the morning of February 3, 2008, we went to Swimming River Reservoir in Lincroft and Colts Neck in New
Jersey for bird watching. We saw many big birds circling up, and soaring high on a "thermal " over a farm land
surrounded by the two branches of Swimming River Reservoir which was icy cold in the winter. The thermal is
a rising warm-air column caused when the sun differentially heats the ground surfaces. In this case, the
"differential heating" was probably due to the difference between the icy cold water on the reservoir in the
winter vs. the farm land with paved black-top roads on the farm and in the residential area. These raptors
were getting a free ride on the thermal, like on an elevator, to gain substantial height without having to spend
energy to flap their wings.
I zoomed in to try to get a closer view of these big
birds. But I am still not sure if these big birds are
hawks or vultures.
One of the mallards on the Swimming River Reservoir
Some green-winged teals on Swimming River Reserver On February 3, 2008
Two swans on Swimming River Reservoir near LongBridge Road.
In the afternoon of February 3, 2008, we went to Manasquan Reservoir in Howell, New Jersey for bird
watching. We saw this female bald eagle in the nest on a tree, probably sitting on and hatching eggs, and a
male bald eagle was perching on another tree near the nest as shown in the following picture
Two hawks were also perching on a tree near the Manasquan Reservoir
Zoom in for a closer view of one of the two hawks.
This pair of bald eagles was too far away even for my camera with 12X optical zoom. I could not walk closer
because of the water/reservoir. This pair of  bald eagles selected their nest site strategically so that people
cannot get very close to them.

The Visitor Center of Manasquan Reservoir is at: 311 Windeler Road, Howell 07731, Phone: (732) 919-0996.
The Environmental Center is at:  331 Georgia Tavern Road, Howell 07731, Phone: (732) 751-9453.

The park's Environmental Center on Georgia Tavern Road sets up a high power telescope so that visitors can
get a close up view of the activities of bald eagles and eaglets in the nest on a large screen TV in the
Environmental Center.

Park Brochure, maps and more information of Manasquan Reservoir can be seen at the following websites:


My previous experience with many bald eagles in action catching preys are described on my Travelogue web
pages at:
Some hooded mergansers on Swimming River Reservoir on February 3, 2008
A pair of mallards in flight over Swimming River Reservoir on February 3, 2008
One of the Rudy Ducks on Manasquan Reservoir
A heron on Manasquan Reservoir.

My previous experience with many herons in action are described in my Travelogue web page at:
More hooded mergansers. The white patch in the lower portion of this photo is ice on Swimming River
Reservoir in the winter season.
A group of more than 10 deer forming a line crossing the icy cold water to go from a small island in Swimming
River Reservoir to the shore on February 3, 2008.
A heron in flight over Swimming River Reservoir.
One of many American coots on Swimming River Reservoir. I was taking pictures of these waterfowl through
the gaps among many tree branches around me.
Many Canada geese on Swimming River Reservoir
2 swans on Manasquan Reservoir
Another Rudy duck was making a splash on Manasquan Reservoir
On February 18, 2011, I saw many common mergansers in Swimming River Reservoir. I also saw a bald
eagle flew over head quickly.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location where I took this picture of mergansers
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