Management of Your Participation in
Yahoo E-Mail Groups
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March 2013

In addition to regular e-mails, if one is also a member of several groups using Yahoo Group E-mail system for
communication among group members on some group common interests such as Y@H Club, or Classmate
Group, or Alumni Association, or smartphone, or tablet PC, or photography, or traveling, or birding, etc., one
may be overwhelmed by very large number of incoming e-mails from many members in these highly popular
and very active Yahoo E-Mail Groups. Therefore, such person needs some ways to manage such large
number of e-mails coming every day from large number of active members in several E-Mail Groups.

The Yahoo Group E-Mail system offers group members the ability to manage the group e-mails at four
different levels of participation. However, one must have a valid free Yahoo E-Mail Account to be able to do
such management of participation in various level. On the other hand, your e-mail address in the Yahoo Group
E-Mail system does not have to be Yahoo e-mail address. Any other e-mail address, such as Comcast,
Verizon, Hotmail, etc., can all be used as a member of the Yahoo E-Mail group.

Level 1: If a member fully enjoys the friendship and intellectual interactions among the group members in a
group, then the member stays on the regular level where the member receives all the e-mails in the group e-
mail interactions. But the member can see the subject line of each e-mail and can decide if he/she wants to
open to read it, or to simply ignore it, or to delete it without opening it.

Level 2: If a member does not want to receive so many group e-mails every day from a particular group, the
member can choose the level 2 participation where the Yahoo Group E-Mail system will send "only one line
notice" on the day if there are some group e-mails on that day from that group. If the member is too busy or is
not interested, he/she can ignore that one line notice for that day from that particular group, or delete that one
line notice for that day. But if the member is not too busy on that day and is curious about the one line notice,
the member can click on that one line notice which then expands into a list of subject lines of all e-mails from
that group in that day. Then the member can pick and choose the subject line(s) that he/she wants to open to

Level 3: The member wants to receive only important group e-mail announcements from the Group Moderator,
but not from any other members in that group.

Level 4: If a member does not enjoy most of the e-mails in a group, the member can choose not to receive any
group e-mails directly and not even the one line notice. Then the member receives no group e-mails at all, not
even the one line notice from that group. But the Yahoo Group E-Mail system still keeps all the group e-mails
in its Group Message History. If the member is not too busy on certain day(s) and is curious, the member can
go into the Group Message History to pick and choose certain particular e-mails that he/she wants to open to

The procedure to manage the level of participation in a Yahoo E-Mail Group is described in the following:

1.        Open any Yahoo Group E-mail that you received from a Yahoo E-Mail Group
2.        Scroll down to the bottom of the group e-mail and click on “Visit Your Group “
3.        On the next web page, click on “Edit  Membership” near the top of the web page
4.        The new web page offers the 4 options of participation described above for the member to choose.
5.        After the choice is made, the member clicks on “Save Changes” at the lower right corner of the web
6.        Close the web page. This completes the choice of your level of participation in that Yahoo E-Mail