Lotus and Other Beautiful Flowers
in Princeton and West Windsor, New Jersey
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蓮花的倩影,清嬌秀麗,潔身自好, 出淤不染,喻君子之德。

Lotus flower in the pond in Carnegie Center in West Windsor in central New Jersey, USA.
富麗堂皇, 有著無比灑脫的韻味。

Lotus in Carnegie Center.

Lotus in Carnegie Center

Lotus in Carnegie Center
高托水面之上, 隨風翩翩起舞,婆娑生姿,不但賞心悅目,更令人神

A corner of the Lotus Pond in Carnegie Center in 2009.

There are several ponds in Carnegie Center in West Windsor. One of the ponds has  a pair of swans.
The walkway from parking lot to the lotus pond in Carnegie Center with some summer flowers
Daylily in Liu's backyard

Lotus in Carnegie Center
Water lily in Liu's backyard
聖潔猶贊高寒處  菩提蓮座一瓣心。

Water lily in Liu's backyard
One of the two swans on the lawn near the pond.
Daylily near lotus pond in Carnegie Center
小橋流水,愛荷、養荷、賞荷的劉家, 文人雅士們的絕好去處。

One of the two lotus and water lily ponds in Liu's backyard
Lotus in Carnegie Center
More summer flowers in Carnegie Center
In Carnegie Center. This one seems to be telling me to come back again Tomorrow.

Lotus in Carnegie Center
We also rented a kayak and enjoyed one hour of kayaking on this canal in Princeton/West Windsor area. We
saw a heron and some other birds along the canal. There were also many large and small turtles basking
under the sun on some tree stumps sticking above water surface.
Lotus Pond in Carnegie Center

: 212 Carnegie Center Drive, West Windsor, New Jersey 08540, USA as shown in the two pictures
below.  It is near the T Intersection of Carnegie Center Drive and Roszel Road. ‎However, this Lotus Pond is in
a courtyard surrounded by four large and tall office buildings, trees and shrubs  such that the lotus pond is not
visible from the nearby streets. Visitors need the following local direction to find it.

1.        Take Highway 1 south to Princeton/West Windsor, New Jersey
2.        Take the Exit for Alexander Rd Southeast and go southeast for about 0.4 mile,
3.        Turn right into Roszel Road and go West for about 0.3 mile to reach the T intersection of Roszel Road
and Carnegie Center Dr.
4.        At this T intersection, turn left (south) into Carnegie Center Drive to go south for only about 200 feet,
turn right (west) into Carnegie Center, seeing three flag poles and a flower bed as shown in the two pictures
6.        Immediately turn Right (north) on the first right turn into the smaller parking lot on the right side that is
close to the Walkway to the Lotus Pond.
7.        Take the walkway that is on the north side of the small parking lot to go west to the courtyard and the
lotus pond surrounded by four tall buildings.    This walkway is between two buildings as shown in the picture

The pond is artistically irregularly shaped among the 4 buildings with several outdoor, white colored tables and
chairs near the pond. (In satellite view in the following Google Map, the lotus pond is as if directly extended
from Roszel Rd.)

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Lotus Pond
睡蓮 (水蓮) 葉片浮貼於水, 因晝舒夜卷而被譽為「花中睡美人」。

Water lily in the pond in Liu's backyard in Princeton, New Jersey.
含苞待放的荷花 與 凋謝後的蓮蓬 (seedpod),我們平常吃的蓮

Lotus in Liu's backyard.
淡雅清新,古往今來 愛蓮 寫蓮 畫蓮之人,也都藉蓮花歌詠自己的心

We went to West Windsor and Princeton, New Jersey on July 31, 2009, September 26, 2010, and July 22,
2012 to picnic near the lotus pond and to enjoy beautiful lotus flowers in Carnegie Center and in Mr. and Mrs.
Liu's backyard.
荷香伊人, 微風過處,送來縷縷清香、若有若無、沁人心脾,連蜻蜓蜜蜂甲蟲都聞香而

More lotus flowers in Carnegie Center in 2010.

The lotus pond in Carnegie Center in July 2012.
Another view of the lotus pond in Carnegie Center in July 2012.
湖面微波蕩漾,湖畔垂柳依依,風韻柔媚, 體會一番悠閒與安逸。

Weeping willow on the other end of the Lotus Pond in Carnegie Center.
On September 26, 2010, after visiting the lotus pond in Carnegie Center, we also visited Prospect Gardens
on Princeton University Campus where there are many beautiful flowers.
More flowers in Prospect Gardens on Princeton University campus
Some more pictures of Carnegie Center near Lotus Pond in November (near the tail end of autumn season)
can be seen at my Travelogue web page at:

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亭亭玉立, 晶瑩剔透,在陽光下燦若雲霞, 絢麗耀眼爛漫,少女懷春
的一抹紅暈般,婀娜風姿, 風情萬種。

Lotus flower in the pond in the backyard of my friends, Mr. and Mrs. Liu, in Princeton, New Jersey. Mr. and
Mrs. Liu love lotus flowers and water lily flowers. They have two ponds in their backyard to grow beautiful lotus
and water lily.
Lotus in Liu's backyard
Lotus in Liu's backyard

Lotus in Carnegie Center.

Lotus and dragonfly in Liu's backyard.
荷花 (蓮花 ) 與 蓮蓬
Princeton University campus is located at the junction of Nassau St. (Route 27) and Washington Rd. (Route
571) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Princeton University

The Prospect Gardens is behind (south of) the Prospect House and near (southeast of) the Art Museum on
Princeton University campus. Maps of Princeton University campus are available at:



Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Prospect Gardens

Princeton Canoe & Kayak Rental
483 Alexander Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Phone: 609-452-2403
(Junction of Alexander Street & Canal Rd.)

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Princeton Canoe & Kayak Rental

Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey also has two lotus ponds: One is outside of the Seward
Johnson Center for the Arts and  another one is at the Gazebo as shown on my web page at:

This is the street sign of 212 Carnegie Center Drive where visitors turn from Carnegie Center Drive into the
parking lot to visit the lotus pond. Notice the three flag poles and the flower bed at this entrance to the
parking lot.
Closer view of the street sign at 212 Carnegie Center Drive. The companies in the office building, owned by
Boston Properties, behind the three flag poles are Kyowa, Hakko Kirin Pharma, Inc., ZS Associates.
The Walkway from the parking lot to the courtyard behind the buildings where the lotus pond is located.
Some members of Young @ Heart Club were enjoying picnic near the lotus pond in Carnegie Center on
Sunday, July 22, 2012.
賞荷圖, 清新中見精神。

White lotus in Carnegie Center in West Windsor, New Jersey.
White Lotus in Carnegie Center.
Yellow lotus in Carnegie Center.

One of many fish in the lotus pond in Carnegie Center.
讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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荷花的神韻, 高潔、清香、溫馨、嫵媚。
Two frogs in lotus pond in Liu's backyard.