Lots of Birds at Shark River Inlet
in New Jersey
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We came to Shark River Inlet to enjoy watching lots of birds in action and walking exercise on the nice
boardwalk in Belmar and Avon-by-the-Sea on the afternoon of May 12, 2016.

When the second fishing party boat, following the first boat, is coming close to the Shark River Inlet, a very
large group of seagulls was following the powerful wakes of the second fishing party boat and were busily
catching fish from the wake. I took a movie of such feeding frenzy of these seagulls as shown in the
following YouTube website:


It appears that the powerful wake of the fishing party boat stirs many fish up close to the water surface,
thereby, making it much easier for these seagulls to catch the fish.

Thousands of terns took off into the air from the Belmar beach just south of Shark River Inlet. They flew all
over the sky and were very vocal.
這裏成為成千的燕鷗聚集地,成群結隊,眾多燕鷗築巢沙灘上, 蔚為壯觀。

Thousands of terns nesting on the protected beach in Belmar just south of Shark River Inlet.
A large area of the beach in Belmar just south of Shark River Inlet is protected nesting area for terns, piping
plovers and black skimmers. Thousands of these birds are nesting on the sand here to raise their young in the
spring season. It is an ideal area in the spring season for bird watchers and bird photographers with
super-zoom cameras to enjoy huge number of birds in action.
Another group of black colored birds (my be cormorants) also show up in the air over the Shark River Inlet.

Many people are enjoying bird watching and walking exercise on the long boardwalk in Belmar and

Location: Shark River Inlet is near the junction of Ocean Ave and 1st Ave in Belmar, New Jersey.

More photos and stories of many birds in this area in June 2013 and the nice long boardwalk are on my web
page at:


Many terns were also in the air and on the beach of Belmar just south of the Shark River Inlet.

After the second fishing party boat went through the Shark River Inlet, many seagulls were still flying above the
powerful wakes looking for fish to catch.

Previously, I have also seen huge number of seagulls following the large Galveston-Bolivar ferry at Galveston,
Texas as shown on my web page at:


Similarly, I have also seen huge swarm of seabirds surrounding and following a shrimp boat on St. Johns River
near Jacksonville in Florida as shown on my web page at:


I have also seen many gannets following the Cape May-Lewes Ferry crossing the Delaware Bay as shown on
my web page at:

First of the two fishing party boats coming back from the ocean through Shark River Inlet to Belmar Marina in
New Jersey. Some people were fishing on the jetties of Shark River Inlet.
眾多成群的燕鷗淩空飛起,在海邊漫天飛舞,善於鳴叫,呼朋引伴,玩耍唱歌, 競相啼
鳴,此起彼伏,處處聞啼鳥, 好熱鬧的。
燕鷗展翅飛翔英姿,體態優美,形影相隨,充滿著快樂, 在空中鳴叫 。
天高雲淡,飛行速度極快,引吭高歌,自由飛翔碧空矯健的的燕鷗,追逐嬉戲, 令人好生