Beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden in
San Jose in California
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One of three Koi ponds in the beautiful and tranquil Japanese Friendship Garden located in Kelley Park, at
1300 Senter Rd, San Jose, California 95112.
Gracefully arched, picturesque and red colored moon bridge overlooking the Koi fish pond in the Japanese
Friendship Garden.

On December 31, 2016, we enjoyed Japanese bento lunch at Kaita Restaurant in Japantown in San Jose. We
bought some mochi in a Japanese desert shop, then we came to visit the Japanese Friendship Garden in San
Jose. Japantown is the portion of San Jose, California bounded by First Street to the west, 8th Street to the
east, Empire Street to the south and Taylor Street to the north; it is just north of Downtown San Jose.
The lower Koi Pond with stone paths across the waters in Japanese Friendship Garden, so picturesque and

The Japanese Friendship Garden is a living symbol of the “Sister City” relationship between Okayama, Japan
and San Jose, USA. This garden is patterned after the world famous Korakuen Garden in Okayama. In every
direction the eye is delighted, complete with picturesque red moon bridges, waterfalls and golden Koi fish.  
Many colorful and beautiful Kois in these three ponds in Japanese Friendship Garden. Each Koi fish is unique
and so beautiful to look at.
I took a movie clip of these Kois in action and upload the movie clip to the YouTube website at:

Many mallards, ducks and geese on the ponds.
An egret in the garden.
Lovely waterfalls from two upper ponds down to the lower pond.
The Tea House in the Garden.
The big tree near the entrance gate to the Japanese Friendship Garden.

We may come again in the Spring season when Cherry Blossom and other flowers are blooming to add even
more colors to this beautiful and serene garden. So, this web page may be updated in the future.
A year-round brook flows the length of the garden, pausing now and again to calm itself in one of several
lovely ponds. It is truly an idyllic place to hold a ceremony.
What a beautiful place. If you're looking to take a nice romantic stroll or an afternoon walk, this is the
place to go!

It also serves as a popular setting for the perfect place for weddings and celebrations.