Magnificent Hearst Castle on Enchanted Hill
in California Central Coast
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美國報業大王位於中加州海邊迷人山丘的赫氏古堡,山頂上 地中海復興式的豪華莊園,

Nestled in the hills above the village of San Simeon, the magnificent Hearst Castle as viewed from Hearst
Castle Road in San Simeon, in California Central Coast. The hill is known formally as "La Cuesta Encantada" -
Spanish for The Enchanted Hill.

In the 1870s before the Hearst Castle was built, the Hearst family would ride on horseback to the sunny hilltop
here to camp in tents and rustic cabins.

We came to tour the Hearst Castle in the afternoon of October 13, 2019.

In the morning of Oct. 13, we went to Elephant Seal Vista Point a few miles north of Hearst Castle to watch
hundreds of elephant seals sun bathing on the beach and many pelicans in action catching fish.
Zoom in for a closer view of Hearst Castle on the Enchanted Hill.

The visitor center of Hearst Castle is located at 750 Hearst Castle Rd, San Simeon, CA 93452. The visitor
center has ample parking space and electric charger for electric cars. Visitors buy the tour tickets at the visitor
center, then get on the shuttle (tour) bus to start your 5-mile ascent to the top of the Enchanted Hill for a
guided tour of Hearst Castle. The scenic bus ride provides vistas of the natural beauty that surrounds this
historic hilltop estate.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing locations of Hearst Castle and Hearst Castle Visitor
This tennis courts above the indoor pool.
Some of many cattle on the 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch surrounding the Hearst Castle.

Many more photos of Hearst Castle Tour taken by other tourists can be seen

I took only one of four distinct guided Hearst Castle Tours. Each one explores a different part of this luxurious
estate comprised of 165 rooms and more than 125 sprawling acres of gardens, terraces, pools and
walkways.  For example, I did not tour the upstairs Gothic suites (bedrooms), or Heavenly Celestial Bedroom
that is like a jewel case in the Bell Tower or cottages, or kitchen, or rich people's libraries, or the Gothic Study,
etc. So, you may see pictures by other tourists in other tours of those additional areas that I missed.

In addition to touring Hearst Castle in the afternoon of October 13, 2019, we also watched many zebras
roaming free on the 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch and went to nearby Elephant Seal Vista Point to watch
hundreds of elephant seals sun bathing on the beach and many pelicans in action busily catching fish in the
morning of October 13 as shown on my web page at:


In the winter mating season from December to March, many 5,000 lb huge male adult elephant seals show up
at this Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery as shown on my website at:

非常恢弘大氣 富麗堂皇的地中海式雙塔城堡,帶有南西班牙式風格。主樓鐘塔的設計靈
Cuesta Encantada"

Amazingly beautiful La Casa Grande — the formal name for the spectacular main house, a Mediterranean
style lavish hilltop paradise with two ornate twin Bell Towers. There are 18 carillon bells in each Bell Tower.
The bells ring at noon each day on the hilltop. Inspiration for this building came from the wealth of European
castles and cathedrals that William Randolph Hearst had seen during his traveling in Europe.

REFECTORY: Mr. Hearst and his architect Julia Morgan named the dining room after this word for a
monastery’s dining hall. Its high windows, bright silk banners, and gleaming silver candlesticks convey the
atmosphere of the Middle Ages, but the mustard and ketchup bottles show that Mr. Hearst liked to keep things
informal at his ranch.
BILLIARD ROOM: The Billiard Room was a popular spot, where guests could relax and play both billiards and
pool as an integral part of a typical evening's activities. This room is decorated with a variety of gaming
themes, but it also boasts a 15th century Spanish ceiling painted with scenes of courtly life, in addition to a
Flemish tapestry from 1500.
ASSEMBLY ROOM: The grand social room on the ground floor of Casa Grande just as W. R. Hearst’s guests
did decades ago for cocktails, conversation, and to meet their host. Admire the magnificent room’s walnut
paneling,  Renaissance and Baroque tapestries and masterpieces of neoclassical sculpture.
室內游泳池--羅馬池,有羅馬神話人物的雕塑、貼有金箔的玻璃塊,25米長, 極盡奢華鋪

ROMAN POOL:  The intensely decorated indoor Roman Pool is the perfect place to stop and relax. Modeled
after ancient Roman baths, this meticulously detailed, majestic pool is tiled from ceiling to floor, and features
marble copies of eight ancient Greek and Roman statues of gods, goddesses and heroes.
THEATER: The Theater is where W. R. Hearst and Hollywood film star Marion Davies joined guests every
night to watch a full-length movie and newsreel. Today, as a guest of the Castle, you’ll be able to view historic
Castle footage with moving images of Mr. Hearst and his guests.
赫氏古堡最有特色的是游泳池--以羅馬神話海神命名的海神池, 設計成羅馬神話中的式
樣, 讓人聯想到古羅馬和古希臘神話傳說。

Neptune Pool: The iconic Greek Neptune pool boasts marble columns and artistic beautiful marble
sculptures. The outdoor Neptune Pool was recently renovated and utilizes 20,000 marble tiles and sculptures
commissioned by Parisian artist Charles-Georges Cassou.
現在您也可以駐足此處,欣賞頭頂的胡桃木嵌板和 16 世紀掛毯。

Experience what it was like to be a guest at this hilltop retreat, decorated in European style with many
antiques. On the big table is a rectangular box with hinged lid which was most likely used to give ceremonial
gifts and made from ebony, gilt bronze, carved rock crystal carved rock crystal with gilt bronze, agate and
lapis lazuli ornaments. It’s design resembles a 16th century building.

Marble sculpture of Venus Italica. The elaborately decorated interior rooms have marble sculpture and
fireplaces with an extensive collection of art and tapestries hanging on the walls.
主建築有西班牙教堂 (Cathedral of Barcelona) 的影子, 其灰泥牆,紅瓦頂和豐富多彩的

The castle and surrounding buildings are a mix of European architectural styles that appealed to
publishing/media magnate William Randolph Hearst on his travels in Europe. The palatial home is nestled amid
lush gardens, pools, terraces and walkways. Many aerial views and photos of Hearst Castle can be seen
Originally built in 1919 as the home of newspaper/media magnet, William Randolph Hearst, the castle was
bequeathed to the state of California in 1957 and opened to the public. It attracts around one million visitors
each year thanks to its plethora of antiques and substantial beautiful art collection - despite its remote location
and high on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The State of California has done an admirable job in
preserving the estate and making it available to the public. It is more like a palace than a castle.

Dining Room and table settings. In its heyday, the castle was a favorite celebrity hot spot. Names like Charlie
Chaplin, Clark Gable, Bob Hope, and James Stewart were just a few of the legends who would take the
private train car from LA to Santa Lucia Range to spend their nights drinking, dancing, and celebrating into the
wee hours.
豪宅中有很多傳媒業大亨赫氏收藏價值連城的藝術品,大理石雕像 和古董來裝飾。

The marble sculpture of "Swan and Nymphs" at Neptune Pool.
來最豪華的私人住宅, 分散各處的大理石雕像都很有特色,白色是純潔、透明和完美的象

Zoom in for a close up view of the fabulously erotic marble statue of the nymph Galetea reclining on a dolphin.
The name Galatea is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "she who is milk-white". The story of Pygmalion
and Galatea is an enchanting myth about a Cypriot sculptor, Pygmalion, who worked  tirelessly carving his
ideal woman, Galatea, and fell deeply in love with his cold marble creation. He prayed to Venus to give him a
perfect woman like his statue. When he kissed Galatea her lips warm and she comes to life. They were
married with Venus’ special blessing and lived happily ever after.

A close up view of the beautiful face of Galatea statue can be seen
城堡面眺太平洋,停步駐足, 盡享陽光燦爛的加州中央海岸美景, 絕佳風景盡收眼底,意

The breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean from the South Terrace at Hearst Castle.

The massive Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle is one of its most photographed icons. The double headed lamps
were perfectly situated around the Neptune Pool to see and hear all the frivolity. The far end is the Neptune
Temple (Ancient Roman Temple). The hot sunny day makes the Neptune Pool look all the more inviting!
室內游泳池看上去像是古老的羅馬浴室,裝飾細緻入微,包括採用鈷藍色和金色 smalti
(玻璃瓷磚), 池底由 smalti 拼成海底動物圖案,池岸用純金鑲嵌;抬頭可以看見細緻的
均是由意大利雕塑家 Carlo Freter 雕塑的希臘和羅馬諸神和英雄。

The luxurious Roman-style indoor pool at Hearst Castle has brilliant blue small mosaic tiles and gilt tiles with
border of fishes with gold. It contains real gold leaf tiles. More than one million Murano glass tiles line the walls
and floors - some of them are even fused with a thin layer of gold leaf!

The Roman Pool appears to be styled after an ancient Roman bath in Caracalla, Rome. The mosaic tiled
patterns were inspired by mosaics found in the 5th Century Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy.

Notice the diving platform near the upper left corner of this picture. The diving platform is 10 feet above the
main basin which is 10 feet deep. The water in the pool is so clear and still that it seems like a mirror,
reflecting the marble ladder above and below its surface.
Copy of beautiful artistic statues, "The Three Graces," in the gift shop in the Visitor Center in Hearst Castle.

Some tourists recommend highly to watch the 45-minute movie "Building The Dream" playing in the Hearst
IMAX theater at Visitor Center.

Our tour group going into the inside of La Casa Grande.

Gilded bronze statue of “The Fairy Princess” (golden girl) sits atop elaborate marble fountains in front of Casa
del Mar, the largest of the 3 guest houses, with magnificent view of the Hearst Ranch and the winding Hearst
Castle Road. The winding Hearst Castle Road offers amazing views of the Castle and on occasion you'll
encounter several kinds of animals including barbary sheep, cattle, zebra and deer.
One of several woodpeckers working on the palm tree bark in Hearst Castle area. It seems that the
woodpecker is pecking to create storage holes on the bark of the palm tree, then store one acorn in each
of such holes. Please see more details on my website at:

壯闊的美景和背後的山脈為建築營造一種寧靜愜意的居住環境, 開闊而灑脫,開放的空

The fantastic view of Santa Lucia Mountains. The buildings are situated in such a way as to capitalize on the
vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the peaks and valleys of the Santa Lucia mountains on the
探索古堡,內飾豐富,華麗的水晶吊燈整個氣勢驚人,感受 Hearst 把無價珍寶和古董與

A fabulous Palace of Dreams. Notice the carved wood ceiling in this large dinning room, probably 16th century
and possibly from Bologna, Italy. The ceiling features 15 large rectangular coffers each with a smaller coffer
inside. More than life-size carvings of various saints are in the coffers including St. George on his horse, the
Virgin Mary on a crescent moon, St. Lucy with her eyes on a dish, and St. Petronius holding a model of the city
of Bologna.

Throughout the interiors of the estate are many antique wooden ceilings, including this Italian 16th century
ceiling in the Refectory.

At Hearst Castle the Refectory is where virtually all meals were served – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
參觀, 赫氏古堡現在是加州最熱門的旅遊景點之一。

Mr. Hearst commissioned sculptor Charles Cassou to provide statues in and around the Neptune Pool. These
three mermaids are part of the larger Birth of Venus group.

The preservation and accenting of all wildness and nativeness of the surrounding country add to the romance
and surprise that awaits the visitor at the hill top palace.
許多棕梠樹和柑橘、馬纓丹和黃樹籬, 漫步赫氏古堡豪華的花園,色彩繽紛,芳香四溢,

The air was filled with fragrance and the tinkling music of fountains.
琢, 極為豪華,充滿歐洲古代藝術風格,琳瑯滿目,描述當年法國皇室古老的故事,真的

Always look up during the indoor tour. There are wonderful ceilings to be discovered!

EGYPTIAN SCULPTURES OF THE GODDESS SEKHMET. At more than 3,000 years old, these statues of
the Ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet are the oldest artworks on the hilltop. The name Sekhmet literally
means “the powerful one.” Shown with the body of a woman and the head of a lioness, she was the
bloodthirsty daughter of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god. The disc on her head symbolizes the sun. The Egyptian
goddess Sekhmet sit along the south esplanade overlooking the Pacific Ocean as perhaps they once sat
thousands of years ago overlooking the Nile.

"Venus Triumphant with Apple," early 19th century marble statue by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen,  in the
corner of the Assembly Room. In her hand is the golden apple that was awarded to her by Paris in the beauty
contest that started the Trojan War.

The marble sculpture of “Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

Casa del Sol, “House of the Sun”, also called C House, is one of the 3 guest houses at Hearst Castle. It has
8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms on 3 levels. The courtyard of C House features a marble cascading fountain
with a recently restored copy of awe inspiring bronze statue of Donatello's David at the top. This version of
David is a copy of Donatello's David (c. 1440) that sits in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence. This
guest house was named for its unobstructed view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Notice that virtually every staircase in the gardens features lovely detailed tile work between the steps! Also
notice the double headed lamp posts around the courtyard.
127 英畝的花園和階梯平台,花園的構想由 William Randolph Hearst 提出,由建築師
Julia Morgan 設計。不論何時,花園裡總有鮮花開放,從橙色的花菱草(加州州花)到

These stairs lead to hilltop adventures. It is the beginning of Grand Rooms tour of Hearst Castle, which
walks you through a portion of the gardens as you make your way to your final destination....the first floor of
Casa Grande.
赫氏古堡的鄉間客房, 雖然叫鄉間村舍客房,但 Casa del Monte and Casa del Mar 可能
是加州最迷人客房,先後接待了許多名人,其中包括Clark Gable、Carole Lombard 等好
萊塢明星,Winston Churchill 等政要,George Bernard Shaw 等文學大師。紅瓦屋頂的
Casa del Mar(海之屋)是Hearst 晚年最愛的居所。從Casa del Monte (三個村舍客房
之一)的起居室門口望出去,可遠眺 PIEDRAS BLANCAS 燈塔陡峭的海角視野。

Statue of “Mother Venus” on left side keeps a silent watch.
赫氏古堡座落在在一座高約500米的山頭上, 駐足眺望,俯瞰着绵延的海岸线和浩渺的太
潔白細膩的大理石雕像與周圍環境完美融為一體, 營造出更加放鬆而舒適的居住環境。

The "April Poetry " marble sculpture at this small terrace just off the esplanade. The faun (mythological
creature, half boy half goat) is holding Pan Pipes. (The Pan Pipe made ever so popular by Zamfir. )

One of the most prominent statues on the grounds is Mars Resting with Cupid. We see Mars, the Roman god
of war, being disarmed by Cupid, the god of love, symbolizing the power of love to conquer war.

"The Three Graces," marble, 19th century, French statue, (copy of original by Antonio Canova); The Three
Graces were the daughters of Zeus named Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia. They were the personifications
of beauty and grace.
The south terrace leads you to the largest guest house, Casa del Mar.
Rows of double-headed lamps at entrance stairway in Hearst Castle.
This four leaf clover shaped pool is the perfect setting for the late 19th century with a fabulously erotic marble
statue of the nymph Galetea reclining on a dolphin by the Italian sculptor Leopoldo Ansiglioni. This is on the
central plaza (main terrace) in front of Casa Grande. The erotic white marble statue is on the far side in this
Hearst Castle was created by drawing upon the talents of architect Julia Morgan, the imagination (and money)
of WR Hearst and the expertise of dozens of talented craftsmen and artists that were employed there over the
In 1901, while a student at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, Julia Morgan designed a palace theater that
featured caryatids and garlands (caryatids are sculpted female figures used as columns in architecture and
decorative arts). Her design won a first mention. Twenty-nine years later she designed 14 caryatids (like the
one shown here) to line the walls of the private movie theater at Hearst Castle.
16th century French mantel, carved stone with remnants of polychrome and gilding; The mantel is 15ft high x
7ft wide and dominates the Assembly Room
Eight marble statues decorate the Roman Pool. This one is Diana the Huntress. Diana is a Roman goddess of
the hunt, the Moon, and nature, associated with wild animals and woodland.
Even the Gothic window frames on the 4-story main house are part of Hearst's collection!
Cupid, astride a dolphin on the South Terrace, takes aim among the clouds.
The marble sculpture of “Woman With Parrot”, one of Fessard's most important works.
Notice the double-headed lamp.
The backside of “La Source” (sunbather) plus double headed lamp posts next to the Neptune Pool.
The lion fountain made from Verona limestone. This one is in the courtyard of the guest cottage called Casa
del Sol; the fountain features a lion and lioness nursing her cubs. The inspiration for many “fountains that
FOUNT” throughout  gardens in Hearst Castle came from grand fountains when William Randolph Hearst was
touring the Villa d'Este which is a 16th-century villa in Tivoli, near Rome, famous for its terraced hillside Italian
Renaissance garden and especially for its profusion of fountains.