Fantastic Hawaii Island Cruise:
Part 3: Island of Maui (茂宜島)
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On top of the world! At the majestic summit, the Puu Ulaula Overlook, above the clouds, you feel like that you
are standing on top of the world. Puu Ulaula means Red Hill. However, it is often very windy and cold at the
summit. Therefore,  a glass-enclosed lookout with a 360-degree view serves as a windbreak at the summit.
On a clear day you can see the islands of Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and the Big Island. Many people get
up at 2 AM or 3 AM and drive up to this summit in early morning to enjoy the spectacular views of sunrise,
while some other people drive up in late afternoon to enjoy the equally spectacular sunset views.

Our cruise ship left Honolulu Harbor, in Oahu at 7 PM on August 18 and arrived at the Port of Kahului on the
Island of Maui
(茂宜島) at 8 AM on the following day of August 19.

When the cruise ship arrived at the Port of Kahului, many tour buses were waiting for tour customers at the
Port of Kahului. The Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) does offer many Shore Excursion Tours to its customers on
Hawaii Islands Cruise as shown on the following NCL website:


Many customers on this Hawaii Islands Cruise indeed took these shore excursion tours.

But we prefer to do our own driving tour with much greater freedom by using a rental car and our own familiar
and portable GPS navigator.

Port of Kahului is only about 3 miles from Kahului Airport. All the rental car companies are located at the
Kahului Airport. Rental car companies at airport sent their free shuttle buses to the Port of Kahului to take
customers to the airport to get their rental car.

I am a long term preferred customer of AVIS rental car with an AVIS Wizard Number, Wizard ID Card and
preferential rental discount rate. Usually I make AVIS rental car reservation before the trip. When we arrived at
the AVIS rental car office, the preferred customer get preferred treatment, does not have to go to the counter
to wait on line to do the rental paper work. The preferred customer just looks at the display board in AVIS
rental office to see his/her name on the list and the corresponding parking position of his/her rental car in the
parking lot. AVIS has the rental car, the rental paper work and the car key all ready in the car waiting for the
preferred customer. The preferred customer bypass the counter, just walk to the correct position in the
parking lot and drive the rental car away. It is, therefore, very easy, convenient and no hassle for preferred
customer to get a rental car.

After getting our rental car in the morning of August 19, we drove 38 miles from sea level via Route 37 to
Route 377 to Route 378 (Haleakala Hwy or Crater Rd.) to reach the summit of the Haleakala volcanic crater at
10,023 feet of elevation. In that short vertical ascent to the summit of the volcano Haleakala, visitors journey
from lush green, tropical-island landscape to the stark, moon like basin of the volcano's enormous,
otherworldly crater. It is a winding mountainous road with many zigzag turns. The road is in very good shape,
with guard rails most of the way.
Sliding Sand Trail into the cinder desert of the immense caldera/crater. Haleakala's caldera basin is so
enormous that some folk hike in with a tent to spend several days exploring the caldera of Haleakala..
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這天成壯闊五顏六色的火山口奇景,高入雲端之上, 風雲變幻,獨特的風貌, 山勢龐大
雄渾,氣象萬千, 氣勢非凡, 又有傳奇的神話,可謂天下無雙了。

Fantastic multicolor enormous Haleakala volcanic crater with stark moon like basin and several cinder cones at
the top of Mt. Haleakala. It is a dormant volcano in Haleakala National Park and the tallest peak on Maui,
Hawaii reaching 10,023 feet above sea level.  Haleakala means "house of the sun" in Hawaiian.

Map: Click here for interactive Bing Map showing location of Upper Visitor Center of Haleakala National Park
讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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的傑作,處處皆景,遠觀近賞皆宜,或從不同的角度去細細品味,此情此景 ,夢幻景
區,意境非凡,  與君共賞 。

The two-mile-high summit of Maui's Haleakala Crater is a vast volcanic caldera valley. The Kuapo Gap is a
giant crack in the wall of the caldera/crater that once spilled huge lava flows all the way to the sea. The
crater is large enough to hold the entire island of Manhattan. It is 7.5 miles long, 2.5 miles wide and 3000
feet deep. The caldera/crater includes its own mini-mountain range of nine cinder cones - the largest of which
is over 1000 feet high. The multi-colours sight (many variations of green, orange and brown) inside the crater
from the summit was fabulous. Many believe that Haleakalā Crater resembles the surface of the moon or,
more likely, Mars with its red hue.

This picture shows the upper portion of the winding zigzag mountainous road to reach the summit of the
Haleakala volcanic crater.
Sign of 10,023 feet of elevation on the hexagonal-shaped shelter at the summit, the Puu Ulaula Overlook.
Parking lot at the summit above the clouds.
There are also a group of astronomy observatories, sometimes referred to as Science City, on an adjacent
peak of Mt. Haleakala. Because of the remarkable clarity, dryness, and stillness of the air, and its location
above one-third of Earth’s atmosphere, as well as the limited light pollution, the summit of Haleakala is one of
the most sought-after locations in the world for ground-based telescopes. Experts come from all over the
world to take part in research at "Haleakala Observatory". But these observatories are not open to the public.
The upper visitor center and its parking lot above clouds as viewed from the summit. The views from here are
霧飛,我欲乘雲飛去,享受雲端漫步的快感,此生願從仙遊 的飄逸和逍遙。

Zoom in on the high volcanic mountains (Mouna Kea or Mouna Loa above 13,000 feet) above clouds on the Big
Island of Hawaii about 80 miles southeast as viewed from the summit of Mt. Haleakala on Maui. (My compact
super-zoom camera has 35X optical zoom.)
的淡定,會生出永恆的空靈,好似一處最甜蜜的修仙之地, 啊!美麗的茂宜島,真正領
會一半在天上 一半在人間。

The winding drive up the Mt. Haleakala has several lookouts with amazing scenery along the way for visitors
to enjoy the picturesque views of the coast and landscape of Maui.  

On the lookouts along the road, you take pictures with the clouds below you. In this area you are really looking
down at the clouds.

If you're at Leleiwi Overlook at 8,800-foot level in the late afternoon, you may enjoy seeing your own long
shadow on the clouds and encircled by a rainbow — a special phenomenon called the Brocken Specter.
全世界獨一無二的 銀劍,全球僅夏威夷火山高山上才有, 令人讚嘆造物之奇。

The famous and special silversword plant grows in the desert-like landscape at Kalahaku Overlook, at 9,000
feet. This endangered beauty grows only here and at the Big Island's two peaks in Hawaii's volcanic craters at
high elevation.
When silversword plant reaches maturity,  it sends forth a 3- to 8-foot-tall stalk with several hundred tiny
The silversword plant blooms once, then dies.
One of several nene, the Hawaiian native geese, that we saw on the parking lot in Haleakala National Park
and at many other places in Hawaii. Nene is the state bird of Hawaii.
A mother bird with three babies on the parking lot in Haleakala National Park.
In Hosmers Grove at 6800-foot elevation in Haleakala National Park, there is a one-mile loop trail through
forest of pine, spruce, cedar and eucalyptusfor plus open shrub land. Visitors may see many kinds of Hawaii
special native birds in this area.
We did see some very colorful special birds jumping around in the bush, then fly away such that I did not get
their pictures.

Our cruise ship docked at Port of Kahului in Maui overnight for a total of 34 hours. At the end of the first day,
we drove our rental car to the security gate of the Port of Kahului located near the junction of Ala Luina
Street and Perimeter Road. We asked the security guards at the gate about where we could park our rental
car for the night. The security guards told us to park our rental car for free at a parking area along Perimeter
Rd along the ocean. That parking area is only a short walking distance from the security gate as shown in
the following map:

Map: Click here for an interactive Bing Map showing Port of Kahului and Perimeter Rd for parking our rental
car near the ocean.

Beautiful Paia Bay on Maui's north shore near Ho'okipa Beach Park along coastal Highway 36.

In the morning of the second day at Maui, we got off the cruise ship, took a short walk to get our rental car
and drove east along coastal Highway 36 for the purpose of experiencing the spectacular drive along Hana
Highway (Highway 360), also known as the Road to Hana, and discover one of the world's most scenic

People surfing on the Paia Bay near Ho'okipa Beach Park along coastal Highway 36. This is a popular
destination for surfers and wind-surfers.

On the forever winding Road to Hana, visitors can enjoy the luscious landscape lined with tumbling waterfalls,
green valleys and some of the most spectacular oceanic views you'll ever see on this beautiful coastal
winding road. This famous 68-mile Road to Hana features over 600 curves and 50 single-lane bridges. Why
do they call it the Road to Hana? Because it's not just the destination, but the spectacular sights along the
road that will take your breath away. The picture opportunities along the road are near endless. A visit to
Maui is not complete without experiencing the Road to Hana. It is the journey, even more than the
destination, that makes this trip so memorable.

At mile marker 10 1/2 - between Kailua and Kaenae on the Road to Hana (Highway 360), we arrived at the
beautiful Garden of Eden, Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It is about 15 miles east of Kahului Harbor.
Great photo opportunities, not only of the plants and flowers, but also of the coastline. It is a gorgeous
tropical paradise. The opening scene of popular Hollywood movie "Jurassic Park" was filmed in this area.
The address of Garden of Eden, Arboretum and Botanical Garden is 10600 Hana Highway, Haiku, HI.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Garden of Eden

Caution of Motion Sickness on the Winding Road to Hana:

The tour on the winding Road to Hana is NOT recommended for people who are prone to motion sickness.
This road has 2,000 tight twists and turns and it goes on and on for 8 hours or more. Many people get
motion sickness on this very stressful and crazy road. Even tour companies have to switch their drivers to
finish the tour as the Dept of Transportation will only allow those drivers so many hours on duty on such long
and very stressful road.

We were driving a rental car on this Road to Hana. After about 14 miles, I began to feel motion sickness. I
felt that I had enough, no more!  I was happy to stop at the Garden of Eden for me to recover from the
motion of sickness. Then we turned back so that I did NOT have to endure the suffering and torturing of 8
hours or more of motion sickness.

I usually do not get motion sickness on cruise ship or on a car on one or two hours of "regular" winding
roads. But this Road to Hana for 8 hours or more of "endless" twisting and turning was just too much for me.
I had to abort and turn back.

Flowers, flowers everywhere. It is home to rare trees, exotic tropic flowers, and hidden waterfalls in a
natural island setting. The trees, flowers and various shrubs are labeled, and this added to the enjoyment.

Beautiful bamboo grove along the winding Road To Hana.

Zoom in on Puohokamoa waterfall as viewed from Garden of Eden.
此情此景,竟也說不出地嫵媚動人, 這裡是人間仙境。

Lovely coastal overlooks from Garden of Eden.
One of several beautiful peacocks in Garden of Eden.

Gorgeous ocean view from Garden of Eden.

Due to time constraint, we did not drive all the way to Hana because that would take at least 6 hours and we
might miss our cruise ship. After enjoying the first 11 miles of this fantastic winding coastal Road to Hana and
the beautiful Garden of Eden, we were satisfied with the experience and turned back and drove west to tour
Iao Valley State Park and Tropical Gardens of Maui.

The Iao needle  is a 2,250-foot cinder cone pinnacle that pierces through the clouds and dominates its lush
surroundings in Iao Valley State Park. Iao means “Cloud Supreme”, the banks of clouds that often sit over
the valley. Iao Needle is the Hawaiian War God and his peak is 2,250 feet high. It looked mysterious, awe
inspiring, and some flavor of intimidating mountain range in lord of the ring movie. During periods of warfare,
the peak was used as a lookout by warriors to lookout for invaders. Hawaiian warriors used to seek refuge
underneath him.

Iao Valley State Park is located at the end of Iao Valley Road, Highway 32, Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793.  It is
about 4 miles (15 minutes) west of seaport Kahului.

Map: Click here for an interactive Google Map showing location of Iao Valley State Park

It's a bit hidden and you just keep driving the scenic road until it ends.
This beautiful 26 acre garden is full of healthy exotic plants. But there are lots of mosquitoes and bugs.  
Wear long pant, long sleeve cloth, a hat and use mosquito repellent.

The valley is lush and green with beautiful flowers and trees plus the high water falls on the gorgeous
mountains! It is so green, gorgeous, and every which way, full of breathtaking tropical views.  It's the type of
atmosphere most people only see in the movies. This place will leave an impression on you.
Gorgeous view from Iao Valley. The relaxing atmosphere, awesome scenery, some perfect spots for
meditative contemplation and tropical smells are the reasons for a visit. There is something magical about
this place, especially when it's quiet and you can just sit there. Listening to the wind, breathing the fresh air,
and just relaxing are so easy here.
Visitors walked through a trail that ran along a river and walked across this bridge. Lovely place. Cool oasis on
a hot day. This is a beautiful, easy trail to take for the peace and serenity you've been looking for. Lush green
jungle paradise.
滴水觀音,普渡眾生, 又名 滴水蓮, 佛手蓮。會從葉尖端或葉邊緣向下滴水;開的花

Alocasia Odora, also called Night-scented Lily because of its fragrant, or giant upright elephant ear, very
unusual exotic flower with a hood. (Parts of plant are poisonous)
The mountains are beautiful, the little garden area with taro ponds/patches are nice.  It was refreshing to see
the lush greens of Maui.  The air smelled and tasted so refreshing and crisp
A peahen and baby.

Exotic red flower in Tropical Gardens of Maui located at 200 Iao Valley Road, Wailuku, HI. The gardens host
the finest of Hawaii and Maui's flora.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Tropical Gardens of Maui

After touring Iao Valley State Park, we came to Tropical Gardens of Maui to enjoy many beautiful exotic
tropical flowers and plants. This is about halfway between Kahului and Iao Valley State Park.

Geometry in nature.
曲徑通幽, 空氣中彌漫著蕉風椰雨的訊息。
The displays of tropical flowers here in the "wild" are stunning. The lovely gardens cover 6 acres with well
marked paths and plant labels. There are all kinds of beautiful plants especially different varieties of palms.  
A little bridge takes you across the stream to even more plants and many orchids in there natural
environment. It is very enjoyable
All sorts of beautiful and bizarre plants and flowers. Beautiful foliage all around. It was just fun to see. Take in
the tropical beauty all around you. Has just enough of a wild feel to make you think you are in a jungle paradise.

But there are lots of mosquitoes and bugs.  Wear long pant and long sleeve cloth and use mosquito repellent.

After finishing touring Tropical Gardens of Maui, we drove for a short distance to Kahului Airport to return the
rental car. Then we took the free rental car shuttle bus for a short ride (3 miles) to the Port of Kahului to board
our cruise ship.

Our Hawaii Island Cruise took us to visit four islands; Oahu, Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Kauai. These
four islands are very different and each has different beautiful sceneries and very interesting things for visitors
to enjoy. My six web pages from this Hawaii Island Cruise are:

Part 1:
Tour of Island of Oahu

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Part 6: Spectacular Panoramic Views in Hawaii
Tremendous variety of tropical plants and flowers. All kinds of palm trees, flowers, and vegetation from
around the world. You stroll through 4 acres of a planted and organized, yet wild, botanical garden with
breath taking palm trees of many varieties, hidden paths, beautiful flowers, a small waterfall, a reflecting pool
with a gazebo.
沿山盤旋,汽車雲遊在天路上,峰迴路轉, 最具刺激的山路,曲折迂迴,山路一直盤旋
到雲端之上, 爬的越高視野越開闊,天路 飄揚於寰宇蒼穹之間,奔騰宣洩的宏偉氣

Satellite view of Google Map showing the lower portion of the winding zigzag road to climb up the volcanic
Mt. Haleakala.
盛開著各種美麗的花,聞著芬芳, 看得滿足,拍得滿足,那份快感無與倫比 。