Go To See Alaska - Part 11
Homer To Anchorage
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Views from Homer Spit across Kachemak Bay
崢嶸險峻的雪峰冰河, 白雪皚皚,雲霧繚繞。

Once we got back to Seward Highway to go north towards Anchorage, tall mountains are much closer.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing junction of Sterling Highway and Seward Highway
One of several bull moose
Part 1 of 11 of this 14-day tour of Alaska is about Glacier Bay National Park. It is at:

黎明破曉時,煙霧繚繞中,雪山巍峨巨峰直上雲霄, 有頂天立地之勢。

Zoom in on the tall mountain far away across the Cook Inlet. It may be Mount Redoubt volcano.
Beautiful fireweed flowers along highways all over Alaska
One of several grizzly bears in Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
One of several bull elks and female elks in here.
Baby moose
A bald eagle on the beach of Homer Spit
More views from Homer Spit
Many gulls on the beach of Homer Spit
深沉俊容表情含蓄,秉性剛烈無畏無懼, 天上人間任你來去。

A bald eagle at Homer Spit
Another bald eagle in flight on the beach of Homer Spit

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Homer Spit
As we drove north from Homer along Sterling Highway to Anchorage in the morning of August 22, we saw the
tall mountain far away across the Cook Inlet again in the morning light.
We visited Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center at Milepost 79 of Seward Highway (on south bound side)
and saw musk ox plus many other wildlife.
One of several black billed magpies here. I have never seen a magpie in east coast of USA. The first time that
I saw a magpie was in Badland National Park in South Dakota. I saw magpie on several occasions in this
14-day tour of Alaska. It seems to me that magpie lives only in western part of North America.
Snow Mountains viewed from Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

We arrived at Anchorage Airport in the evening of August 22, returned the rental car at the airport and
completed our 14-day tour of Alaska. Then on the next morning of August 23, 2009 we flew from Anchorage
Airport back to New Jersey.

In such long driving tour in a totally unfamiliar territory, my GPS navigator has been very helpful as described
on my Travelogue web page at:


Our three days from August 20 to 22 were not enough to see all the Points of Interest on the Kenai Peninsula
as described in details in the following website


We visited only some sample sites out of many interesting sites described in the website above.

A friend and some Alaska tour guides strongly recommend that a new driver in Alaska outside of a city should
fill up the gas tank whenever he/she sees a gas station because he/she does not know how far away is the
next gas station and that next gas station may be out of gas too.

We stayed in hotels in the one-week driving tour in Alaska. We did not do any camping in Alaska. We did not
feel safe to sleep in a tent in Alaska where there are abundance of bears, big bull moose with huge racks of
antlers and other wildlife.

This completes my 14-day tour of Alaska.

The sequence of our 2-week Tour of Alaska is the Following:

One-week Alaska Cruise:

Vancouver in Canada, the starting point of 1-week Alaska Cruise -------->  Ketchikan in Alaska (Misty Fjords
National Monument) -------->  Juneau (Mendenhall Glacier, Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, Gold Creek Salmon
Bake)  --------->  Skagway (8-hour Excursion Land Tour into Yukon Territory in northwest Canada) -------->  
Glacier Bay National Park -------->  College Fjords -------->  Whittier, the end point of our Alaska Cruise.

One-week driving tour of Alaska starts from Whittier as follows:

Whittier -------->  Denali National Park -------->  Fairbanks  (Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge,
Georgeson Botanical Garden, Large Animal Research Station of the University of Alaska) --------->  Town of
North Pole -------->  Scenic Richardson Highway going south -------->  Boundary of Wrangell-St Elias National
Park --------->  Scenic Glen Highway going west --------->  Scenic Seward Highway going south -------->
Seward, (Kenai Fjords National Park, Exit Glacier) -------->  Seward Highway going north to Tern Lake, then
Sterling Highway going west to Kenai, then south --------->  Homer -------->  Sterling Highway going north to
Kenai, then east, to Tern Lake, then Seward Highway going north --------->  Alaska Wildlife Conservation
Center -------->  Anchorage, the end point of our driving tour of Alaska
This time on our return trip on Seward Highway around Turnagain Arm towards Anchorage, it was at low tide
such that the bottom of Turnagain Arm was exposed as huge areas of mudflat as shown in this picture.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing Turnagain Arm
Seward Highway also took us near the Potter Marsh (between mileposts 116 and 117 of Seward Highway) on
our way back to Anchorage. I zoomed in for a closer view of a portion of the long boardwalk in Potter Marsh,
but we did not stop this time to watch wildlife in Potter Marsh again.
The windshield of our rental car was getting dirty causing some smudges on this picture of more snow
mountains and glacier along Seward Highway.
There are also many bisons (i.e., North America buffalo) in Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. But I did not
take any picture of bison here because I have seen and took pictures of many bisons in Badland National Park
and Custer State Park in South Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, Yellow Stone
National Park in Wyoming and Waterton Lake National Park in British Columbia, Canada.
Many spawning salmon in Bear Creek beneath a rain-forest at Milepost 6.6 of Seward Highway. I also took
two movie clips of these spawning salmon in action in crystal clear water of Bear Creek as shown in the
following YouTube websites:



Map: Click here to see Google Map showing Bear Creek near Seward Highway (Highway 9)
Our 2-week Tour of Alaska started in Vancouver, Canada. Before we got on the Alaska cruise ship, we spent
two half days touring beautiful Vancouver as shown at the following web page:

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