Go To See Alaska - Part 10 -
Kenai Peninsula
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Morning view of Kenai Lake at Mile Post 22.5 mile (south bound side) on the scenic Seward Highway (i.e.,
Highway 9) when we were driving north from Seward to Homer on Kenai Peninsula on the morning of August
21, 2009.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing Seward Highway along Kenai Lake
from Seward. At Seward Highway milepost 3.7, turn west on Exit Glacier Road (signed). The Nature Center
Exit Glacier - The most accessible glacier on the Kenai Peninsula that tourists can drive to. It is only 8 miles
(Visitor Center) is about 8.5 miles ahead and it is open in the summer only. A 0.7-mile short trail leads tourists
from the Visitor Center to the face (terminus) of the glacier.

Above this glacier is the huge Harding Icefield with ice several thousand feet thick in the Kenai Mountains of the
Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. It is the largest icefield contained entirely within the United States. Up to 40 glaciers
descend down in various directions from this massive icefield.

Map: Click here to see Bing Map showing location of Exit Glacier near Seward

Zoom in for a closer view of the bald eagle
Mountains and upper part of Exit Glacier a few miles northwest of Seward.

Many red salmon in the river. I also took two movie clips of red salmon in action in the river as shown on the
following YouTube websites:


Loons on Tern Lake
People fishing on Kenai River
Practically every river, stream and creek in Kenai Peninsula has many mature red salmon and other kinds of
salmon coming back from Pacific Ocean to these streams and lakes to spawn in the summer season. There
are many pull-off roadside parking areas and observation platforms along Seward Highway for tourists to enjoy
watching many salmon in action.
形影相隨, 甜甜蜜蜜的紅鮭魚。

A pair of red (sockeye) salmon
Mountains along Seward Highway
Tern Lake at Milepost 37.7 on Seward Highway and at Junction of Seward Highway and Sterling Highway,
both are paved highway. At this junction, we turned west on Sterling Highway (i.e., Highway 1) to go to Kenai
and Homer on west coast of Kenai Peninsula.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Tern Lake

Kenai River
Several mergansers on Kenai River

Majestic snow clad high mountains far away as we drove on Sterling Highway near Soldotna and Kenai area.
Another bald eagle on another tree near Kenai River
A bald eagle on top of a tree near Kenai River at Jim's Landing
Two more bald eagles on another tree near Kenai River. Several bald eagles were perching on the trees
along the river bank because there are a lot of salmon and other fish in the Kenai River.

Many birds on a large marsh area near the mouth of Kenai River flowing into the sea.  We also saw some
sand-hill cranes here near the west coast of Kenai Peninsula.

From here we followed the Sterling Highway turning south towards Homer.
海彎夕照, 波光淋漓,海上一層薄霧,詩情畫意,梦幻黄昏, 金色恋
曲, 夕陽美景, 風貌獨特,絕妙佳境。
A sunset view of mountains across the Cook Inlet viewed from Sterling Highway on west coast of Kenai

Map: Click here to see Bing Map showing location of Cook Inlet west to Kenai Peninsula
Mount Redoubt volcano with peak elevation at 10,197 feet about 60 miles away across the Cook Inlet. It was
still smoking in August since its recent eruption on March 24, 2009.
More sunset view as we drove on Sterling Highway approaching Homer on August 21.
天高雲淡, 神鵰遨翔碧空英姿。

Next morning on August 22, 2009, we saw this bald eagle in flight near Baycrest Hill Viewpoint northwest of  
柳暗花明又一村, 居高臨下俯視海灣。

Nice views from Baycrest Hill Viewpoint of Homer Spit in Kachemak Bay and mountains on the other side of
the bay
This rugged Kenai Peninsula, some 200 miles long and 100 miles wide, has been called "Alaska in miniature" -
every Alaskan wildlife habitat type except Arctic tundra is represented here. Tourists can see beautiful
scenery, glaciers, mountains, fjords, red (sockeye) salmon, other species of salmon, grizzly bears, black
bears, bald eagles, loons, Dall sheep, shorebirds, sand hill cranes, puffins, Beluga whales, and many other
kinds of wildlife. Detailed descriptions, photos, locations, map for and direction to many points of interest on
Kenai Peninsula are available at the following website:


Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Kenai Peninsula
The sequence of our 2-week Tour of Alaska is the Following:

One-week Alaska Cruise:

Vancouver in Canada, the starting point of 1-week Alaska Cruise -------->  Ketchikan in Alaska (Misty Fjords
National Monument) -------->  Juneau (Mendenhall Glacier, Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, Gold Creek Salmon
Bake)  --------->  Skagway (8-hour Excursion Land Tour into Yukon Territory in northwest Canada) -------->  
Glacier Bay National Park -------->  College Fjords -------->  Whittier, the end point of our Alaska Cruise.

One-week driving tour of Alaska starts from Whittier as follows:

Whittier -------->  Denali National Park -------->  Fairbanks  (Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge,
Georgeson Botanical Garden, Large Animal Research Station of the University of Alaska) --------->  Town of
North Pole -------->  Scenic Richardson Highway going south -------->  Boundary of Wrangell-St Elias National
Park --------->  Scenic Glen Highway going west --------->  Scenic Seward Highway going south -------->
Seward, (Kenai Fjords National Park, Exit Glacier) -------->  Seward Highway going north to Tern Lake, then
Sterling Highway going west to Kenai, then south --------->  Homer -------->  Sterling Highway going north to
Kenai, then east, to Tern Lake, then Seward Highway going north --------->  Alaska Wildlife Conservation
Center -------->  Anchorage, the end point of our driving tour of Alaska

Part 11 of 11 is the driving trip returning from Homer on Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage to finish this 14-day tour
of Alaska. It is at:

結對成雙,盛裝而出, 形影不離的紅鮭魚
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