Free Group Video Conference Call by
Using LINE APP on Smartphones
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LINE APP on smartphones can provide free group video conference call or free group voice conference call for
up to 200 people at different locations including foreign countries. This feature also works on a tablet or an
iphone or an ipad.

All conference participants must have already downloaded and installed the free LINE APP in their
smartphones (or tablets or iPhones or ipads).

One of the group members creates a LINE Group of all the participants for the group conference call, and
gives the group a name, such as Classmates, in the List of LINE Contacts.

The procedure to do such free group video (or voice) conference call is described in the following:

1. To initiate a group conference call, the initiator opens the LINE App on his/her smartphone, then taps on the
group name, such as Classmates, on the list of LINE Contacts.

2. The LINE App will present a video camera icon and a voice phone icon on the screen for the initiator to

3. The initiator taps on the video camera icon to start the free group video conference call or on the voice
phone icon to start the free group voice conference call.

4. Each group member will receive a LINE notification text and a ringing sound for the group conference call.

5. Each interested group member taps on the LINE notification text. Then the screen will show a video camera
icon and the text “Group Video Call Started” (or a telephone icon and the text "Group Voice Call Started" if it is
a group voice conference call) with a blue colored word of “Join” below.

6. Each interested group member taps on the blue “Join” icon on the screen to join the group conference call.

7. At the end of conference call, the initiator taps on the red colored phone icon to end the conference call.


Note 1:

Help for using various features in LINE App (in several different languages) is available at the following website:


or you may enter your question on how to use certain features of LINE APP into Google Internet Search Box
and Google may find the answer for you.


Note 2:

Google Hangout App on smartphones or tablets or PCs can also provide free group video conference call.

However, many PCs have no camera nor microphone. You may need to buy a small webcam with microphone
and USB connector and plug it into the PC to add the capabilities of camera and microphone into your PC.