Spectacular Blue Angel Air Show and Fantastic
Wildlife Activities
 in Beautiful San Francisco Bay Area
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In the last few years, I have been touring, watching and photographing breathtaking views, fantastic activities
of wildlife and spectacular Blue Angel Air Show in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in California. These
photos, movie clips and associated stories are scattered in several of my Travelogue websites. The
highlights of these movie clips and photos are now collected in this single Travelogue website in the following.

Spectacular panoramic view of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Skyline and beautiful
San Francisco Bay as viewed from one of the four Vista Points on Conzelman Road in
Marin Headlands:



Fantastic Air Shows of Blue Angel, Red Colored Biplans, and T-33 Jet over San
Francisco Bay on Friday October 5, 2018 as viewed from open space near Presidio
Visitor Center





Beautiful Mandarin Ducks in Palo Alto

Winter and spring seasons are the best seasons to see Mandarin ducks (鴛鴦) because the male Mandarin
ducks are in their most spectacular breeding courtship plumage to attract females as shown in the following
YouTube website:


They are in Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo located at 1451 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, California 94301 in
San Francisco Bay Area.


Many Beautiful and Colorful Fish in Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose

Many colorful fish in Koi ponds in the beautiful and tranquil Japanese Friendship Garden located in Kelley
Park, at 1300 Senter Rd, San Jose, California 95112 as shown in the following YouTube website:



Fantastic Wildlife Activities on Shoreline Lake in the Heart of Silicon Valley near
Google Office Buildings Complex

I came to Shoreline Park and Lake at the heart of Silicon Valley near Google office building complex in
Mountain View, San Francisco Bay Area, California on January 9, 2016 to enjoy bird watching. Shoreline
Park and Lake is located at 3160 N Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043 in San Francisco Bay Area. I
was very happy to see many pelicans and terns dive bombing (plunge diving) on Shoreline Lake to catch fish.

In the winter season, there were no people doing boating on this lake. So, the lake becomes ideal location
for many fishing birds to come to catch fish.

I was very happy to see so many fishing birds in such feeding frenzy; with many pelicans and terns dive
bombing (plunge diving) on Shoreline Lake, so many cormorants on lake surface chasing school of fish and
so many egrets waiting at the edge of the lake.

I took a movie clip of so many fishing birds in action on this lake and uploaded it to YouTube website at:


Many cormorants, gulls and terns were also on the lake chasing a school of fish to catching fish as shown on
this movie clip that I took



Spectacular Air Show of huge Number of Shorebirds on San Francisco Bay near
Foster City

Spectacular acrobatics air show of huge number of several kinds of shorebirds in the winter season on San
Francisco Bay Area near Shell Bar and its associated mudflats at low tide near Foster City.

During low tide, large areas of the bay bottom near the shore become exposed as the mudflats. Such
exposed large area of mudflat is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for birds and attract huge number shorebirds.
It is an ideal location and optimal time (at low tide during winter season) for bird watchers to enjoying
watching huge number of shorebirds in action feeding on the mudflat.

Visitors can park the car on Beach Park Blvd near the junction of Beach Park Blvd & Tarpon St., Foster City,
California and walk up to the levee along the Bay. Bird watching is easy from the paved Bay Trail on the

I uploaded my video of shorebirds in action on San Francisco Bay near Foster City to YouTube at:



Densely Packed Many Water birds on Marsh Wetlands in Coyote Hills in Fremont

Densely packed many water birds in action on marsh wetlands in Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont,



Whale and Dolphin Watching in San Francisco Bay Area

Whales come into the Golden Gate several times a year, they follow a school of sardines or anchovies or
plankton that they are chasing and eating.

Whale Watching From Golden Gate Bridge:

The following three YouTube movies taken by Mila Zinkova show activities of whales, sea lions, seals, tour
boats, sail boat, cargo ships and lots of seagulls and cormorants as viewed from Golden Gate Bridge :




The third movie shows that lots of seagulls and cormorants are following the whale to catch many small fish
driven by the whale up to the water surface.

Whale Watching From Both North Shore and South Shore of Golden Gate Strait
and especially Point Bonita Lighthouse on Marin Headlands.

Point Bonita, known as the “world’s end,” is ruggedly beautiful. From Marin Headlands, Point Bonita
protrudes south about half mile into Golden Gate Strait and is an ideal spot for whale watching. Getting there
is a challenge. Parking is limited and the 0.5-mile walk is steep and precarious. The following two YouTube
movies taken by other people show 60 sighting of about a dozen whales in action plus lots of seagulls and
cormorants following the whales to catch fish as viewed from Point Bonita Lighthouse:



In these two movies, the right (west) side of the opposite (south) shore is the Lands End area.

Whale Watching From Lands End in San Francisco:

Visitors on the hiking trails at Lands End area saw dozens and dozens of humpback whales frolicking in the
water, saw them blow the water out their blowholes and then saw the tails slowly submerging. The following
movies taken by other people show aerial views of whales near Lands End which is on the south side of
Golden Gate Strait and is at northwest corner of San Francisco:


A good description of beautiful hiking trails along Lands End and south shore of Golden Gate Strait for whale
watching and whale watching boat tour from Pier 39 in San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf can be seen

Whale Watching while wind surfing or kayaking or boating on San Francisco Bay:

Sometimes a group of humpback whales show up feeding on large school of fish in San Francisco Bay as
shown in the following YouTube movies taken by other people while wind surfing on San Francisco Bay:




Notice that there is a large group of seabirds following the humpback whales to catch the left over fish. So,
such large group of seabirds hovering near the water surface can become a marker to help whale watchers
to find the location of whales feeding on a large school of fish in the water.

Dolphin are also in San Francisco Bay as described
here. When I took a boat tour from Fisherman's Wharf
for a San Francisco Bay tour, I did see some dolphin.


A Hawk floating in the air at Lands End in San Francisco.

It was a windy day at Lands End.



Interesting activities of many sea lions, pelicans and pigeons at Pier 39 in San
Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf.



Huge Number of Birds in Action in Alviso Marine County Park in San Francisco Bay

In winter season, thousands of seagulls and many shorebirds in action at Alviso Marina County Park at the
southern tip of San Francisco Bay near San Jose. Alviso Marina County Park is located at 1195 Hope St,
Alviso, CA 95002.



Fantastic wildlife activities at Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area which is
located at 2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA 94536



Many wild turkeys and deer in action on Antelope Hill in Fremont, California

Mother wild turkey with five baby wild turkeys, mother deer and bay deer are all in action on Antelope Hill.



Many Kinds of Wildlife on Antelope Hill

A coyote, hawk, white-tailed kite, several wild turkeys on roof, a rabbit, morning fog in San Francisco Bay
Area and a fantastic sunset as viewed from Antelope Hill in Fremont, California



Many Goats in Action on Antelope Hill

In Spring season when green grass is growing rapidly, many goats serve as natural lawn mowers to eat
grass on Antelope Hill, while many baby goats are pushing forcefully to drink milk from their mother goats.



More on many wild turkeys in action on Antelope Hill in Fremont, California



A mother deer, a baby deer and many pigeons in action on Antelope Hill in Fremont, California



Many interesting wildlife activities on Lake Elizabeth in Central Park in Fremont,