Evergreen Orchard Farm - Tunnels of Beautiful
Flowers and Delicious Fruits
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During the Pear Blossom Festival, the free lunch for each visitor consists of two paper plates of tasty
roasted chicken, smoked fish, green vegetable, rice with black beans, Kimchi and desert
滿園的梨花隧道長廊競放鬧春, 園區內以數万株韓國水晶梨和富士蘋果聞名。

One of many fantastic "tunnels" of beautiful snow white pear blossoms (雪白梨花) blooming
profusely. The pear trees are bent and tied to the arch of tunnel frame so that the fruit trees grow
almost like vines on the tunnel frame.
桃花舞春風, 幽香淡淡逗蜂癲。

In addition to the blooming white pear flowers, other kinds of fruit trees also put on an impressive display of
pink blossom during the Pear Blossom Festival on April 1.
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Many tunnels of thousands, or maybe millions, of  beautiful white pear flowers in full bloom.
South American style Rotisserie machine and stove with charcoal  just outside of the dinning hall roasting
chicken for free lunch for visitors during the Pear Blossom Festival. Visitors can smell the tasty roasted
chicken almost any where in the large orchard farm. It makes everybody feel hungry for the free lunch.

These beautiful pink flowers probably are peach flowers.
We visited the Evergreen Orchard Farm (also known as Kim's Orchard Farm) during its 10th Pear Blossom
Festival (
第10屆觀賞梨花節慶祝活動) on Sunday, April 1,  2012. It is a large (140 acres) orchard farm
located at 1023 Yardville-Allentown Rd (i.e., Route 524), Hamilton Township, New Jersey 08620 (or Trenton
Township or Yardville Township on some Internet/GPS  maps.) During the spring Pear Blossom Festival,
beautiful flowers are blooming all over the Orchard Farm. It is on the south side (east bound side) of Yardville-
Allentown Road and next to the New Jersey Turnpike.

Map: Click here for an interactive Google Map showing location of Evergreen Orchard Farm
梨花盛開的時候, 其規模之大,氣勢之恢宏,堪稱一奇。

Another beautiful tunnel of abundance of white pear blossoms.

These tunnels protect the fruit from high winds, allow more sunlight into the center of the tree making the fruit
stronger and sweeter, increase crop yields, extend the trees productive life, and the trees also require less
chemical applications.

Three of many beautiful tunnels of blooming flowers.
秋高氣爽,水晶梨隧道長廊,漫步其間, 香氣撲鼻,頭頂很多 汁多又脆又甜又好吃,清

We also visited the Evergreen Orchard Farm in autumn season on September 20, 2009. The tunnels of
flowers in the spring season became green tunnels with huge number of low hanging ripen and
mature Korean pear fruits in the autumn season. These Korean pears are large, round, juicy, sweet,
crispy and incredibly  delicious. Sprightly’ is the word sometimes used to describe the sensation of
that first bite. It releases a lot of juice in your mouth.

During the Pear Blossom Festival on April 1, 2012, visitors also get a free ride on the tractor wagon for a free
tour of the large beautiful orchard with blooming flowers all over the farm.
道, 參觀農場全景.)
園生活, 與大家同祝同樂.

There is a large dining hall for visitors to enjoy free lunch during the Pear Blossom Festival on Sunday April
1, 2012.
During the Pear Blossom Festival, visitors can also buy seedling or sapling of Pear, Apple, Grape, Plum,
Peach, Chestnut, Persimmon, Jujube, Prunus mume (
梅花), Chinese quince, etc. But the labels on these
sapling with no leaves are all in Korean language only.

We met many friends in the annual Pear Blossom Festival in 2012 and 2013. Everybody enjoyed very much
such spring outing with beautiful tunnels of flowers, tractor wagon ride, free lunch and free gift box of delicious
Korean pears. In the autumn season, everybody will come and meet here again to enjoy picking the juicy
fruits in the long green tunnels.

The phone numbers of Evergreen Orchard Farm  are 609-259-0029, 609-548-1313, 609-548-0071.
Evergreen Orchard Farm is closed on Saturday.
On Sundays in autumn season, visitors can pay for a ticket to enjoy picking the pear fruits on their own in
these green tunnels and then pay for the fruits they picked.

We did not go into the green tunnels to pick the fruits on September 20, 2009. We came mainly to take
pictures and just bought a big bag of fresh juicy Korean pears from the store in the Evergreen Orchard Farm.
In addition to the pear blossom and peach blossom in full bloom, we also saw many other fruit trees, such as
apple, grape, etc. in Evergreen Orchard Farm.  However, they had buds but no flowers nor leaves yet on
April 1.
Beautiful pear blossom with its five-petaled white flowers in Evergreen Orchard Farm.
一幅“千樹萬樹梨花開”的畫卷展開, 聞著梨花淡淡的清香,盡情放縱自己的思想,讓思

What a flowery sight of dense clusters of white blossoms !
Blossom trees burst into life during the Pear Blossom Festival.
讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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Tow more views of the large dining hall on April 21, 2013 which is the 2013 Pear Blossom Festival. Again
many visitors, including me, came to this fun festival.

Two plates of free foods for each visitor on 2013 Pear Blossom Festival on April 21, 2013.
Every visitor family also get one free big box of Korean pears as a gift from the owner of the Evergreen
Orchard Farm in 2013 Pear Blossom Festival.
Every visiting family is very happy with the free big box of Korean pears in addition to the free lunch during
the 2013 Pear Blossom Festival on April 21, 2013..
Nice big box of Korean pears as a free gift for each visitor family on 2013 Pear Blossom Festival.
There are 12 large round juicy Korean pears in each gift box for each visitor family during 2013 Pear
Blossom Festival.

Some visitors are enjoying the free lunch outdoor on picnic tables and benches.

Beautiful pear blossom under blue sky during 2013 Pear Blossom Festival.

Beautiful pink flowers during 2013 Pear Blossom Festival.