Crater Lake (Caldera-巨火山湖)
National Park in Oregon
Oregon and California are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire with many active and dormant volcanoes. In August
2004, we drove a rental car to tour the volcanic region in Oregon and California including Crater Lake National
Park, Caldera of Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Lava Butte and Painted Hills in Oregon and Lassen
Volcanic National Park, Mt. Shasta, Lava Beds National Monument, and volcanic crater in Death Valley
National Park in California. This web page presents the photos and the story from our tour of the Crater Lake
National Park in south central Oregon. The photos and stories from other parts in this volcanic region will be
presented in other web pages later.

Fantastic views when we were driving around the beautiful, blue Crater Lake.  It is the deepest lake (1,949
feet) in the USA at an elevation of 6,176 feet above sea level. The lake diameter is about 6 miles (10 Km).
Crater Lake National Park is in southern Oregon, USA.
We saw a bear in the woods near the Crater Lake.           This photo by May Lee
We saw a deer near the road around the Crater Lake
A waterfall near Crater Lake

About 7,700 years ago, the Stratovolcano, Mount Mazama, with peak estimated at 12,000 feet high collapsed
down following a large eruption and created this caldera of Crater Lake.
Caldera - Collapses of Mount
Mazama Stratovolcano to form
Caldera of Crater Lake about 7,700
years ago.

The largest and most explosive type
of volcanic eruptions that eject tens
to hundreds of cubic kilometers of
magma onto the Earth's surface.
When such a large volume of magma
is removed from beneath a volcano,
the volcanic mountain and the ground
collapse down into the emptied
space underneath, to form a huge
depression called a caldera. Some
calderas are more than 25
kilometers in diameter and several
kilometers deep. Some calderas are
filled with lakes like this Crater Lake.
More information on Crater Lake is available at the following websites:
Pinnacles along a creek near Crater Lake
Volcanic Pumice Desert near Crater Lake, Oregon. These volcanic pumice rocks have many tiny air bubbles
and holes such that they look almost like sponge. These volcanic pumice rocks can float on the water because
of all those tiny air bubbles. Practically nothing can grow on this volcanic pumice desert.

Mt. Thielsen viewed from Crater Lake. It is one of several volcanic mountain peaks in Oregon.
When we were touring the Crater Lake, we were at elevation above 7,000 feet. The lake water surface is at
about 6,176 feet of elevation above sea level. The rim around the lake is about 1,000 to 2,000 feet above the
lake water surface.  When we came down to the ground level at the motel, our caped empty water bottles
were squashed due to the difference in air pressures above 7,000 feet elevation and at ground level.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Crater Lake in southern Oregon

Map: Detailed park map is available at the following websites:

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