Clam Festival in Highlands, New Jersey
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The 2014 Annual 4-day Clam Festival (ClamFest) took place from Thursday, July 31 to Sunday, August 3,
2014 in Highlands, near Sandy Hook Bay in New Jersey. The ClamFest is in an outdoor food court in Huddy
Park bounded by Bay Avenue & Waterwitch Avenue & Shore Drive & Central Ave., in Highlands, New Jersey.  
Admission is free. Parking is also free in the Municipal Parking Lot (unpaved) next to Huddy Park and is
surrounded by Bay Ave & Central Ave & Shore Drive & Ocean Ave.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Clam Festival in Highlands

Food and music lovers fill the ClamFest food court in Highlands. Many popular Highland’s restaurants such as
Bahrs, Chilangos, Francesco’s and Lusty Lobster all come here to participate in the ClamFest.
招牌肥美的蛤蜊清蒸,可以大快朵頤,淋漓盡致的吃一番, 令人回味再三, 真是人間一

It all starts with fresh tasty steamed clams! It is absolutely delicious.

Clamming has been a vital industry in Highlands since long before the first European settlers came to
the area. A festival featuring clams was chosen. It has become a showcase for this community. It brings
as many as 20,000 visitors here.

Eight members of Young@Heart Club, including me, came at about 11:30 AM on Sunday, August 3. It
was raining in the morning, but became sunny by noon time. We sat on the same picnic table to enjoy
the ClamFest and to chat.
Beautiful flowers in Huddy Park
Fresh raw clams
Shucking the fresh raw clams.
鹹酥魷魚捲, 嚐試一下, 口味清脆好吃,色香味俱佳, 風味美食。

Yummy calamari rings.

Soft shell crab
In addition to the food court, more vendors' tents and booths of specialty vendors marketplace, sausage, ice
cream, funnel cake, fruit smoothies, games etc. line the Bay Avenue.

A band is playing music on the stage to entertain the visitors.
Some kids are enjoying amusement thrill rides.
The festival culminates in the clam-shucking competition and an all-you-can-eat clam-eating contest. A past
winner of the "All-You-Can-Eat" Clam Contest reportedly downed 92 clams in 5 minutes.

Click here to see pictures of such contests.
We also drove a few blocks west to the nearby Seastreak Ferry Marina in Highlands to enjoy beautiful views of
Sandy Hook Bay and boating activities. A Seastreak Ferry was just coming in from Manhattan, NY.

From late September through October and into early November, Seastreak offers very nice Hudson River Fall
Foliage Day Cruise along the majestic Hudson River for people to enjoy beautiful autumn colors all the way up
to Cold Spring in New York State. One of our friends took that autumn day cruise said that it was very beautiful,
especially near Bear Mountain area. Details, including the schedule, of Hudson River Fall Foliage Day Cruise
are at the following website:


On July 4th, Seastreak also offers 4th of July Fireworks Cruise to New York Harbor and East River in the
evening for people to enjoy spectacular Macy's Fireworks. The details are on the following website:

炎熱的夏天,驕陽高照,在清涼海風吹拂下, 欣賞海景。

A nice view of the Sandy Hook Bay.
Visitors may also drive a short distance to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views on two highest points on hill
tops along Jersey Shore at nearby Twinlights Historic State Park and Mt. Mitchill Scenic Overlook County Park
as shown on my web page at:

The website of the ClamFest at Highlands is at:

爆龍捲風螺旋狀蕃薯,保證很好吃, 讓每一口吃下去都是享受。

Visitors have lots of choices: clams – fried, stuffed, steamed or on the half shell – and soft shell crab
sandwiches, shrimp, oysters, crab cakes, lobsters, scallops, chowders, fish tacos, mussels and much more.
Other festival favorites such as sausage and peppers, cheese steaks, barbecue are also available.

The Clam Festival is a four-day action packed event featuring the freshest succulent seafood, live
entertainment, kiddy rides, games, contests, a beer and wine garden and more.
You have bright red lobster and every type of seafood, is a delicious feast, fantastic!
Yesterday was raining, many visitors had waited all day to come. Some fasted all day before they came down
here. The turnout on Sunday afternoon was great. The seafood drove many people to come here.
For those who don’t like seafood, a variety of landlubber options were available. For example, the Highlands
Fire Department was grilling burgers and hot dogs.
We arrived early before the big crowd show up.
The Gazebo with beautiful flowers in the middle of Huddy Park.
火候適當,色香味俱佳之食品,酥足味醇,鬆脆異常,甜鹹適中,齒頰生香, 一鍋聞起
來香氣四溢, 加熱保溫。
Tornado spiral potato skewered to a big stick and fried. It is interesting and tastes good.