Fantastic Canadian Rockies and Wildlife -
Tour of Eight Beautiful National Parks - Part 1 of 5
加拿大洛磯山和野生動物 -
遊覽八個優美的國家公園 - 5部分之第1
雪山環抱,幽深碧綠高雅的晶瑩夢蓮湖, 峰巒疊翠,如夢幻般的詩

Moraine Lake in the valley of 10 peaks in Banff National Park in Canadian Rockies in Alberta Province, Canada.
This beautiful lake is at the end of Moraine Lake Road which is off Lake Louise Drive and is about 13 Km
southwest from the Village of Lake Louise. The glacier fed lake gets its beautiful blue-green color from the
refraction of light off the fine particles of rock flour/powder carried by water from glacier and deposited in such

The best view is from the top of the rockpile at the edge and outlet of the lake. A 0.4-Km trail leads up to the
top of this rockpile with an elevation gain of 24 meters (79 feet). More views without cloud can be seen
here , here and here.

夢蓮湖 (冰磧湖),在加拿大 亞伯達 (Alberta)省 加拿大洛磯山 班夫(Banff)國家公園裏的10峰山谷裏。這個
美麗的湖泊是在夢蓮湖道路的終點, 夢蓮湖道路是路易湖道路分出來, 夢蓮湖是在路易湖村西南大約13公
里。夢蓮湖的湖水來自附近的高山區的冰川, 冰川的水帶下許多細顆粒的岩石粉到湖水裏, 湖水裏細顆粒的
岩石粉 吸收陽光裏其他顏色的光, 但是反射了美麗的藍綠色的光. 這是夢蓮湖有這樣美麗的藍綠顏色的原
因。夢蓮湖的最精彩景點是從湖的南端湖水出口処的大石堆頂上覌看。 有一個0.4公里的步道以步行上到大
迷離,別有一番韻味, 讓人憐愛鍾情。

We drove a rental car in August 2007 to tour the cluster of eight (8) beautiful national parks in and near the
Canadian Rockies at the borders among British Columbia Province and Alberta Province in Canada and
Montana in USA. They include Banff National Park (NP), Jasper NP, Yoho NP, Kootenay NP, (Canadian)
Glacier NP, Waterton Lakes NP and Mt. Revelstoke NP in Canada plus (US) Glacier NP in Montana, USA.
大的不列顛哥倫比亞 (British Columbia) 省, 加拿大的 阿爾伯塔(Alberta) 省和
美國 的蒙大拿州的 邊界附近。它們包括班夫(Banff)國家公園,賈斯珀 (Jasper) 國家公園, Yoho 國家公
園 ,庫特尼 (Kootenay) 國家公園 , (加拿大的)冰川國家公園 ,Waterton
湖泊國家公園 和 Mt. Revelstoke 國家公園 以及在蒙大拿州的(美國)冰川國家公園 。

In addition to these beautiful national parks, we also toured Bison National Range, Pablo National Wildlife
Refuge (NWR), and Ninepipe NWR in Montana and Kootenai NWR in Idaho which are not too far from this
cluster of national parks. Due to other constraint, we started our tour from Seattle, Washington in USA, got
the rental car at Seattle airport and spent 13 days for this tour of national parks and national wildlife refuges in
and near the Canadian Rockies.
保護區 ,和 Ninepipe 國家野生動物保護區以及在愛達荷州的 kootenai 國家野生
動物保護區, 這些國家野生動物保護區和那八個國家公園集群是不太遠,由於其他的限制,我們從美國華
山勢高聳,拔地而起,氣勢磅礡, 地形險峻,峭直的石壁和插天石

Rogers Pass on Trans-Canada Highway 1 in (Canadian) Glacier National Park in British Columbia, Canada.
The elevation of Trans-Canada Highway 1 at Rogers Pass is 4,340 feet above sea level.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Rogers Pass

Roaring and powerful Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park. It is 30 Km south of Jasper townsite near
Highway # 93 (i.e., Icefield Parkway). Flowing from the glaciers of the Columbia Icefield, the large Athabasca
River falls over a cliff into a canyon here.
水勢洶洶,雷霆萬鈞, 聲震山野的 阿薩巴斯卡 瀑布是在 賈斯珀 國家公園裏。這是在 賈斯珀 鎮30公里以南
的93號高速公路(即 冰川場公園公路)附近。阿薩巴斯卡河流源自附近哥倫比亞大冰川場,阿薩巴斯卡河
流在這裡形成非常壯觀的瀑布, 奔騰呼嘯咆哮的衝下懸崖 進入底下的峽谷。
Closer view of the right side of Athabasca Falls
咆哮奔騰, 轟轟烈烈,傾瀉而下的阿薩巴斯卡瀑布的下部分,遊客為

Lower portion of the roaring Athabasca Falls

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Athabasca Falls
My digital camera (Canon PowerShot S2 IS) can take not only pictures but also movie with full screen size
(VGA Standard of 640X 480 Pixels) and stereo sound. Therefore, I also took some short movie clips of the
roaring Athabasca Falls and uploaded them to YouTube website at the following pages.
斯卡瀑布的短片電影, 我把這些電影短片上載到YouTube網站在以下的頁面。

Please double click on these YouTube web pages to see the movie clips of the Athabasca Falls in action with
roaring sound. When the YouTube web page opens up, please click on the big arrow in the middle of the web
page to play the movie clip.
請雙擊這些YouTube的網頁以便看阿薩巴斯卡瀑布轟轟烈烈的電影短片. 當YouTube的網頁打開時,請按
When we were driving on the Bow Valley Parkway (i.e., Highway 1A) between Village of Lake Louise and
Banff townsite, we saw many cars stopped on the roadside and many tourists were outside of their cars
watching and taking pictures of something. Therefore, we also stopped our car to watch.
當我們開車在弓谷 (Bow Valley)公園公路(即公路1A )上從路易湖村要到班夫鎮 之間,我們
體態優美健壯的麋鹿, 引人駐足觀賞大半天。

What we saw was a big and handsome bull elk with the big 11 or 12-point antler. The body weight of
big bull elks may range from 800 to 1,200 pounds. The body size of this bull elk is almost the same as
those of horse or cow.

In our planning for this trip, I used Google Search on Internet to collect relevant information for this
trip. The Internet information recommends taking this Bow Valley Parkway instead of the parallel high-
speed Trans-Canada Highway 1 between the Village of Lake Louise and Banff townsite because there
are more opportunities to see wildlife on the slower-speed Bow Valley Parkway.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing Bow Valley Parkway between Lake Louis and Banff

易湖村和班夫鎮 之間應該採取這較低速度的弓谷 (Bow Valley)公園公路(即公路1A ),而非平行的高速
跨加拿大一號公路 ,因為慢速的弓谷公園公路有比較多的機會看到精彩的野生動物。
夢蓮湖周圍的10 座滔天高峰之一的近觀, 秀峰突兀,雲煙浮動,原

Closer view of one of the towering 10-Peak mountains surrounding the Moraine Lake.
絕壁攀岩, 陡峭壁立,險峻雄偉, 蒼勁的山體撲面而來。

Closer view of another one of the 10-Peak mountains surrounding the Moraine Lake.
夢蓮湖周圍的10 座滔天高峰之二的近觀
The first time that I saw bull elks with antlers was on a meadow near the red wood forest in northern coastal
California in 2004. But those elks were at least 100 yards away such that I did not see them very clearly. Here
on the Bow Valley Parkway in Banff National Park, I got the close up view of such a handsome and powerful
bull elk for the first time.
離我距離至少100碼,因此我並沒有看得很清楚。在這裡班夫國家公園弓谷 公園公路我第一次在這樣近距

Bow Lake and Crawfoot Mountains near Highway # 93 (Icefield Parkway) in Banff National Park. This area is
known as Bow Pass with an elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level and is the highest point on the Icefield
Parkway between Banff and Jasper.
弓湖和附近山區在班夫國家公園 93號高速公路(即 冰川場公園公路上. 這裏是弓通道,海拔6800英尺,是
Bow Glacier and Bow Glacier Falls on the mountains just north of Bow Lake. This is the source of Bow River.
弓湖附近山上的冰川 和 瀑布
群峰競秀, 空谷幽長,陽光藍天白雲,晶瑩湖泊,山光水色是如此迷
人, 在這裡發揮得淋漓盡致,天啊!這簡自是美得令人難以置信。


Peyto Lake near Highway # 93 (Icefield Parkway) in Banff National Park. Some tourists said "Oh my
God! This is unbelievable."

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Peyto Lake
While we were driving on the 48-Km Maligne Valley Road from Highway 16 to Maligne Lake in Jasper National
park, we again joined many tourists to stop our cars on the roadside to watch many male big horn sheep

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Maligne Lake

我們在賈斯珀 (Jasper) 國家公園 在48公里的瑪琳山谷道從16號公路開至瑪琳湖的半路上,
A closer view of the male big horn sheep on the Maligne Valley Road.
飛珠濺玉的瀑布, 巍峨挺拔懸壁, 飛流直下千尺, 疑是銀河落九

Takakkaw Falls in Yoho (幽鶴) National park. It is 1,250 feet (381 meters) in height. From Trans-Canada
Highway 1 turn north slightly east of the town of Field and go north on the Yoho Valley Road for 14 Km to the
end to reach the parking lot for Takakkaw Falls. Takakkaw means "magnificent" in the language of Native
North Americans - Cree, and Yoho is a Cree expression of awe and wonder.

Takakkaw Falls in #5 location on the map at the lower part of the following website:

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing junction of Yoho Valley Road and Highway 1

在優鶴國家公園裏的塔卡考瀑布。瀑布高度一千二百五十○英尺( 381米)。從跨加拿大一號公路在Field
村略東轉北上優鶴山谷道北上14公里一自到公路終點的塔卡考瀑布 停車場。"塔卡考" 在北美印第安人
(Cree) 的語言是代表 "宏偉" 的意思,並且Yoho是Cree表達敬畏和奇蹟的意思。

Closer view of the mid-Section of Takakkaw Falls.
氣勢非凡傾瀉而下的瀑布下段, 飛珠拋玉,非常壯觀 !

Closer view of the lower section of Takakkaw Fall

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Takakkaw Fall at northern end of Yoho Valley Road

Several tourists, including us, stopped our cars on roadside to watch several massive bisons (i.e., north
American buffaloes) in Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta, Canada and near the border with
Montana in USA.
This bison in Waterton Lakes National Park has a bird on its back and another bird flying near its side.

Wow! We were happily surprised to see such a large group of elks at Waterton Lakes National Park.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Waterton Lakes National Park

We saw similar large herd of elks and huge rack of antlers on handsome bull elks in Point Reyes
National Seashore in California as shown on my web page at:


The sequence of our 13-day driving tour of Canadian Rockies is:

Seattle, Washington State, USA --------> Mt. Revelstoke National Park (NP) in British Columbia (BC),
Canada --------> Canadian Glacier NP in BC ---------> Yoho NP in BC --------> Lake Louis in Banff NP in
Alberta --------> Scenic Icefield Parkway going north in Alberta --------> Jasper NP in Alberta ----------->
Scenic Icefield Parkway going south in Alberta --------> Banff NP in Alberta ---------> Kootenay NP in BC
--------->  Highway 93/95 going south in BC --------> Waterton Lakes NP in southern Alberta -------->
Bison National Range in Montana, USA --------->   Pablo National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Montana
---------> Ninepipe NWR in Montana ---------> Glacier NP in Montana, USA --------> Kootenai NWR in
Idaho, USA --------> Little Pend Oreille NWR in northeast Washington State --------> Lake Chelan in
central Washington State, Chelan Gorge and Bridge ---------> Rocky Reach Dam ---------> Seattle in
Washington State, USA

More photos and stories are presented in the subsequent four parts of this series of web pages on the
fantastic Canadian Rockies.

Part 2 of 5 is at the following web page:
Sunwapta Falls, also near Icefield Parkway in Jasper National Park, are as impressive as Athabasca Falls.
The photos and movie clips of Sunwapta Falls are somewhat similar to those of Athabasca Falls and will not
be repeated here on this web page.
Sunwapta瀑布也是在賈斯珀 國家公園裏冰川場公園公路附近, 也是像 阿薩巴斯卡瀑布
In case if you see overlapped lines of text or some lines of text become obscured behind a picture on this web
page, please change the page magnification (zoom) factor to eliminate such problems by pressing these two
keys "Ctrl +" simultaneously or these two keys "Ctrl -" simultaneously.

Please press the F11 key on your keyboard to get full-screen view of photos and web page. Pressing F11 key
again will return to your normal screen with various tool bars.
山光水色, 群峰競秀, 空谷幽長,令人難忘的碧藍和純淨, 蒼松挺
立,有幸步入仙境的遊客,無不為之驚艷, 沉浸在那片不可思議的
藍,如痴如醉, 這份激動是無法言喻的。

A visitor from Australia noted that "When you get to the top of the Rockpile, you have to just sit down and take
it all in. It is a sight that will remain with you for the rest of your life."

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Moraine Lake

一位來自澳大利亞的訪客指出 “當你爬到大石堆頂上 ,你應該坐下來好好欣賞這個精彩美景,你將終生難
忘此景” 。
Turbulent pool in the gorge at the bottom of Athabasca Falls.
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