Beautiful Sedona in Arizona
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世界著名的紅岩王國,嶙峋的赤色岩石, 映襯著日出或日落時分的柔和光線,其景色往
會出現不同的效果。當太陽落到地平面以下的時候,就是 Sedona 美麗夜晚的開始,你
絕對不能錯過這裡美麗壯觀的夜空景緻, 令人流連忘返。

Gorgeous view of Sedona Valley, Capital Butte (i.e., Thunder Mountain) and Coffee Pot Rock as viewed
north from the Upper Scenic Overlook on Airport Mesa. This Overlook is in the center of Sedona and is 500
feet above the city of Sedona, overlooking all of magnificent red rock formations of Sedona in Arizona. The
view from atop the Sedona Airport Mesa is one of the most awe inspiring sites. From this vantage point, you
can have one of the best panoramic views of the Sedona area. Visitors marvel at the beauty surrounding

A note from another photographer: Arrive at the Upper Scenic Overlook near airport 15 minutes before
sunrise on a sunny day, park your car in the parking lot across from the viewing area, set up your gear and
start clicking away. The first rays coming from behind you will show the spectacular glow of red rock
mountains, beautiful colors of the Sedona sky and perhaps also a few hot air balloons.

We toured the beautiful Sedona in Arizona from October 7 to 9, 2014 before we drove further north to tour
Grand Canyon. Sedona is only 2-hour driving distance (113 miles) south of Grand Canyon Village.

Sedona boasts more than 300 days per year of sunshine and blue sky. Unfortunately, our 3 days in Sedona
were raining days or heavy cloud cover.  Such poor weather limits the quality of pictures that I took during our
3-day tour of Sedona. (But we got a chance to see beautiful rainbow when we arrived at Flagstaff on the late  
afternoon of October 9)
Zoom in on the fiery red cliffs of Coffee Pot Rock as viewed from the Upper Scenic Overlook near Sky Ranch
Lodge and Sedona Airport on Airport Mesa. On sunny days, the red rock formations appear to glow in brilliant
orange and gold when illuminated by the rising or setting sun.
The Wilson Mountain to the right of Coffee Pot Rock as part of breathtaking panoramic view from the Upper
Scenic Overlook on Airport Mesa.

This Upper Scenic Overlook is next to and at northeast corner of Sky Ranch Lodge located at 1105 Airport
Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336. This popular Upper Scenic Overlook has a large parking lot on the opposite
side of Airport Road. Many visitors come here to enjoy fantastic sunrise or sunset views, when the lovely pinks
and gold light is reflecting from and glowing on the red mountain ranges.

The Sky Ranch Lodge has a nice Lookout patio garden on the western edge that offers hotel guests the same
great panoramic views as shown on one of several pictures on the home page of website of Sky Ranch Lodge


Some hotel rooms of Sky Ranch Lodge have nice balcony with awesome views of the mountains and Sedona
valley below as shown on its home page above.

Each afternoon hotel guests flock to The Lookout patio garden on the Western edge of Sky Ranch Lodge for a
glass of wine and to watch the sun cast a bevy of pinks, oranges, and reds through the heavens. As these
colors give way to darkness, the lights of Sedona take over, shimmering below like a holiday light show, until
the whole process repeats itself in the morning as the sun rises in the East waking up Red Rock Country.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Sky Ranch Lodge and its adjacent Upper
Scenic Overlook

When visitors drive on Airport Road from junction of SR-89A and Airport Road in downtown Sedona to go up
to the Airport Mesa, after 0.5 mile on Airport Road, there is a small roadside parking lot (with space for only a
few cars) on left side of Airport Road for visitors to enjoy more fantastic views. From this small parking lot,
visitors can take a short uphill hike for about 200 feet to climb up to the saddle between two small hills. From
this Lower Scenic Overlook on this saddle, visitors can look at both sides of the saddle and enjoy not only the
spectacular views of north and west Sedona as shown in several pictures above, but also amazing views of
Oak Creek Canyon in east Sedona and South Sedona.

Click here for panoramic view from this Lower Scenic Overlook on this saddle
教堂外可以從 200 尺 的高度俯瞰 Sedona 的鄉野景色,遠眺 Courthouse Butte, Bell
Rock,  和 Cathedral Rock等壯觀的紅石, 法庭山 屏風般兀立。

Towering views of two of Sedona’s most iconic geological formations: Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte in
south Sedona in Oak Creek Village as viewed from the Chapel of the Holy Cross, 200 feet above the valley.

On the sides and in the front of Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona sprawls out majestically, a sweeping
landscape of red rocks, trees, and nestled houses. From all angles, photogenic opportunities create
unforgettable memories.
雄偉壯觀的大教堂岩石, 夕陽下的教堂石會讓人留連。

The iconic formation known as Cathedral Rock in southwest Sedona as viewed from Chapel of the Holy
Cross. Cathedral Rock is a famous landmark on the Sedona, Arizona skyline, and is one of the most-
photographed sights in Arizona. This rock formation is often depicted as a symbol of Sedona.

Spectacular photos of fiery red cliffs of Cathedral Rock at sunset time on a sunny day can be seen at:

Zoom in the Chimney Rock and its background on the left side of Thunder Mountain as part of the breathtaking
panoramic view from the Upper Scenic Overlook on Airport Mesa.
Zoom in on Cock's Comb near the western end of the spectacular panoramic view from the Upper Scenic
Overlook on Airport Mesa.
Fantastic view north from Lower Scenic Overlook on the saddle.
聖十字教堂 建在紅岩石裡面, 很精緻漂亮,巧妙地利用山石地勢,與紅岩融為一體, 這

Chapel of the Holy Cross located at 780 Chapel Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336. It is Sedona's Architectural Landmark
and Shrine. This spiritual citadel on a hill is one of the "must see" sights of Sedona.

Front View: Click here for the majestic front view of Chapel of the Holy Cross

Night Front View: Click her for night front view of Chapel of the Holy Cross

The chapel appears to rise 250 feet out of a 1,000-foot red rock cliff. The chapel's most prominent feature is a
cross that seems to have been wedged into the red rock by some devout pilgrim, who later built a chapel
around it. It is an unforgettable sight from all angles. Looking at it directly, it seems the rocks parted to
embrace the structure. From the side, it looks like it was dropped into place; from above, it resembles a diving
board or runway where one might leap towards spirit.
聖地, 據靈修的人士介紹,在地球上有能量的兩極,分別是 西藏的喜馬拉雅山 和

“God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona.” New York Times, 1997.

If you come to Arizona to tour the Grand Canyon, it is also worthwhile to tour the beautiful and mystical
Sedona which is only 2-hour driving south from Grand Canyon Village. The picturesque Sedona played host to
more than sixty Hollywood movies.
Two levels of parking lots below the Chapel of the Holy Cross.
Spiral Walkway to go from parking lots up to Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Zoom in on the Bell Rock from Chapel of Holy Cross.
Snoopy Rock, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock as viewed from the Lower Scenic Overlook on the saddle.
沿著179 號 國家級風景秀麗的公路 和 89A 號公路 馳騁在紅色岩石的王國中, 兩側紅石

As visitors drive along the National Scenic Byway 179 in Village of Oak Creek, along SR 89A in west Sedona
and along some side streets, visitors can enjoy the views of many beautiful red rock formations, such as
Coffee Pot Rock, very close to many motels, shopping centers, restaurants and various kinds of tourist
oriented stores along these highways.

Click here for another fantastic view on SR 89A in Sedona

Surrounding the Chapel of the Holy Cross are the Mystic Hills, filled with ancient forms, animal faces such as
Eagle Rock, and sacred imagery. These energy-rich red-rock formations, which some say are a vortex,
embrace the chapel in an arc from behind. The chapel remained a shrine for people of all faiths.
迷人的紅色岩石,紅色和橙色的岩柱呈現出奇特的形狀, 簡直就是一處仙境。

Sedona is a very beautiful and mystical place. The Native Americans were drawn to it and considered the
area sacred.
More fantastic views of red rock formations in Sedona.
一條馬路穿過 Sedona 小鎮,街兩邊盡是做遊客生意的小店, 主要商品街的陳設和佈局
散發著濃郁的印第安文化的色彩,在 Sedona 商品街漫步是一種不可多得的另類休閒。

Majestic Wilson Mountain as viewed from a roadside shopping center.
Parking lot of a shopping center along Scenic Byway 179.
Midgley Bridge over Oak Creek on SR-89A about 5.5 miles north of junction of SR-89A and Scenic Byway 179
in Sedona.

On October 9, we drove north on SR-89A to enjoy 16 miles of spectacular gorge of Oak Creek Canyon with
streams and waterfalls between sheer rock walls. Breathtaking scenery at every turn as shown in the following
several photos.
Walk to the edge of the canyon to get two great views of Oak Creek at the bottom of the spectacular lush
deep gorge.
Just east of the Midgley Bridge is a parking lot and Midgley Bridge Vista for fantastic views of red rocks as
shown in the following. This parking lot also serves as trailheads for four major hiking trails.
Some of the views from the Midgley Bridge Vista.
Breathtaking sheer rock walls along the SR-89A through this amazing gorge of Oak Creek Canyon.
Magnificent red rock walls in the Slide Rock State Park along SR-89A, 5 miles north of Sedona.

Oak Creek flows down a series of long, smooth, slippery sandstone shelves here in Slide Rock State Park
area. In warmer weather, many young people come here to enjoy the fun of sliding down slick natural water
chutes or jumping from the cliff down into the Oak Creek pool below as shown in the 16-minute movie on the
following YouTube website:


The 1.5 hour waiting for parking is a good indication of how popular this place is for many young people.
We then follow SR-89A driving up the tight switchbacks and winding road on the mountain side as shown on
this picture to climb from elevation of about 4,500 feet in Sedona up to the plateau of 7,000 feet of elevation
of Flagstaff and South Rim of Grand Canyon. It's fun to see all the switchbacks you've just climbed.
At the top of the switchbacks is the Oak Creek Vista Overlook at the edge of the Mongollon Rim. It is at
mileposts 387-390 on SR 89A. And what an overlook it is!  This magnificent Overlook is approximately 16
miles north of Sedona, and 12 miles south of Flagstaff.

The view is stunning! With breathtaking view of the Oak Creek Canyon for many miles to the south that we
just drove through. As you look back you won't believe where you came from. A great thrill for an unrivaled
view of Oak Creek Canyon. The light changes throughout the day to reveal more and different feels to the

Oak Creek flows south from the edge of the Colorado Plateau through Sedona to the Verde River. The
16-mile stretch of historic US 89A (or SR-89A, now AZ 89A) from Sedona to the Oak Creek Vista Overlook
takes the traveler through a wonderland of creek-side cottonwood and sycamore trees. Oak Creek has cut
down through ancient layers of sandstone and limestone forming red and white cliffs that tower above the
road. There are a number of parking areas and campgrounds along this section of SR-89A that give access
to the Oak Creek for hiking and picnicking. The switchbacks at the head of Oak Creek Canyon mark the
transition from the lowland desert and the central mountains of Arizona on to the Colorado Plateau.

The views along this 16-mile SR-89A are fantastic. The best time is at sunset time on sunny days. The red
rocks are lit up!

The following interactive Google Map provides a good view of the winding switchbacks on SR-89A to climb
from Oak Creek Canyon up to the high plateau of flagstaff and the South Rim of Grand Canyon:

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of switchbacks on SR-89A near Oak Creek
Vista Overlook
The Oak Creek Vista Overlook provides amazing scenic views and shopping opportunities on the open air
market for Native American arts and crafts. There are at least 10 tables of merchandise to peruse. Nice
native crafts - authentic Navajo artisans sell their wares.
The wildflowers at Oak Creek Vista Overlook are magnificent.
A hawk show up in the sky when we were enjoying the fantastic view at Oak Creek Vista Overlook. There
were other birds flying in the canyon below us.
One of many other birds perching on the trees and singing songs at the Oak Creek Vista Overlook.
We flew from Newark Airport in New Jersey to Phoenix Airport in Arizona on October 7, 2014 and got a rental
car from the airport. The driving loop of our 2014 one-week tour in Arizona is the following:

Phoenix -> Sedona -> Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument -> Grand Canyon National park (South Rim)
-> Meteor Crater Natural Landmark -> Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert -> Phoenix

The spectacular panoramic photos and associated stories of our 3-day tour of Grand Canyon National Park
(South Rim) are on my web page at:


The photos and associated stories of our tour of magnificent Petrified Forest National Park embedded in
Spectacular Painted Desert are on my web page at:


The photos and associated stories of our tour of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Little Colorado
River Gorge and Meteor Crater are on my web page at:


Awesome sheer cliff faces with rich geologic formations of sandstone and limestone.
Sedona 位於亞利桑那州的沙漠中,坐落在壯觀的橡樹溪峽谷口,這個風景如畫的城市

Note from visitors driving south from Oak Creek Canyon on SR-89A into Sedona: Shortly beyond Slide Rock
Park, when you come out on the south end into Sedona you begin to get your first views on Sedona's red
rocks and the effect is breathtaking. The entirety of Sedona's magnificence opens up before you in about a
1/4 mile stretch of road. From there to the heart of Sedona's Uptown it is nothing but jaw dropping beauty.
Sedona 是Arizona 主要的旅遊、休閒、度假、和藝術中心之一, 有知名藝術畫廊,環
奇石怪壁, 壯麗的風景。
After you leave the highway 17 to travel north towards Sedona on the National Scenic Byway 179, it is
captivating and beautiful. The closer you get to Sedona, the more beautiful it is. The topography becomes
with mountains, outcrops, cliffs, sandstone monoliths and pillars of stone.

The National Scenic Byway 179 in Sedona is 7.5 miles in length, has several scenic pullouts for gorgeous
views with all the beautiful colors of extraordinary Red Rocks with nearby parking (RV friendly) and all levels
of hiking and biking trails. So Picturesque! It is one of the most beautiful drives in America, and is a definite
"must see/must stop" in Sedona! It is a ride that you will never forget. The combination of Red Rock and the
smell of the northern Arizona pines will be emblazoned in your memory!
Steep white, yellow and red canyon walls support tall ponderosa pine, cypress and juniper while, along the cool
creek waters, forests of sycamore and other deciduous trees grow in abundance.
Visitors can watch the Sun's fading light paint canyon walls with breathtaking colors.
How I use information age technologies to enhance my enjoyment greatly of sightseeing large driving tour loop
of thousands of miles and of one to two weeks in duration covering many Points of Interest is described on my
web page at: