Autumn in Lake George and
Lake Champlain
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Gorgeous autumn foliage on Lake George as viewed from Shepard Park in Lake George Village, in eastern
New York State on October 18, 2013.

After touring Bear Mountain, Hudson River and Walkway Over The Hudson on October 17, 2013, we drove
north to tour Lake George and Lake Champlain on October 18.
Golden leaves in Shepard Park in Lake George Village.
We also drove up the 5 1/2 mile Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway to go up to the top of Prospect
Mountain at about 2,000 feet of elevation to enjoy the breathtaking autumn views of Lake George and the
surrounding mountains. Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway is a scenic parkway located in the town
of Lake George, New York. The Parkway starts near the junction of US 9/NY 9N and Highway 6 (Fort George
Road) and ends at the peak of Prospect Mountain. There are three very scenic overlooks along the way for
fantastic views. At the top is a breathtaking view of the Lake and mountains, as far away as Vermont and New
Colorful autumn foliage along the entrance to the parking lot of one of three scenic overlooks on the Prospect
Mountain Veteran Memorial Highway.
Map 1 - Click here for interactive Google Map showing locations of Lake George Village and of Prospect
Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway

You need to zoom in on this interactive Google Map to be able to see the Prospect Mountain Veterans
Memorial Highway in the green area just west of I-87 (Adirondeck Northway).
Prospect Mountain is one of iconic landmarks of Lake George Region. This beautiful mountain, located in the
foothills of the Adirondacks, has a 2030 foot summit with magnificent panoramic views of Lake George and  
Adirondack Region.  It is very popular among tourists, locals, and hikers because of its 100-mile view at the
peak, and anyone can either hike or drive up to the top.
We then drove north on scenic Highway 9N along west shore of Lake George to enjoy the gorgeous lake and
the  beautiful autumn foliage along the 32-mile long Lake George.
Zoom in on the beautiful autumn foliage on east shore of Lake George.

Scenic Highway 9N awash in autumn colors!
Zoom in on the beautiful autumn foliage on the mountain.
Zoom in on Lake George from one of the Lookouts on Prospect Mountain.
A steamboat for tourists to enjoy fantastic autumn foliage along Lake George.

One of the tourist's attractions in downtown Lake George Village is known as Acoustic Mystery Spot. It is a
circular plaza near the marina of the steamboat and near the junction of Canada Street (i.e., Route 9N) and
Beach Road (i.e. Route 51). There is a large circle on the cement floor with a blue colored map of Lake
George on the floor. It is surrounded by a semi-circular (low) stone wall overlooking the lake. If one stands at
the precise center of the circle represented by the worn gold cross on the floor and make a sound, the person
will be stunned by the strong reverberating echo reflected back from the semi-circular stone wall. It is
described in more details at the following website:


A movie of this Acoustic Mystery Spot is available at the following YouTube website:

The dam on Bouquet River in Willsboro, New York.
Fishway (Fish Ladder) near Gilliland Lane on east side of the dam on Bouquet River in Willsboro, New York.
It is about 1,500 feet north of the junction of Gilliland Lane and Main Street (Rt. 22 and the Bridge) in

The Bouquet River, located in Northeastern New York, is known for its Atlantic Salmon runs. The fish ladder
here affords migrating salmon the chance to overleap Willsboro Dam en route from Lake Champlain to their
fall spawning grounds upstream—and the glass window on Fishway enables visitors to witness the salmon
runs through the fish ladder.

We came to this Fishway in the afternoon of October 18, 2013. But we did not see salmon swimming up the
fish ladder probably because October 18 is too late in the salmon migration and spawning season.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of this Fishway
Continue driving north, we took the turnoff to Willsboro Point, a fingerlike peninsula that shelters one of
Champlain’s largest and perhaps most scenic inlets, the Willsboro Bay. Reminiscent of a Nordic fjord for
kayakers or tourists on tour boat, four-mile-long Willsboro Bay is walled on the west by sheer cliffs that tumble
to the water’s edge.

From Highway 22 in Willsboro, we turned north into Farrell Road for a short distance, then turn right (east) into
Point Road (Highway 27) to go north along east shore of the peninsula to the Willsboro Point. Then go south
on Corlear Road on the west shore of the peninsula to enjoy the views on Willsboro Bay.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Willsboro Bay
Zoom in on the sheer cliff on Willsboro Bay. This is where the high cliff of the Adirondack Mountains meets
the deep water of Willsboro Bay in Lake Champlain.

Click here for more beautiful pictures of Willsboro Bay.
Fantastic view of the Keeseville Rainbow Falls at Ausable Chasm with autumn colors as viewed from the high
arch bridge of Route 9. This is the most visited and the most photographed waterfalls in the Adirondacks. It
is located at 2144 Route 9, Ausable Chasm/Keeseville, NY 12911. On bright autumn days, flaming foliage
ignites the chasm’s clifftops as well as patches along its walls, making for an especially breathtaking

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Ausable Chasm
Zoom in for closer view of the Keeseville Rainbow Falls at Ausable Chasm. It is about 10 miles northwest of
Willsboro Bay. This deep gorge is about 100 to 200 feet high. The building on the right side is the
hydro-electric power generation facility. There is a hiking trail into the chasm and to walk along the wall of the
deep  Chasm with awesome views as shown on the pictures in the following website:


There is also a raft tour or boat tour on the Ausable River through the narrow and deep gorge as shown on
the following YouTube website:

Click here for more photos of Ausable Chasm
落霞歸雁, 秋水長天。

Many Canada geese were flying in formations over the Ausable Chasm Area.
落日為秋葉染上了金色, 黄昏戀曲。

The warm glow of the rich golden sun rays near sunset time intensify the gorgeous colors of the autumn
foliage. We arrived at Ausable Chasm at about sunset time on October 18, 2013.
In this 3-day autumn foliage trip in eastern New York State, we did not have to make hotel reservations at all.
The use of Information Age Technologies, including GPS navigator, smartphone, tablet, and cloud storage
with auto sync, enables us to enjoy the3-day driving tour with very flexible trip itinerary and lots of freedom
without the rigid constraints of hotel reservations. We just drive following GPS navigator according to our
relaxed and leisure pace to enjoy the fantastic autumn foliage. Details on how we use the Information Age
Technologies in enjoying the flexibility and freedom in such 3-daydriving tour are described on my web page at:


After touring Ausable Chasm, we drove south on October 19, 2013 to tour the beautiful Seven Lake Drive in
Harriman State Park on our way going home. The magnificent autumn foliage along Seven Lake Drive are on
my web page at:


Our autumn tours of Adirondack Park and of Finger Lake Region  in New York State are on my web pages at:
One of several charming little towns and  lake shore harbors in this pristine beautiful region as we drove north
along west shore of Lake George.
Southern part of Lake Champlain.
Many Canada geese on the lake.
Spectacular autumn leaves in Shepard Park in Lake George Village, nature's gorgeous color displays.
Brilliant hues of yellow, gold and green.
A picture of me (Sing Lin) on one of the lookouts on Prospect Mountain. This picture is taken by May Lee.
Zoom in on the Horseshoe Falls on the Ausable River straight below the Route 9 Bridge.
望秋燕展翅飛, 長風萬里送秋雁。
Many Canada geese were flying south in formation over Lake George.
Another view of foliage at Shepard Park in Lake George Village.
Zoom in on the top of Prospect Mountain as viewed from Lake George Village.