Autumn in Lake Carasaljo
in Lakewood, New Jersey
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A spectacular display of colors as viewed from the South Lake Drive of Lake Carasaljo in Carasaljo Park near
Georgian Court University in Lakewood,  New Jersey during the late afternoon of October 29, 2013. The warm
glow of the rich golden sun rays in the late afternoon near sunset time intensify the gorgeous colors of the
autumn foliage. The thrill of the moment of setting sun. By October 29, the autumn foliage in New Jersey is also
approaching their peak stage. It’s a magical time of year.
The natural beauty and its tranquility on Lake Carasaljo. Season’s breathtaking beauty. It is a deep golden glow
at sunset time.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Lake Carasaljo in Lakewood, New Jersey
One of several beautiful swan on Lake Carasaljo.

This is the first time that I visited Lake Carasaljo and the nearby Georgian Court University in Lakewood. We
thank May Lee for inviting several friends for lunch at the beautiful lakeside restaurant, The Mill, in Spring
Lake Height, New Jersey. After the lunch, we came to Lakewood to tour the campus of Georgian Court
University and the nearby Lake Carasaljo.
The quiet and pastoral Lake Carasaljo is one of the jewels in Lakewood's crown. The lake was named for
Carolina, Sarah and Josephine Brick, the three daughters of pioneering businessman Joseph W. Brick. Long
and narrow, Lake Carasaljo’s 70 acres is bordered almost completely by a wide, lightly wooded swath of
municipal park. Bikers, joggers, and walkers make their way along a trail on the southern shore.  The South
Lake Drive has several parking lots with benches and children playground along the lake shore such that
visitors have many vantage points to enjoy the fantastic views of the lake.
A heron fishing at the edge of the lake.
Many Canada geese on the lake.
A swan touching down onto the lake.
White and black ducks on the lake.
A pair of beautiful swan on the lake.
Many gulls on the lake.
Traveling Tykes boat rentals with a fleet of 50-plus paddle boats, swan boats and family boats located near
junction of North Lake Drive and Second Street at the Amphitheater. No power boat is allowed to retain the
quiet, pastoral nature of Lake Carasaljo.
The bridge on the North Lake Drive is the arch gate for the connection of Lake Carasaljo into the Lagoon and
the Sunken Garden in Georgian Court University.
The beautiful lake with the fountain at the lake side restaurant, The Mill, located at 101 Old Mill Rd, Spring
Lake Heights, New Jersey. We enjoyed lunch here. There were a pair of swan, several cormorants and many
other waterfowl in this lake.
While we were enjoying our lunch in The Mill restaurant, a Kingfisher was busily fishing over the lake. It
hovered above the lake for a while looking for fish, then dived from mid-air down into the lake to catch a fish.

I am very happy to find the beautiful Lake Carasaljo to enjoy fantastic autumn foliage and to watch bird in New
Jersey on October 29, 2013.  The autumn colors on this lake probably will become even more spectacular in
the next few days as the autumn foliage in New Jersey reaches its peak stage.
One of several cormorants and other waterfowl on the lake near The Mill restaurant in Spring Lake Height.
To visit Lake Carasaljo, set your GPS navigator at the junction of South Lake Drive and Central Ave (i.e.,
Route 528) at the south east end of this long and narrow lake in Lakewood, New Jersey. Then drive
northwest on South Lake Drive with several parking lots along the lake shore to enjoy the views.
Brilliant hues of autumn.
Spectacular colors of autumn leaves.
Wonderful autumn foliage.
Showcasing a beautiful spectrum of fall color.
The statue of Apollo in Apollo Fountain in Georgian Court University. This statue is the trademark of Georgian
Court University. This statue of Apollo rides high atop his winged seahorses with cherubs, chariot and mythical
mermaids as his guides. Water for the fountain, which is turned on for special occasions such as
Commencement Day, is drawn from Lake Carasaljo.